The Silver Linings Candidate: Jill Stein

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[Republished from Facebook today]

Note: Cherished friend Paul Murray is South African, and lives in Australia. A keen observer of global events and even American politics,  he was deeply affected by an article I shared, about falling in political love with Jill Stein.

So he wrote this:



The best thing to have come out of the Clinton/Trump presidential candidacy endorsements is that sane Americans are indeed starting to cast around for alternatives, knowing full well that there’s a really big rock or a hard place facing them.
And the more one digs into what Jill Stein is about, the more one listens to her and sees her in action, the more one realises there are still politicians with the integrity and intelligence of Bernie Sanders, a parallel which perhaps does Stein a disservice.
She’s a cut above Bernie in my book and she’s a rational, cogent, fearless person who knows how to take care of business. The fact that she’s a woman is just a bonus.
In a just world, this would be the Silver Linings Presidential Candidate.
The voters still have the power. I wonder how far the fear and rot has progressed.
America, you want to see a historic first female president?
Then bin the sociopathic Clinton drone and look no further. Jill Stein is your woman.
Great article.

Thanks, Celia Ingrid Farber


—By Paul  Murray


More Writings by Paul Murray at his website, linked here.

4 thoughts on “The Silver Linings Candidate: Jill Stein”

  1. Why do I support the SEP? The party of Marx-Engels-Lenin and Trotsky? Because they are a principled and internationalist workers party…..not a bourgeois nationalist party like the Greens….or ISO or the other pseudo lefts and progressives that lead workers back to the corrupt unions and democrats. What a rotten chorus follows what passes for progressive politics. Not that SEP candidates stand a chance in this fetid vile system of capitalism, no, they rightly want to overthrow it! Read

  2. Not to quibble, but this article mentions Donald Trump just once, dismissing his supporters by saying most of them are simply anti-Hillary. The truth is that Trump has wide and loyal support, and is probably leading Clinton despite what the rigged polls say. Despite his habit of opening his mouth before engaging his brain, Trump stands for some things most Americans support: an end to lopsided trade agreements that steal our jobs, a curb on immigration, and a desire to normalize relationships with Putin’s Russia.
    The fact that the GOP power elite aren’t behind him I take as a plus.
    I haven’t decided who will get my vote. Jill Stein is certainly dynamic, and I love her core philosophy. The one sour note is she thinks vaccines are safe.
    Third parties should concentrate on getting their people into Congress, where they have a national stage on which to advance their views.

  3. Seeing c-span coverage of Jill Stein stating that voting for the lesser of two evils is nevertheless still voting for evil and perhaps instead we should vote for the Greater Good confirmed that my vote will indeed be cast for her.
    Had Sanders encouraged his followers to embrace Stein instead of endorsing all he had previously battled, their bern might have grown to a raging passion.
    If Jill Stein were allowed to take part in the debates allowing the average non-cspan watching citizen to hear her policy and views we might indeed have change.
    As it is…same as it ever was.

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