5 thoughts on “Julian Assange Video Talk, Via Berlin, Live”

  1. Hi, Celia.

    i’m sorry for disturbing you ,

    I want to ask something about :

    did you know ? “Tommy David Morrison , Emery Taylor , Lindsey Nagel”

    why they died?

  2. I wrote this rather harsh review on Facebook yesterday, when I believed there was supposed to be a “bombshell” of emails said to be deeply revelatory about Hillary Clinton. Now, after watching a video by Luke Rudrowski, (We Are Change) I am not so sure anymore.

    “I actually fell asleep watching the Wikileaks press conference. What a weird dud. Holy bore.
    Kind of unforgivable that they would, as my father would put it, “…hang out all the red lights when they don’t have no girls inside.”
    How could they be so criminally DULL?”

  3. I found the Wikileaks site difficult to navigate. I was curious to see any publications on 9/11, Saudi involvement, etc. Nothing came up about 9/11. Has anyone discovered facts regarding 9/11 that are not part of the official narrative?

  4. Hi Celia. It’s 5:00 a.m. in Florida, and I’m very glad to be on board this good ship. Thank you for the heads up. I didn’t even know this was happening.

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