What We Said: British Exit From EU Proves Media Impotent As Propaganda Organ




My sister Bibi called me earlier today and mentioned how “shocking” it was to hear the wall to wall propaganda of NPR about the importance of Britain’s “Remain” vote, and preserving the EU. Now they’ve moved over to Sky Is Falling rhetoric.  Bibi told me about a documentary about Brexit showing British fishermen who had to stop fishing because of an EU quota, and how the British government paid them to destroy their fishing boats. “Kind of like a Swedish thing,” she said, “as if they were helping them.” (We grew up in “socialist” Sweden.)

The globalist media “mainstream” (radical, really) media is defeated, shocked, and swollen with faux dread.

We see it again and again.  Mass “mainstream” media exposed as a propaganda organ for global elites using soft liberal PC jargon to guilt trip, deflect and paralyze factual discourse.

If you still believe the fairy tale that the EU exists so there could “never be another Hitler,” think again. According to recent in depth reports on AHC–Germany began economic and strategic restructuring for Germany and Europe’s future well before the end of the war, anticipating defeat, and laid the plans for the EU of today. Of course it helps that it has a nice ribbon around it, telling us it’s a big giant Nazi-citronella diffuser to protect the free world.

I spoke with my father, Barry, a journalist who has been broadcasting on American radio since 1960.

“Are you thrilled?” I asked.

“Yes, of course,” he said, “but for reasons nobody has talked about yet. The BBC has been like an unending propaganda reel to remain. Remain. Remain.  It had no impact. I conclude that the major media has lost its Scorpionic power to sting.”

(This is mainly what we do. Call each other and come up with dramatic new ways of saying things are going in the right direction.)



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  1. als @fa20enbranche-keyword-nrw-stidtteil-gmbh.de&#8r3m;Hi Lukas,Unwissenheit und fehlende Budgets sind da die Gründe.Für viele bedeutet eine eigene Domain eine eigene Webseite und das können sich kleinere Betriebe teilweise nicht leisten. Und wenn dann keiner im Bekanntenkreis ist, der sich der Sache annimmt, kommen halt die oben genannten Adressen zustande.Das Problem wird aber sicher nicht aussterben

  2. Sorry, but this mini critique is completely inaccurate.

    The vast majority of the mainstream media here in the UK – and by that I mean The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Daily Express, The Daily Telegraph – has successfully shaped the right wing narrative of the country’s EU referendum, by pumping out endless dog-whistle scare stories and propaganda, invariably around ‘immigration’. They deliberately play on the fears of the working classes and poorly educated, to fan the flames of racism and fuel social division.

    And this is not only allowed to happen, it’s actively encouraged by government since they’re in the pay of big business, so it suits their interests to have as many people as possible blaming the non-culpable ‘other’ (immigrants) for the negative impact of their neo-con economic policies.

    The BBC is always under attack from the Conservative Party because it goes against their maniacal devotion to the ‘free’ market. Thus, Conservatives are ruthlessly lobbied by their industry friends to undermine the organisation – often publicly so – because they deem the BBC to be ‘monopolising’ the market and having an ‘unfair advantage’, due to its license fee-funded payment model. Big business always abhors socialised collectivism because it stands in the way of them making a killing.

    So, the result of the referendum shows that a little more than 50% of the electorate, rather than recoiling from the MSM’s ‘Scorpionic power to sting’ were, in fact, poisoned by the toxic lies sanctioned by media magnate billionaires, like the Daily Mail’s Viscount Rothemere, and News International’s Rupert Murdoch. *They’re* the ones that will have a real reason to crack open the Moet this weekend, and clink Champagne flutes with executives who plotted their latest success on their mission to greater control, power and profit.

    But for those who voted to leave the EU – make no mistake – it will prove to be the very definition of a Pyrrhic victory.

  3. Some disjointed comments:
    This will be vilified in parts of the Media but will eventually emerge as Britain’s Finest Hour.
    Why the hell would any democracy vote to remain in an oligarchy?

    One does not exit tyranny without repercussions. Man your borders, your airports and harbors, for they will send their ISIS zombies to terrorize you, bigtime, and blame it on Muslims

    Well of course world markets tumbled! They’re run by the same barons who run the EU. And they’re losing their grip on all of us. (Vital to note that stock markets do not reflect the real state of economies.)
    I doubt the world will miss Mr. Cameron.
    Finally, there’s a domino effect now made more possible.
    Are you paying attention, Spain, Italy, and Greece? Stand up and do it! AND TELL THE IMF TO GO POUND SAND!

      1. We’re not, though – that’s a fallacy. If the UK wishes to retain access to the single market – which it does – then the EU will insist on free movement of all its members’ states’ citizens and there are likely to be other strings attached, too. What we’ll end up with, is some sort of ‘associative membership’, with far fewer benefits than we currently have and even less influence. The belief that we’ll now have ‘greater sovereignty’, will simply prove to be a fleshless skeleton.

  4. The Criminals still have to be watched carefully. They will surely try something to block the UK from leaving the EU despite the vote.

    I used to listen to your farther on AM radio back in the day,
    Barry Farber and Long John Nebel were 2 of the Titans on AM Talk Radio. I listened to both often.
    When you mentioned your father I was reminded of his book, “How To Learn Any Language” which I always meant to read.
    I wonder if “Learn Any Language” covers the Klingon language.

    Your father also taught a “Learn Any Language” class at the Learning Annex.
    I kept meaning to takehise class but kept putting it off. I also kept forgetting to take the class on” Procrastination” which was also at the Learning Annex.

    Remembering Barry Farber on radio prompts many memories of my teenage years (born 1952).
    Thanks for the memories.
    Let’s watch the Criminals. (I call them The Evilists). They can never, ever be trusted.

    1. Hi there Isaac. I think you should wake up and smell reality – you apparently live in your own little dream world ! Your obvious denial that immigration is problem demonstrate that you’re detached from reality ! We don’t need more immigration, we already have thousands of unemployed and side-lined citizens, but we certainly need to control our borders and ensure that those who enters truly are refugees of the war. However, as we the EU, NATO partly are responsible for chaos in Syria by uncritically buying into the US narrative of the Syrian civil war and supporting the so-called freedom fighters, of which the majority were mercenaries supported by US , Saudi etc. .e.g. ISIS, Al-Nusra front , then yes we have a responsibility to help the Syrian victims of war, BUT, it should be we food, shelter etc.in the near zones, not by honouring the relatively few more affluent minority that illegally crossed/flooded our borders with housing, alimony education,healthcare. ! And as Nigel Farage so correctly pointed out, the vast majority of the so-called Syrian refuge mass were men – well groomed and fed btw ! IS that a true refugee – leaving his wife and kids behind ! No, they were not in acute need of help, but of course the minute they had the chance, got the red light from Merkel the would rather live in EU instead of the refugee camps in Turkey, What signal have we send to the rest of the world, just throw yourself in a rubberboat or pay human smugglers to drop you on the european side and we will welcome you ! Of course if I was in their shoes I would do the same ! But that’s not the point ! We have a right to protect the wealth we and our ancestors have build up through generations. The notion of people like you, the all-altruistic, self-glorifying do-godders that we have the obligation to share this wealth with anyone who claim refugee status or wants to immigrate is simply absurd and gullible. But as all other good socialist you think it’s great to spend other peoples money (the taxpayers) for your ideas, since I’m sure you don’t work in a private company, but are likely a receiver yourself or a government employee. The only way you’ll wake up is when you feel the effect of your over-solidarity on your own shrinking budget ! People should be free to help, but it should be for their own money and responsibility Btw, we, the immigrantion-critical are not racist, we just think the EU/Merkel decision was completely irresponsible, uneconomical solution to the problem. Instead of attempting to integrate those relatively few who basically jump the asylum seeking queue, we could have helped 10 x the number of people for the same cost in the near-zones. Moreover, we didn’t even registering them who, and where they came from. Now, we know that there’s a good number of extremists and criminals among them, but too late.

  5. Celia you are amazing how you could grasp all this in a fingersnap and write so eloquently about it.
    That is the definition of Brilliant! Loved this dispatch! Great work.

  6. In my opinion, the EU has been punishing the UK since day one for having a stronger and rising currency.. and the fact that this currency has been held back from implementing itself to better the fumbling Euro dollar. And good that they … the UK…have not — they knew that countries like Italy, Spain and Greece would never be accountable, leading to an inevitable mess leading to unattainable austerity measures. All of this…inevitable.

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