Exchanges: Andrew Wakefield, Polly Tommey, and Sunday Times Reporter




On July 1, 2016, 6:38:24 AM PDT, Andrew Wakefield received an email. It read:


“Dear Mr. Wakefield, (italics mine)

I’m a reporter from the Sunday Times. We intend to publish a story this weekend about supposed treatments for autism, in which you will be named. I wanted to give you an opportunity to respond and hoped you could answer a couple of questions for me.

You continue to assert in videos posted online, interviews and publications, as well as in your new film Vaxxed, that vaccines cause autism.

However your studies claiming to show this link have been discredited and retracted, and other studies have shown there is no link between autism and MMR vaccine. You were struck off the GMC for your claims.

Critics say promoting the idea that vaccines cause autism is dangerous, as it encourages families not to vaccinate their children, which has led to outbreaks of measles.

Could you please tell me why you continue to promote the idea that vaccines cause autism?

Our story will also cover GcMAF and MMS, two unlicensed, unproven treatments for autism. You continue to promote both of these drugs, despite advice from both US and UK medical authorities that they are potentially harmful.

Could you please tell me why you continue to promote these products as effective treatments for autism?

Kind regards,

Josh Boswell

News Reporter

The Sunday Times

[Contact info]


Upon receiving this email, Andrew Wakefield left a phone message for Josh Boswell. At 12:58 pm, he let a publicist for Vaxxed know that he had done so.

“Have called and left a message. Waiting for reply.”

Three minutes later, the publicist replied:

“Noted. Thank you.”

The next day, July 2, at 16:21, Wakefield emailed Boswell, marking the email “URGENT!”

“For the record I have made contact and recorded the message for broadcast on social media. It is Saturday morning. You have not got back to me. Your allegations are false.

Andy Wakefield.”

Boswell replied the same day, at 10:50:30 am:

“Dear Mr. Wakefield,


Thank you for getting in touch. I’ve just emailed your PR–what with Brexit and various political stories we’re holding this for next week, so how about we set up a time for a call next week? Would Wednesday afternoon, say, 3/4 UK time be alright?”

At some point, Polly Tommey sent this to Josh Boswell (source: Facebook c/o Sheila Lewis Ealey’s page, July 4, 2016:)

Dear Josh,

I have just seen your email and think I have 10 mins to reply before your deadline.

1. I have never promoted or posted a link to GcMAF or MMS – in fact I have literally no clue what they are.
2. Autism Mother was set up years ago to create a forum for parents to openly discuss helping their children and themselves navigate autism and answer questions between themselves, it is a support group. I am one of many admins on this site.
3. Andy Wakefield and I have NEVER promoted any of these treatments.
4. Yes, I believe the MMR is unsafe and I would like to see vaccines tested safely. My son was damaged by the MMR. My personal advice to parents is to do their research before vaccinating, something I didn’t do.
5. The Autism Trust is dedicated to providing safe, secure and happy futures for adults with ASD. The Autism Trust does not promote treatments or discuss vaccinations.
6. Again, I have NEVER promoted such treatments.
7. I am proud to have Dr Andy Wakefield as my business partner at the Autism Media Channel.


Polly Tommey

In the comments following this letter, some of the mothers of vaccine damaged children, way more motivated as fact-finders than newspaper journalists, checked the root source and confirmed what Tommey had stated in her letter.

Lucille Smith posted:

“There are 8 Posts with words of “GcMAF” on the Autism Mothers FB group, and one of the links to look to buy “GcMAF” is an invalid link, and none of these posts are posted by Polly, and as Polly said there are multiple admins on this page, and she didn’t post any of those posts. Here is post 1/8 from most recent posted in 2015 to the oldest post in 2011.”
Lucille Smith then posted screen shots of all 8 posts, between 2011 and 2015.

So, we now have a mystery.

Why does Sunday Times reporter Josh Boswell believe that Wakefield and/or Tommey promoted GcMAF or MMS?

And why didn’t he take Andrew Wakefield’s call? I am also baffled by the fact that he does not respond at all to Wakefield’s clear statement: “Your allegations are false.”

He just starts telling Wakefield what else the paper has been covering, like “Brexit.”

What does that have to do with anything?

It will be interesting to hear what the two parties say to one another on Wednesday, somewhere between 3 and 4 UK time.

Then, when all the facts and fact-struggles have been laid bare for the world to read, and hear, we’ll have the ambush itself.





28 thoughts on “Exchanges: Andrew Wakefield, Polly Tommey, and Sunday Times Reporter”

  1. Unbelievably the slanderous and false accusations continue from Fiona O’leary on her latest video. This is her latest video, slandering Dr Krigsman , a New York gastroenterologist, suggesting that he is connected with dangerous autism treatments, which is completely untrue 🙁
    Please watch:

    1. This woman is a liability to any issue she gets her hands on. Who is Fiona O’Leary and where has she come from to cause so much destruction in the Autism community. I can find no registration for her as an Advocate and her organisation she says is ‘real’ however it appears to be just a facebook page. The lady appears to be a complete fraud on all levels. Vulnerable people need to be protected from those who would exploit them. It’s not just about taking money. She may not take money but she appears to have a need to be around the vulnerable feeding off them and then often destroying them once she tires of them or they fail to worship her.

  2. An Irish Paper already printed the story trying to link Dr Andrew Wakefield and another doctor they did not name to the unlicensed treatments. The article posted a video of a talk which it says is Dr Wakefield talking about how an Irish family were treated with the MMS and GCMAF by a Doctor he knows who does the unlicensed stuff in Bulgaria. I think they are referring to Dr Krigsman a board certified New York Paediatric Gastroenterologist. The whole article is very suspect and I have questioned the Validity of it with Fiona O’Leary who was the ‘spokesperson’ referred to who gave the paper the story. This apparantly was the same story which had been previously given by the same woman to the Sunday Times, who appear to have declined to print it due to it being false.

    1. This is simply a smear campaign. There is no evidence to suggest that Andrew Wakefield and Doctor Krigsman, have any connection whatsoever to MMS or GCMAF.

  3. It’s obvious the authors of this article have not watched the film. The CDC whistleblower stated that he and 4 co authors of the article published in the journal pediatrics in 2004 that “debunked ” the MMR- autism connection omitted statistically significant data linking the MMR vaccine to autism in children getting the vaccine according to the CCDs recommend schedule. End of story. They LIED. And for 14 years children have been getting this vaccine with a significantly higher risk of getting autism. All they had to do is further studies and hold off on the MMR vaccine until it was proven safe. But they didn’t want to loose their profits. What else is the CDC lying about. How can we trust an agency who does their own safety studies. How can we trust a pharmaceutical industry who makes vaccines when they can not be sued for injury or death caused by their vaccines.

    1. Betty, it is obvious that the authors of which article have not watched which film? For my part I have seen Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, six times. Do you mean Josh Boswell?

  4. As mother of Autistic child, I would say Autism Mothers fb group, so amazing, and their intention is only to help us families of special kids. Sometimes I visit their page and is true Polly never mentioned, shared about MMS And GcMAF . Leave them alone , there are many families of special kids and adults who benefit so much with her information and Autism Mothers page.

  5. So Polly doesn’t have a clue what GcMAF or MMS are. Huh. Has she never attended an Autism One conference, where they ate highly promoted?
    It is certain that Wakefield has been to these meetings, where he is often a featured speaker.
    So he must at least have an opinion whether they are safe and effective. What is it?

    And which of the other things that the reporter stated about Andy are false? Everything else said appears to be provably true. A categorical denial makes no sense.

  6. “Why does Sunday Times reporter Josh Boswell believe that Wakefield and/or Tommey promoted GcMAF or MMS?”

    I’m just going to mouth the obvious: they’re grasping at straws to smear him. The people who read their papers are never going to hear about any retraction should there be one. They’re not going to hear the perfectly researched things that Lucille Smith pointed out. That’s got nothing to do with what they’re doing.

    They’re just going to smear him.

    1. It’s not a smear if the things they say that he did are actually true. Except for the part about promoting GcMAF and MMS, everything else the reporter lists actually happened and are in the public record.

      1. Except that most people especially fearful parents who believe the media to be reporting without sensationalist bias have most accessed the whole public record. If that had done so they would know that the media has revelled in Andy Wakefield having been discredited by the GMC. They have stayed very quiet about the facts in the Public record that Professor John Walker-Smith one of 13 in the group that was reported their study findings in the Lancet was able to mount a High Court challenge that completely exonerated him. I personally find it difficult to believe the other 12 conducting the same study can be justifiably be discredited if Professfor Walker-Smith has been exonerated. The media rarely if ever reports all facets of a story. Never more evident is this when a baby dies from pneumonia, a complication of Whooping Cough in an infant and the media is all in, vs a man who suffers ADEM as a result of the same vaccine being heavily promoted by the first family and the media is nowhere to be seen (thank you That’s Life for being an exception).

        1. How ironic that you seem to decry the media reporting and people believing things that are actually true (such as that Andy was found guilty by the GMC of 36 separate transgressions and stripped of his medical license) then make the claim that if they had “accessed the whole public record” they would believe certain things you cite that are actually . . . not true.
          John Walker-Smith was NOT exonerated by the High Court ruling. The outcome of his GMC hearing was simply overturned on procedural grounds. The GMC was free to conduct a new hearing but chose not to as the Professor had by then retired and no longer held his license.
          Have you actually read the court documents? Or are you simply parroting what someone else has told you?

          As for the other 12 authors of the paper – ten of them later retracted their support for the conclusion of the Lancet paper.

          Murch SH, Anthony A, Casson DH, et al. (2004). “Retraction of an interpretation”. Lancet 363 (9411): 750. doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(04)15715-2.PMID 15016483.

          Inconvenient, isn’t it – how the “media” always wants to focus on what is true and refuses to ignore facts and only publish fanciful notions that aren’t based on reality.

  7. What I want to know is, what ever happened to DeNiro and Weinstein coming to the rescue? How many months has it been since DeNiro placated critics of his apparent spinelessness, by mouthing that he and Weinstein were going to do some sort of Ed Sullivan-esque Reeeeeally Big Show to save face, and to, so he said, save the day for vaccine dissidence?

    We’ve heard nothing but crickets since that DeNiro promise. It seems his mission was accomplished, by the placating, and now he’s moved on to (retreated back to) mansions of PC quiet.

      1. Ms. Smith, let us, for now, agree that it was “like 6 weeks ago”. Six weeks or six months is not important, except, of course, for the fact that many more children’s lives have been destroyed or ended by vaccines in the recent six months, than in the recent six weeks. So, therefore, you can, if you have the need to, feel a bit of perverse righteous loyalty and pride in the Great Celebrity to whose defense you’ve faithfully hurried. Yes, his six-week silent absence certainly has resulted in far fewer vaccine killings and cripplings than would have occurred in six months. If you want to be proud of him for that, go right ahead.

        In my original comment, above, I was not referring to the implications of how long it’s taking to make a film.

        The Great Celebrity whom you’ve hurried to defend, has a visibility, a spotlight, a voice which, at any minute of any day, can summon the attention of the entire world’s media.

        In the recent six weeks, how many children have been killed or permanently crippled by vaccines BECAUSE OF your Great Celebrity’s silent absence from the podiums of the public square, and because of his silent absence from the media coverage which would be dominating televisions, radio stations and online reportage IF, IF, IF, IF THE GREAT CELEBRITY was really interested in preventing those children’s deaths and cripplings?

        How many children’s lives could he have prevented from being destroyed or ended, if he had used those six weeks to STAY in the public’s consciousness via media attention, to continue WARNING the parents of children who are now dead or permanemtly crippled BECAUSE the Great Celebrity hid himself away in the millionaire comforts of the celebrity easy chair?

        Yes, I say his promises of a film were nothing but placating critics of his apparent spinelessness.

        IF, IF, IF he really had a true internal passion for the lives of the dead and crippled children who have been killed or permanently crippled by vaccines in the recent six weeks, then his conscience would not allow him to hide away in silent absence, in his millionaire mansions, in his easy chair, doing NOTHING with the power he has: The power to WARN.

        The power to attract woldwide media attention FOR issuing warnings.

        The power to STOP at least one, maybe thousands, of children’s deaths and cripplings, just by showing up and speaking out, at least a couple of times each week, for as long as it takes to make the killings and cripplings cease in his lifetime.

        No, Ms. Smith, I was not referring to the making of a film.

        I was referring to something much more substantial than that, much more moral than that, much more human than that, much more dignified and much more genuine than that.

        I see nothing genuine in your Great Celebrity. His silent absence, while children are being killed and crippled by vaccines, says much more about him than that which is said in his placating promises to make a movie.

        No, I don’t trust him. He’s already proven himself to be untrustworthy. That, Ms. Smith, is the verdict of the children who’ve been killed or permanently crippled because of his decision to choose the easy chair instead of the power to warn.

        He could have saved children’s lives during those six weeks. He CHOSE NOT to save children’s lives. He selfishly, callously CHOSE that.

        Defend that, if it pleases you, Ms. Smith.

        I, and the killed and crippled children, CONDEMN it.

        1. Uhhm… Ditto that!!
          Sincerely Brother Powell
          i turn to your words
          as guide for example
          That i might learn
          To so succinctly express
          Passion and Truth

          1. Uncompromisingly honest committment to searching for the whole truth, no matter the time that takes, no matter the challenge that imposes on one’s comforts, and no matter the changes that demands from one’s entire being, one’s entire sense of self, and one’s entire sense of purpose here on this tiny speck of temporary stuff drifting meaninglessly through eternal and infinite universes.

            Those are the dues one must pay for acquiring the “Passion” you spoke of, my dear Brother Strawberry.

            I don’t recommemd that path, but I was born on it, and so, I am content with it. I have to be content with it, because it is who and what I am. It is my destiny. To resist it is to die, and is to exist as a dead man pretending to be what I am not.

            I’ve tried that. It is worse than death itself, and it almost convinced me to select death itself.

            Please don’t blame yourself if you find yourself drawn to a path of less hardship than that which I described above. Love boundless love, and love boundless mercy. Follow boundless love and boundless mercy. THAT is the open gate to the Light of the Wise Inner Divine, the Light of the Humble Inner Divine, the Light of the Contented Inner Divine, the Light of the Patient Inner Divine, and the Words of the Inner Divine…

            …for what it’s worth.

            Your guide is inside you, not outside you.

            The Supreme Being IS YOU. Find Her/Him, there, inside, and She/He will give you boundless truths and passions to write with, and to write for.

            1. Brother Powell
              Now you are just showing off. (respectfully smiling emoticon)
              Your words could be scripture.
              Should be scripture.
              Tis to my ear.
              And mind as well.
              We should talk.
              i walk that walk.
              With much to learn and share.
              Did you get the pic of my Kurt sig tattoo Mark of the Beast?

  8. I am a scientist. We don’t need science. We need only ask the Mothers whose children “checked out” after MMR. I know two Mothers that live this horror every day.

    I do not belong on this planet. I have never done anything to deserve the egregious and ongoing punishment afforded me by idiots who have chosen to play the games offered on this planet. Beam me up, please.

    As for GcMAF, well that is another story deserving of it’s own book and movie.

  9. Instead of making false accusations against Andy and Polly, Mr Boswell should watch the Vaxxed movie and he will get all his questions answered.

  10. Maybe Josh Boswell is one of the Yes Men just faking being a journalist. His letter reads like a parody of journalism.

  11. Concerning autism spectrum, let’s also take into consideration the research by Jim West concerning ultrasound risks. I believe that Jim’s research points to fetal brain injury through ultrasound scanning of pregnant women, and then the vaccines, which stress the body through a poison effect, work in synergy and so the end result is a dead or damaged child. I myself would feel very uncomfortable with vaccines and ultrasound, and so if we want healthy children, I myself would side with caution, and so no more vaccines, no more ultrasound. May I also take this opportunity to congratulate Jim West who has almost single-handed solved the autism epidemic and so the human race needs to thank him for that. John Wantling, Rochdale

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