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“We have a pediatrician up here in Portland, Dr. Paul Thomas, who has made a very interesting and compelling claim. Dr. Thomas claims that by making two simple amendments to the vaccine schedule (not giving Hepatitis B at all and delaying MMR until a child is over the age of 3) he has seen no cases of Autism in more than 2,000 patients.”


J.B. Handley,

Age of Autism

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  1. Where is the peer reviewed published article showing the data to support this assertion?

    Do we simply take the beliefs of one person as being the scientific “truth”?

  2. What he’s saying is specifically aimed at kids and the Day-1 assault with Hep B and MMR within weeks thereafter when the child should be nowhere near an age-of-consent vaccine and he’s encouraging the immune system development through the best immunisation shot of all – mother’s breast milk.
    By delaying the shots, he’s noticed much better results.
    I know this physician is very much against the crazy vaccine schedule and this is at least one way to mitigate the injuries – it’s not perfect or ideal by any stretch but it’s a start.
    Flu shots are a very different thing again, of course.
    When it comes right down to it, we know that the US government in concert with the pharma cartels are only about profit not safety.
    If it was any different, they’d still be standing by their products instead of hiding behind a redefinition of vaccines to bypass safety testing and laws that indemnify them against any liability for the damage caused by these products.
    It’s nuts, it’s unconscionable and Dr Thomas doesn’t support the vaccine programme but he’s trying, I believe to ameliorate the assault on the most vulnerable.
    That’s a good thing surely?

  3. Holy crap. That’s all it would take? A little shift in the vaccine schedule and leaving out one shot? . . . and sorry your brother died from a flu shot. He didn’t say nobody died, just that they didn’t get autism. But he died. Died. Wow. Sorry to hear. Blessings on you and your family.

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