“Everyone Has To Watch This”– Undercover Video Exposes DNC Trains and Hires Professional “Grassroots” Agitators

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Text: Ginger Taylor

“Ok… Everyone has to wach this. Undercover video out today.
This is just so horrifing.
Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the DNC hire groups to cause trouble outside Trump rallies in front of the media, and be “consultants” to run between the Super PACs and the campaign because they are not legally allowed to talk to each other. One of the guys that does this calls himself and his peers a “Pony Express” between the entities.
They actually have “agitator training” in NYC, DC, LV, Colorado, Minneapolis, etc with a script that they use to try to get people to punch them at Trump and Pence appearances. They are running the “grassroots protests” and brag about the Chicago Trump event that they turned violent and got shut down. They pay the medical bills and legal bills of any “kid” who gets hurt or arrested.
They also brag that they planted many people in the front and back of the Iowa Walker event where he grabbed a sign after having it shoved in his face. That was their guy. There were several there to instigate problems.
When they need someone to do something dramatic, they call the AFL-CIO who will get someone to do what they want.
They paid an elderly woman wearing an oxygen mask to go to an event, try to pick a fight with another elderly man, and then fall to the ground and charge him with assault.
Remember that the DNC and Hillary Campaigns are their clients.
Undercover video of the consultants admitting to all of it and admitting that they don’t care what the law or the ethics of their acions are.
Apparently this is the first in a series of videos. So it is going to get worse.”

Ginger Taylor

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3 thoughts on ““Everyone Has To Watch This”– Undercover Video Exposes DNC Trains and Hires Professional “Grassroots” Agitators”

  1. TO Anonymous. ..condescending splaining much..this material is key as all dissertation necessitates to maintain democracy. And you only offer a shut down nothing pro active with your so called poetics…thank you for this post Celia. I am an american living abroad and i appreciate this post this information. Remember Second amendment Anonymous.

  2. Katia, a friend of mine, opined correctly I believe, that there is only one reason why any political partisan would deceive and delude himself or herself into thinking that the Republican Party does not maintain a “dark”, “under the radar”, “plausibly deniable” dirty tricks network no different from the network featured in the video above; a network which strives to provoke and generate press coverage of Clinton supporters engaging in violent misbehavior against Trump supporters.

    That reason, as articulated soberly, matter-of-factly and depressingly by Katia, is the well known phenomenon of cultic allegiance and its routine, mandatory norm of willfully wearing blinders which protect the devotee from seeing in his own or her own political denomination the same sins committed by the competing denomination’s congregation.

    Katia and I are registered Unaffiliated/Independents. Neither of us will be voting for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, because we both decided, long ago, that we won’t get fooled again.

  3. With all due respect
    and utmost admiration
    Can’t help but suspect
    better use
    For your time.

    This empire is crumbling.
    This grand experiment
    That was
    The america, meant to be.
    Who will mourn such demise?

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