The Mountain

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I dedicate this one to Michael Specter, of The New Yorker, and Dr. David Gorski.

I wouldn’t want to be either of them, as history turns against everything they propagandized, and were paid so well to construct. It simply was not true. They must know that, by now, and it must feel like living a nightmare, to know you partook in this carnage.

If you want truth, you turn to human voices. Journalism (now a profane word we all flee from) is (originally) nothing except listening empathically.

Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe is not one “thing,” that can be denounced, de-listed from a film festival, or brought down, even by 1 million “scientists” signing their names to how irresponsible it is. That racket is over. For 30 years they’ve been telling that telling human stories is “irresponsible.”

The film is the catalyst for a domino effect of millions of voices, repressed memories, tears, details, building a mountain.  I see the mountain as limestone, a warm white color. If you bring your story to the mountain it will receive and hold it, and everything that went into it will withstand, for all eternity.

No matter what happens today with SB 277, and the truth rally in Santa Monica, it’s done. It can’t be undone.

“Flee as a bird to your mountain.”

Psalm 11:1





“Before they even gave him to me they gave him a Hep B shot, and uh, he screamed his head off, and then they finally gave him to me and he wouldn’t latch, for nursing.  I don’t know why they didn’t let me nurse first, before doing that, but he wouldn’t latch, and he never did, after that.”



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  1. You seriously believe that film somehow counters everything that has been established through good science and properly constructed studies? That Michael Specter and David Gorski are somehow being brought down by it? Where’s the evidence for this?
    The film is convincing no-one except those that already believe in untruths about vaccination.
    By the way, you never explained yourself for changing my words when you quoted a comment, then responding to the changed quote rather than what I really said.
    How does this website stand for”truth”, anyway?

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