Thank You Hungary, Köszönöm


It was 60 years ago today that the Hungarian Revolution broke out on the streets of Budapest, ending in a massacre 12 days later when Soviet tanks came in and crushed it, killing some 2,500 Hungarians.

We should all say Thank You Hungary, for the courage you showed, for striking the first blow for freedom against Soviet repression. No freedom fight is ever really lost, wasted, or futile.

We must remember that.

Forty minutes ago I rode an escalator down a glittering shopping mall in Tallin Estonia, and laid eyes on the sign inviting us shoppers into the well lit, well stocked grocery store. It said: “Tere Tulemast!” (Welcome!)

All of a sudden my eyes filled with tears.

I’m in Estonia and that’s the supermarket.

I saw it as one of the beads on the Freedom Rosary, begun by the Hungarians, Oct 23, 1956.




My father’s address to the Hungarian people, requested by the Hungarian Consulate, as he was involved at the time with rescue operations on the Austrian border, and has done countless radio interviews with Bela Kigali and other figures. They invited him to be in Budapest this weekend to partake in the celebrations, and I can’t find him, but I’m trying not to worry.


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