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“The Nobel Prize for Literature is yet another step towards immortality for Bob Dylan. The rebellious, reclusive, unpredictable artist/composer is exactly where the Nobel Prize for Literature needs to be.
His gift with words is unsurpassable. Out of my repertoire spanning 60 years, no songs have been more moving and worthy in their depth, darkness, fury, mystery, beauty, and humor than Bob’s. None has been more of a pleasure to sing. None will come again.”


–Joan Baez


2 thoughts on “What They Said: Joan Baez”

  1. He was a minstrel, and he was a quasi-activist multi-millionaire who was and still is famously fond of amassing the elitist luxury excesses abhorred by his mentors, and he was a pop star.

    Nobel Prize for Literature?

    Ridiculous. Absurd. Patently not appropriate.

    I love many of his songs, but the pandering doofuses who decided to use the Nobel Prize for Literature as their personal Bob Dylan fan club bumper sticker have, presently and for an unpredictable number of years ahead, rendered that prize to be little other than a trivial pop culture magazine cover.

    I say that’s a tragic and saddening reflection of decline.

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