How To Replenish Dopamine Naturally

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During the many years I was lost in the black forest (trauma, aka “depression”) I avidly, obsessively researched ways to increase bio-available dopamine. I watched hundreds of videos, read hundreds of thousands of words, and experimented on myself ceaselessly. I was seeking even a minute of a pain free psyche, or spark of joy.

I consider myself healed now, which is another story for another time. (There are many elements involved in the healing.)

I recommend this particular video highly, for anybody who struggles with depleted dopamine, (which is inherent in the design of the modern, progressive, mineral depleted, traumatized world.)
Raw chocolate. Blue Green Algae. Mucuna Pruriens.  Magnesium. B-Complex. And may I add: Pine pollen.

If you are not vegetarian, raw grasped beef and especially organ meats are immensely helpful.



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  1. Dopamine is only one small part of the program for maintaining a cheerfully peak-performing brain/mind. Supplying the biochemical building blocks for sustaining optimum Acetylcholine production in brain cells is CRUCIAL, Celia. I recommend that you dig into the data regarding consumption of the VERY potent brain-reviving, mind/mood-elevating combo of two materials known as Uridine Monophosphate and Alpha GPC (alpha glyceryl phosphoryl choline). Those two delivered together through the oral/intestinal tract are chemically combined in the circulatory system shortly after entry therein, to form a blood/brain-barrier-crossing Acetylcholine structure which then supercharges the brain mechanisms we MUST have operating optimally for cheerfully energetic homeostasis: Brain mechanisms which do MOST OF the heavy lifting in that cranial project of constructing energetic good cheer. ~ Bon voyage.

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