Do They Advocate Mandatory Vaccination in Sweden?

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American progressives have long fetishized everything Swedish as the ideal way of the civilized world. Sweden is also probably the most safety obsessed nation in the world. Since I am half Swedish and have moved back here, I thought to look up Swedish vaccination laws. I was just curious: Do Swedes have any political movements toward eliminating parental choice and making school attendance dependent upon vaccination adherence?

Turns out: No.

Here below are two relevant passages that I pulled out and translated.

“I Sverige finns inga krav på obligatorisk vaccination, utan det är du som förälder som avgör om ditt barn ska vaccineras. Inför ditt beslut har
du säkert många frågor. Varför ska man vaccineras? Finns det risker? Är det vanligt med biverkningar? Hur går vaccineringen till? Här hittar du svaren på de vanligaste frågorna.”


“In Sweden there is no mandatory vaccination, rather, you as a parent decide if your child should be vaccinated. Facing this decision, you undoubtedly have many questions. Why get vaccinated? Are there risks? Are side effects common? How does the process of vaccination work? Here are the answers to the most common questions.”

“När ska man inte vaccinera sitt barn?

Om barnet har en infektionssjukdom med feber och påtaglig trötthet ska man inte vaccinera. En lättare förkylning är däremot inget hinder. Om ditt barn har en långvarig sjukdom eller ett starkt nedsatt immunför- svar ska du först prata med den läkare som behandlar barnet. Det gäller också om barnet tidigare har visat sig överkänsligt för något ämne som ingår i vaccinet.”

Translation: When should you not vaccinate your child?

If the child has an infection with a fever and observable fatigue you should not vaccinate. A very light cold is not a problem on the other hand. If your child has a chronic illness or a diminished immune system, you should talk to your pediatrician. The same thing applies if your child has shown to be overly sensitive to any chemical that may be in the vaccine.”

Source: Folkhälsomyndigheten



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  1. Little women will get their imaginations going with Halloween costumes that
    include a wild west cutie, a rag doll, witches, princesses, astronauts and more.

  2. What I meant to say is that has a lengthy commentary on, and the scariest parts of the text of, the CDC’s fascist rule change. If Obama had any problem with it, it wouldn’t be happening. What an idiot! Never again will I vote for an idiot for any office. I’ll be voting for nobody for president this year, like I did in 1972.

    1. I refuse to participate in this severely corrupt and circus-like presidential race. I may just opt out of ever voting again. Our votes do not count. The votes are manipulated every which way. I want to proudly hold my head up high and say I did not vote for either. Not my circus, not my monkeys

  3. In Norway vaccination is voluntary but this is only theoretical.
    Information about vaccines is strictly censored and filtered by the authorities and it is extremely seldom that anything negative is published.

    There is regular fear mongering about infectious diseases published and the mantra – that “vaccines are safe and effective”. Side effects, if mentioned at all, are mostly about soreness at the injection site and a slight temperature.

    In practice anyone who questions vaccine safety (even when the questions are soundly based) or who refuses vaccines is subjected to immense and unpleasant pressure from doctors, nurses and authorities.
    They also risk hatred, ridicule and harassment by cyber bullies, in blogs, Facebook hate groups,, Twitter, even by health authorities and in the mainstream media.

    The pressure, bullying, strictly censored information and regular propaganda results in a high vaccination rate for children in Norway.
    Needless to say, there are close connections between health authorities, doctors and the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. Sandy: That’s exactly the way it is in the U. S., and probably all western countries. two differences, though. Here we have such an aggressive vaccination schedule (69 doses by age 18) beginning on the day of birth (and for preemies, birth age rather than gestational age) that vaccine injuries are common (1% serious adverse events for the HPV). We also have an ever-more-powerful vaccine truth movement. There are lawsuits working their way through the courts. There are medical board complaints about pediatricians poisoning children without getting informed consent, or kicking parents out of their practice for merely asking to see the package insert. Lots of people in the U. S. are pissed off for a lot of reasons; this explains the rise of Bernie and Trump, both anti-establishment candidates. Bernie was done in by rigged vote-counting software (I’m not kidding). Hillary is the oligarch’s candidate, so she will win (same vote-counting software), even though she is almost as unpopular in polls as Trump. Trump won the Republican primaries because all the other candidates were so awful.

    2. Sandy,

      Having traveled some in Norway, I realized it is if possible even MORE of a top-down controlled society than Sweden, and it breaks my heart. I live in Sweden right now (as of 3 1/2 weeks ago) but have spent most of my life in the US, and yes, it must be said, American society is always going to be SO much harder to really control. We do have viable robust protest culture in the US but if course it is hugely complicated by drug abuse, infiltration, and hundreds of wild card elements. Scandinavian countries are way more obedient. This we can all agree to settle on. Thank you for commenting here. It’s is always appreciated.

  4. “And when you culture the nerve cells and testosterone, versus estrogen, and you expose them to some of the vaccine ingredients like thimerosal, you actually see that the nerve cells that are exposed to testosterone are more damaged in greater amounts than the nerve cells that are bathed in estrogen. That raises some concern because we do see that children with neurodevelopmental disorders are 4:1, boys to girls. So you have to question whether testosterone actually makes children more vulnerable to exposure to toxins like mercury, aluminum or their combination?”

  5. Novel concept, that parents know their children well, and know what is best for them! If the rate of ASD diagnosis in Sweden is 1-2%, it’s not much different than here. We don’t really know the actual number anymore, since the CDC is now manipulating that data, too. This is what the lawsuit in Utah is about. Margareta is so right on target: “We must protect our children from the vaccinators. Nobody else will.” With the .proposed CDC rule change, they will be able to arrest, hold incommunicado for 72 hours, and forcibly vaccinate anyone entering the country or traveling between states: “. . . the individual’s consent shall not be considered a prerequisite to any exercise of authority. . . ” They have either forgotten or know only too well the revelations of the Nuremberg trials. Evil is alive and well in the USA. Every American citizen who still believes the fairy tale about democracy which we learned in school should make a comment on this draconian rule change. The link to the Federal Register is at NVIC. The deadline is October 15th.

  6. Rebecca: Sweden banned mercury fillings in 2009.

    I was given all of mine (11) within four months, in Sweden, in 1977.

    They are all out now. I know you want me to take my chelation more seriously. I shall. I promise. Now that I am in a safe place. (Not counting the fact that this is where I was mercury poisoned to begin with…)

    And as to why I had 11 cavities–I self medicated with candy during a time when my mother was removed without any explanation from my life for 9 months. It would be years before my mother, sister and I could stabilize enough to send me to a dentist for regular visits, which was when we relocated to Sweden. Hugely unfortunate that Sweden was still using mercury then.

    BTW all I have with me HERE on the island I live on now, Runmaro, is MSM, diatomaceous earth, and ALA. No “real” chelators, like DMPS/DMSA.

    Rebecca…Under such circumstances, may I ask, do you recommend ALA alone? Imperfect world…

    Actually, I realize this is not the place to discuss this. And I KNOW I am frustrating.

    1. Don’t take the MSM as it can make you worse. Absolutely you can just use ALA. That is pretty much all I ever used. Just find a dose that doesn’t bother you too much and make it your way of life for a while.

      1. Rebecca.. I was told that MSM is good to combat cancers… Not the case? Please if you have a moment inform.. and deepest thanks to Celia for starting a germane forum towards autonomous survival.

  7. What are the autism rates in Sweden? Do the children get the flu shot? Are pregnant women encouraged to be vaccinated?
    Andy once told me that Swedes are particularly vulnerable to mercury and he thought it was because of the low amount of selenium in the environment.
    I am very curious about Sweden. What about the rates of autoimmune disease and mental illness?. I am betting you have poor teeth like so many Northern Europeans. Do the dentists still use amalgam?

    1. This says 1-2% of the population is on the spectrum, which they merge it seems (Aspergers/Autism.)

      I Sverige har 1-2% av befolkningen en AST-diagnos och det är flera gånger vanligare med AST hos pojkar än hos flickor. Det har spekulerats i om dessa könsskillnader i antalet diagnosticerade reflekterar en verklig skillnad i förekomst eller om flickor diagnosticeras för sällan därför att deras symtom inte känns ig

  8. Thank you Margareta. When I created the post I had a feeling this was the case, but I nevertheless decided to focus on the LAW, at present. Let me translate your letter so others know what we are talking about here:

    “Hi Celia! Folkhalsomyndigheten speaks nicely. But we don’t need mandates. We offer our children voluntarily to the vaccinators. Consensus rules, we trust the experts. That’s why we have over 90% compliance. Even though political voices here are being raised for mandates. As in all things, we cast an eye to the US. We have strong movement for vaccination but not the powerful strong anti-vaxx movement you have in the US. As parents, we must protect our children from the vaccinators. Nobody else will.”

    Margareta Lundstrom

  9. Hej Cilia!
    Folkhälsomyndigheten talar vackert. Men vi behöver inte något obligatorium. Vi erbjuder villigt våra barn till vaccinatörerna. Konsensus råder, vi litar på våra experter. Därför har vi en över 90% vaccinationtäckning.
    Trots det så höjs politiska röster även här för ett obligatorium.
    Som i allt annat så sneglar vi på USA.
    Vi har starka krafter för vaccination men inte den starka antivaxx rörelsen som man har i USA.
    Som föräldrar måste vi skydda våra barn från vaccinatörerna, ingen annan gör det.

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