‘Watered-Down’ AIDS Drugs Story Hides the Clinton Foundation’s Worse Crimes Against Humanity

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By Elizabeth Ely 

The day the report appeared on the “watered-down drugs” that the Clinton Foundation arranged, September 20, to be exact, the meme had already been established. The soundbite, the spin, the propaganda, already lived in that space, “The Daily Caller” having leaked certain findings the night before.


U.S. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn’s staff has found that the Foundation had arranged for the generic drugs to be bought from crooked foreign drug firms to distribute to poor rural populations in the Third World. These were not literally diluted drugs, mind you, but possibly contaminated, and certainly fraudulently tested ones.

To avoid grasping the full reality of the generic AIDS drugs story the report tells – the horrific damage on the ground, so carefully avoided there – we are encouraged not to speak, nor even to think, in full sentences. A soundbite will suffice to protect us from the distasteful details. “The conquest of the earth, which mostly means the taking it away from those who have a different complexion or slightly flatter noses than ourselves, is not a pretty thing when you look into it much.” So wrote Joseph Conrad in Heart of Darkness.

We begin with another soundbite, the “racket.”

The “racket” is the little neighborhood candy store with a backroom where the real, uglier business goes down. The candy store here is a front operation to “fight AIDS.” In that dark backroom, the Clinton entities were supposed to have been buying drugs for AIDS patients. Instead, they were engaging in influence peddling, pilfering funds, and filing fraudulent, unaudited tax forms. Somewhere in there is the bare fact that neither the Clinton Foundation nor any purported affiliate has a charter to fight AIDS or anything else. (Also reported HERE and HERE.)


These stories were already public, and investigators would of course have known about them. What they never asked was whether the candy store itself – the AIDS mission – was legit. In other words, nobody imagined that dumping drugs of any kind, clean or dirty, on poor, rural populations, with scarcely any medical follow-up in evidence, might be a bad idea and certainly employing (Conrad again) “unsound method.”


The emotional blackmail of AIDS propaganda creates this blind spot. According to a story that’s been around so long that no one can refute it, AIDS missions are always and everywhere a good thing. Cheap drugs? Even better.


Blackburn herself grasped some of the implications. “You think about the emotional state of health care workers as they are dealing with these individuals and the emotional state of the patients,” she wrote. “To me it’s disturbing and very sad.”


Imagine how these workers, if they existed, would feel if they suspected their patients might not need AIDS drugs in the first place. The Clinton Foundation and its allies depend on nobody connecting the dots between the Bangui definition, used in “resource-poor settings” to diagnose AIDS without an “HIV test,” with these media-hyped explosions of supposed HIV cases.


Nobody envisions that the Foundation has been inventing fake AIDS epidemics around the world. Former U.S. president Bill Clinton implied it himself when The Atlantic in October 2007 found him creating a “supply” if foreign governments created a “demand.” Without reaching that sordid conclusion, the report did, however, quote Elton John in his 2012 book Love Is the Cure: “If we can get you cheap AIDS drugs, will you commit to buying a lot of them? Then they went to drug companies and made the reverse pitch. . . .”


Clinton may have eyed these future business opportunities many years ago. To Blackburn and her investigators, the problem isn’t merely the fact that he excepted generic AIDS drugs from the strict patent protections that he created for all drugs. The report notes that he exempted intellectual property rights for AIDS drugs in Sub-Saharan Africa. His administration also designated foreign AIDS epidemics as a danger to U.S. national security.

The report doesn’t say that both actions came shortly after then-South African President Thabo Mbeki announced he was including scientific dissenters on his Presidential AIDS Advisory Panel for the 2000 International AIDS Conference in Durban. Clinton’s designation in effect made criminals of those who accepted Mbeki’s invitation, as well as South Africans in support, for questioning the usefulness of the drugs for which he would later try to broker sales.

But the real problem, to the Blackburn staff, is those damned “watered-down” generics. Let’s get real that there is nothing “watered down” about these drugs. The generics companies put garbage in those capsules, and you should see how toxic the real drugs are. You would definitely want a generic version of something as toxic as nevirapine, which literally burns the skin off bodies, to be diluted.


The authors also acknowledge that it wasn’t only the dirty generics per se but the fact that they were bought from fly-by-night drug companies friendly to Clinton. The drugs are the consumer offering, and, as is quoted, “At a time when Indian products did not have much credibility in the market, the Foundation gave buyers the required confidence about the products.” The secondary play was to sell part of the company itself in a pump-and-dump on the mergers and acquisitions market.


For instance, Indian company Ranbaxy Laboratories “partnered” with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) to sell its worthless AIDS drugs to USAID, the “primary administrator” of President George W. Bush’s initiative, fattening up the investment value for a selloff. Even as it was under FDA investigation for falsifying test data, Ranbaxy offloaded, according to the Congressional report, 63.4% of its assets to a somewhat clueless Japanese firm, Daiichi Sankyo.


Fortune had already reported this in May 2015. (Fortune cited the FDA’s approval of “Ranbaxy’s application for the first pediatric-AIDS drug for the U.S. market, Zidovudine,” even as it was investigating the company’s procedures. More commonly known as AZT, this drug had already caused ghastly side effects in adults in the late 1980s and was being replaced in the West with newer drugs, although some of these are still taken in combination with AZT. They were going after children. In the U.S.)


I am indebted to Australian Michael Smith for this excerpt from a speech the former prime minister of Papua New Guinea made to celebrate entering into a fraudulent “memorandum of understanding” with Clinton:


“Papua New Guinea is a nation of many tribes whose cultures in the past have provided a safety net for those who are orphaned, sick or aging. With the arrival of this ‘new’ virus, fear has turned families and relatives away from supporting their loved one. Children, who traditionally brought great joy to families, often find themselves being abandoned and desperately needing care and treatment.”


Inducing traditional societies to stigmatize and abandon their sick, children and elderly is apparently a modus operandi.


Not so coincidentally, Clinton friend George Soros’ exploitation of Papua New Guinea’s mineral resources has proceeded. Soros is a new major investor in Barrick Gold Corporation, a Canadian firm with a concession to mine in Papua New Guinea and a history of labor and environmental abuse there.


Behold “the conquest of the earth.”


–Elizabeth Ely

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  1. Gee, what a surprise! They did a similar slimy move re Hatian quake relief. Megabucks in donations, nearly all of it farmed out to corporations who kicked back to the foundation and did little or no work.
    Humor: Hillary says to the Devil, “You said you’d make me President.”
    The Devil replies, “you said you had a soul.”

  2. The Clinton’s are about the slimiest pair we’ve ever had in public office, the Clinton Foundation their get-rich-quick scheme, and they’re getting away with it scot free. Almost makes me want to vote for Trump (though I won’t).

      1. Anonymous: Nobody is far and away the best candidate this year, and that is what I will show on my ballot. Rather doubt I’ll ever vote for anyone again. While I can think of a few good reasons for voting for Trump, it was the Republican Supreme Court justices who utterly slammed the door on all vaccine-injured children in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, and the liberal justices who voted for justice for Hannah, so no, I would NEVER vote for a Republican for president (nor a Democrat either, nor Johnson or Stein). Politicians make me sick. Obama has completely betrayed us, as has most of the Congress.

      2. Anonymous: One other thing. Virtually all the vote counting in elections is done by private firms using proprietary software (blackboxvoting has a great deal of information about this). Theses firms have clients besides the county officials who hire them, and those clients are not the voters. Very likely Dubya won in 2000 not only because of the Republican Congressional aides going to Florida and disrupting the recount, and set in stone by the Supreme Court, but by this software; he certainly won in 2004 by software, since the Ohio Republican secretary of state promised to deliver his state to him, which he did by shipping all the Ohio votes to a single vote-counting firm. Don’t get me wrong, Al Gore is as big an idiot as Dubya, but he may not have destroyed the Middle East. I would be shocked if this software wasn’t used to steal the nomination from Bernie. Hillary is the oligarch’s (Council on Foreign Relations) fondest hope for the White House, and, since they are the highest bidder among the vote-counting companies’ clients, it is a foregone conclusion that she will win. Don’t puke! This disturbs me no end, too, but there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it, other than guerrilla-style actions. The resident troll will howl in protest, but our best bet is to bring down the CDC, and expose a whole lot of the can of worms which is U.S.A., Inc. There are concerted actions in all fifty states right now to do that. There are multiple lawsuit in California. Discovery and deposition and the threat of perjury and grand jury probes will expose the dark underbelly of the fascist regime which medicine and our nation have become.

  3. The Hillary Clinton Debate Gate Scandal:
    The Monday Night, 09/26/2016 Debate:
    The Video title says it all. Watch the video:

    This revelation was leaked from inside Hillary’s Camp. You can only be around Evil so much before you allow it to consume you or you reject it.

    Hillary Clinton can be seen wearing a large “Earring”. Considering Hillary’s reputation for dishonesty & duplicity, Earrings should not be allowed.
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    The “Silent” Truth?
    “The Audience in the room has agreed to remain silent so we can focus on what the Candidates are saying”
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    While Hillary’s crew was milling around the Podium, Bill Clinton reaches for Hillary’s hand to help her onto the stage. This activity, along with the other Hillary staff milling around, blocked the view of the Podium as another man with white hair, not Bill, reaches inside the Podium and removes something brown colored from inside the Podium.

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    There also has to be an Ear Check of both Candidates & The Debate Moderator.

    A TSA type body pat down should also be required considering Hillary Clinton and her Team’s duplicity.

    Boxers have their gloves checked for contraband before a fight. Hillary’s duplicity necessitates a likewise pre-debate check of EVERYTHING.

    #CrookedHillary, no one does crooked like Hillary.No one even comes close.

    Please feel free to Copy & Share this Compilation with EVERYONE.
    Let’s try & prompt an investigation for Fraud, Collusion & Racketeering.

  4. Here, by having before us the brilliant prose so elegantly and expertly assembled in the article above, we are privileged to become astonished witnesses to the magnificently exquisite, and exquisitely magnificent labors of Elizabeth Ely’s heart and mind.

    Thank you, Elizabeth Ely, and thank you Celia for administering access to such exquisite rarities.

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