A Divine Drum Track You Need To Re-Appreciate Tonight

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If we were forced to give up every other drum track since the dawn of rock and roll to a terrible new dictator, my thinking is, we would each be allowed to keep two.

I would keep this one, [Keith Moon, on Going Mobile] and the drum track to Rock Around The Clock by Bill Haley and His Comets.

Somebody on YouTube in the comments uses the words “simply unbelievable” to describe what Keith Moon is doing. I’ve been listening to it since I was maybe 8 or 9, but tonight it felt brand new, and I needed to get un-freeaked out, like I presume you do too if you’re hanging around this place.


3 thoughts on “A Divine Drum Track You Need To Re-Appreciate Tonight”

  1. Yes, Lady C., a divine track, now re-appreciated and surely now providing this mobile one with an almost thorough un-freaked outness, whilst otherwise already pleased to be hanging around this place.

    These wrinkles we ponder are only illusions, eh? Young by choice, we traverse their canyons exclaiming and radiating undying cries of doubting, questioning, and refusing to bow to anything which isn’t as certain as the loving embrace of the sky, the sea, and the emptied streets beyond midnight.

    Here’s to the future past, hanging around the canyons of our fate’s film score:

    The ghost dance. Jubilant. Grateful. Renewed ….for the homestretch, heading toward the slow stroll to the last shower, in the final trip to the locker room.

    Tomorrow, the game seemingly begins, again. Seemingly.

    “Play ball”, and so play we will.

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