A Facebook Post I Just Wrote (Is the United States Over?)


I’m scared!
Aren’t you scared?
The political situation in the US is so surreal, unthinkable, and violent. We’ve never been more drunk on hate and phobia, disgust and certainty.
Who could make any of this up? NOBODY.
For starters:
An Australian hacker and radical freedom of information activist is working from inside an Ecuadorian safe zone in an embassy in London, accused but not charged, by Sweden, and cutting open the American political system like a corpse on the autopsy table, while we scream or turn away in denial.
Yelping liberal slogans that seemed to work just weeks ago, like “first woman President,” or “dump Trump.”
A friend on FB said he would “vote for anybody” who doesn’t “need to be locked up.”
All kinds of people turning up dead, which we have also become overnight experts at shrugging off.
Now Assange all but says Seth Rich was the DNC emails leaker, and is offering $20,000 for information about his murder, in the “botched robbery” on a DC street.
We retreat further and further into the safe corners of our minds where we try to think about anything, anything at all, except reality.
1.9 billion requested to combat “Zika.” No causation model. No correlation. No nothing. (Google “Zika Causation Model,” just for fun.)
Our country appears to be disintegrating.
And the founding wizard of FOX News was, for something like 30 years, debasing and extorting women to be his sex slaves, which kind of has the effect of making Donald Trump seem like Mr. Rogers. The darkness at the heart of our entire culture and system is now exposed but the corpse is still driving the bus and we still feel the need to make it appear our parents love us, so we try to strike deals left and right.
The American writer who put this ALL down in the form of a prophecy in many books and columns was Hunter S. Thompson.
Open to any page of any book and you’ll see the footprints which at the time seemed hilariously hyperbolic:
“Dear Jim… Are you ready for the death of print, books, and magazines? The whole future was laid on me tonight by a professor from UCLA Journalism School.”
[From, Fear and Loathing in America: The Brutal Odyssey of an Outlaw Journalist, pp 165, letter to Jim Silberman, Random House, dated–March 25, 1969.]
1969 he wrote that!

2 thoughts on “A Facebook Post I Just Wrote (Is the United States Over?)”

  1. You said it well. John Powell is correct, too. The squirming maggot-infested corpse which is the public face of the oligarchy is exposed to the light. What I find astonishing is that 46% of the public think that HillaryKissingerCFR is not so bad as Trump. What have they been smoking? Not good weed, that’s for sure. I saw Vaxxed last night, and in the Q &A Del Bigtree mentioned that our overlords are developing an implantable vaccine delivery system which can be activated by satellite. Heartwarming to contemplate. HKCFR is the oligarchy’s candidate, so she will no doubt win the general “election,” thanks to the GEMS vote-counting software, and the thorough brainwashing of an uncomfortably high percentage of the population. I must add that Obama’s signing of the Dark Act finally revealed him for what he is (I resisted believing this for far too long), just another tool of this rotting corpse.

  2. None of it’s really new. It’s all the same as it ever was. The only difference is that in earlier decades, centuries and ages, the diabolical deeds and dishonesties were concealed in deep holes of hard-copy secrecy, and in relatively impenetrable and undetectable closed-loop clubs of co-conspirators.

    Now, what was formerly kept hidden in those hard-copy holes, and protected in those impenetrable clubs, can be, and is being surreptitiously captured and delivered to the microscopes above ground and beyond the closed loops.

    None of the diabolical deeds and dishonesties we see in the present are really anything new.

    We just see more of what’s always been.

    Novus Ordo Seclorum.

    Annuit Cœptis.

    Ordo Ab Chao.

    Nothing is as it seems.
    This decline and fall
    Is all just the prelude
    To their foreseen
    Dream machine.
    Their dream is
    Civilizational rape,
    Then perfect order,
    And we are all
    Their dream date.

    Novus Ordo Seclorum.

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