Snatched Sanity: A Reasonably Accurate Starting Definition of The EU


It’s summer time so there’s a trend here toward journalism by sea gulling. Like seagulls will grab half a french fry our of your hand at Brighton Beach, I grab comments I like and pin them here. They are not intended to be exhaustive, only impressionistic beginnings.

(Actually there is no such thing as a “seagull.“)


So, I asked on FB: “What IS the EU?”

Always ask, first: WHAT is it? Inside that lies WHO is it? It follows naturally that whoever and whatever it is, it eats something. What does it eat?

We have to start somewhere.

Andrea Gambioli, mathematician, replied lucidly:

Comment #1:

“Here is a bit of history. Sorry, it’s just Garbagepedia, but I think it’s reasonably accurate. They want to wipe out European individual nationals and fuse them into an unreasonable and incompatible coalescence of cultures and economies as an intermediate step to the total globalization of NWO. An aberration that has impoverished most countries (those on the Mediterranean area for sure) .”

Comment #2:

“In Italy, when the Euro was introduced in 2001, the purchase power of salaries was basically HALVED overnight. What you could buy on one day with 100.000 Liras (the old currency) ended up being worth about 100 Euros, with an exchange rate of almost 2000:1. People with a decent salary found themselves at the brink of poverty overnight. It was the beginning of the end. Then there were all the new regulations imposed by the EU, for which for example, Italian milk producers could not exceed a certain “quota” of production, otherwise they would incur in huge fines (hundreds of thousands of Euros), leaving the Italian market to other producers. Result: the milk we drink in Italy is a mixture of German milk, mixed with reconstituted New-Zeland powder milk. But it’s sold as Italian. And our own producers are forced to throw in the garbage millions of liters of milk that exceed the maximum allowed by the EU. This is the fucked up economy EU has produced. Entire companies brought to bankruptcy, small entrepreneur pushed to suicide, average salaries brought down under the poverty level. Now, blame the Brits for wanting an exit. I don’t.”

–Andrea Gambioli, via FB

June 25, 2016


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