What They Said: Andrew Wakefield



“If you interfere with nature. If you interfere with natural processes that have been established over tens of thousands of years, if you make assumptions about things as collectively sophisticated as viruses, then nature will exact a very very big price. And it won’t necessarily do so immediately. But that’s the way it works. So if you change the ecosystem, then just by, for example, raising the temperature of the earth by one degree, then there are massive knock-on effects.

So, if you interfere in the natural process of infection… let’s just take measles, for example… by changing the strain of the virus that people are exposed to, changing the age of which people are exposed […], if you change the route by which we’re exposed to a virus, if you change the dose of the virus that people are getting, you change the way in which they’re exposed to the viruses at the same time […]. If you change all of those things in a heartbeat, effectively, then that is a massive change in the dynamic between that infection and its host, the human being.
So, you must expect a huge consequence to come down the line. Why? Because these viruses are geared up to adapt, they’re geared up to survive. And they will do so at any cost. And they have an infinite capacity to mutate very rapidly to produce new variants of the virus that are capable of surviving in the new circumstances, and they’ll produce new diseases or new manifestations of the same old diseases. So, that’s what’s happened with vaccination.”


— Andrew Wakefield, MD


2 thoughts on “What They Said: Andrew Wakefield”

  1. I continue to be amazed, humbled and in the same breath encouraged by the candor and intelligence we find in the words of Andrew Wakefield. I am grateful for his courage and only wish we could see him correctly exonerated for the dishonorable and outright foolish and greedy fashion he has been treated.

    Thank you for presenting this quote of the good doctor for our edification, Celia!

    Kind regards,


  2. Truer words were never spoken. Messing with nature is one of the things our species does best. We are paying an ever-escalating price for it, as we dream up ingenious and ever more diabolical methods of doing so.

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