Chronicles of Tyranny Dressed As Liberalism: “The EU Is Turning Into A Dictatorship.”


“It was devised to make sure that the great mass of the people could not control the government ever again.”


[Thank you to Bibi Farber for sending me this.]


2 thoughts on “Chronicles of Tyranny Dressed As Liberalism: “The EU Is Turning Into A Dictatorship.””

  1. This is really pretty vacuous stuff. Nothing that couldn’t be said about the European governments before the EU, or the American government now. Nothing at all hard until we get to fishing. It’s not surprising that the British fishermen would blame the EU for the destruction of fish stocks that’s been going on as trawlers got bigger and bigger and more destructive. Canada managed to wipe out its cod stocks, once a mainstay of the Atlantic economy, without any free trade agreements. All on their own. The EU fishing policy doesn’t appear to have been too effective, but it was trying to slow down the rape of the seas. A truly dictatorial government probably could have produced much better fish stocks (well, not really, dictators get bogged down in bureaucracy too, and they liquidate natural resources for their friends).

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