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Clark Baker, hero of HIV/AIDS wars, whose OMSJ freed 57 men and women from prosecutions and incarcerations due to HIV crimes they did not and could not commit. Details here.

“If the new documentary “Vaxxed” was made by flat-earthers, no one would imagine that NASA would pressure VFF to pan the documentary. What makes this documentary dangerous is that it deals with facts that – when widely understood – erodes confidence in a pathological industry and threatens the credibility of thousands of incompetent doctors, universities, dangerous bureaucracies, and the United States as well. The CDC wouldn’t care if Dr. Wakefield was wrong – what makes them nervous is that he’s right.”


–Clark Baker

CEO and Principal Investigator Office of Medical and Scientific Justice, OMSJ 


[Please click on the link above to learn what became of OMSJ and why.]

12 thoughts on “What They Said: Clark Baker”

    1. Caroline: How right you are. This is an all hands on deck moment. This is medical fascism no different than 1930’s Germany, set in stone at the federal level under our hopey, changey almost-former prez (the next one will be worse). The link to the Federal Register for leaving a comment is at NVIC.org. Here is my comment, posted a few days ago:
      I should no longer be horrified at what governments are capable of doing to their citizens or guests. I’ve seen enough in my nearly seven decades to be thoroughly cynical, but with these proposed rule changes, you are showing utter contempt for our hallowed Constitution, for the citizenry, for medical ethics, and for science. Are you unaware of the findings of the Nuremberg trials, which revealed that the captives of the Nazis were given “medical treatment” under the same rules you propose: “…the individual’s consent shall not be considered a prerequisite to any exercise of authority . . .” Arrest them and hold them incommunicado for 72 hours so you can start jabbing them with needles? The impetus for this clearly comes from your overlords, the pharmaceutical industry, as they see more Americans waking up to the quackery they and you promote, and are frightened for their bank accounts and stock price. As more and more parents of vaccine-injured children are expressing themselves with outrage at your and their pediatrician’s deceit. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have now seen Vaxxed, have heard Dr. Thompson’s voice as he describes the scientific fraud you engaged in. We have long since lost trust in anything you say. With the latest Zika fraud (we all remember the H1N1 fraud and all the rest) you have become a laughingstock, in a grim sort of way. This is Tuskegee writ large, and it is shameful.

  1. I do not trust anything I am forced to take that is unlabeled. I am frightened by a government that forces children to vaccinate with vaccines that not only contain toxic compounds of mercury and aluminum and formaldehyde, but may also may contain an adjuvant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that will cause sterility by causing a woman to destroy any fetus formed. http://useugenics.FarTooMuch.Info ..

  2. Interesting analogy to the flat earth. Did you know that everything NASA puts out is garbage lies? We do not live on a ball….do your own research into God’s perfect timepiece called earth.

  3. As I said in the past: “My professor in MCH 202 said Mercury is a bioaccumulating neurotoxin way back in 1986, what took so long for it to hit people?”

  4. Celia: Thank you so much for this. I had no idea Clark Baker or the OMSJ even existed. I don’t know if you are aware that a RICO lawsuit has been filed by “citizens attorneys general” in federal court in California against the governor and all those in the legislature who voted in favor of SB 277. They have demanded a jury trial, which, if I read the U. S. Constitution correctly, is their right. And it is apparently the right of CAG’s to bring a RICO lawsuit. One of the allegations is that the campaign contributions they all received from pharma amount to bribery, bribing them to pass the bill, which benefits only pharma. It is a civil rather than criminal complaint, and the penalty in a RICO judgement is treble damages, to be determined by the jury. We may yet see Pan begging in the street! There will be discovery. All of Pan’s (and the others’) emails will come to light, unless they’ve pulled a Hillary. (but I don’t think they’re that sophisticated). What an asset OMSJ would be to this fight. Tragic that they had to cease operations. We’re also patiently waiting for the new and improved SB 277 lawsuit, which will focus on mandating a product this dangerous. I think this is the best strategy. All the slimy skeletons will be drug out of the closet. We cannot expect the executive or legislative branches to protect us in any way from the predators who own and operate U. S. A., Inc., so it will be up to the courts. The only alternative is mass demonstrations, although the majority of the public is still completely ignorant of the level of medical fascism which is coming our way. Frogs in tepid water. Never again will I vote for an ignorant tool of the oligarchy like Obama, Clinton or Jerry Brown. I’m ashamed to say I voted for these three stooges a total of eight times.
    Henry: Yes, but the overriding impetus is control, control of the message in service to control of the flock.

      1. Celia: Thanks. Clark Baker is the real inspiration here. I would hope he could be of assistance. California is ground zero in the battle against full control of our lives by medical tyranny. Vaxxed has wakened a lot of people up. God bless Dr. Wakefield, Del Bigtree, and Polly Tommey.

    1. Gosh, Gary, you sure are full of premature declarations of victory.

      I’m still waiting to see the evidence that “the tide has turned” as you claimed was happening because of “VAXXED”.

      Please post a link to the court filing for this new RICO suit. It will be marvelous fun to watch it be thrown out by the court for its baseless assertions.

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