2 thoughts on “What They Said: Arthur Miller”

  1. “All we are is a lot of talking nitrogen.”

    That’s not all we are, Mr. Miller.

    We feel and know joy, and sorrow, and suffering, and grief, and loyalty, and loyalty’s impassioned conscientious obligation to protect.

    We feel and know a thousand other internal emotional responses to the tens of thousands of macro and micro stimuli which together comprise all the magnificent diversity and glorious complexity of what we are.

    “…talking nitrogen” cannot love, cannot adore, cannot desire, cannot ascend to the sensory summits and vast expanses of that majesty which we refer to as endearment.

    What we are does not talk at all. It feels, and it knows. It is the feeling itself, and the knowing.

    It is an incalculable fortune of incomparable ecstasies, and agonies, and resolves to proceed further with reverence for this sacred array of struggle and satiated affection: The Quest and The Reward:

    The yearning, and then the receiving.

    The creating, and then the basking in the beauty, far beyond words, far beyond talking.

    Far beyond nitrogen.

    1. WOW!!!
      A billion times WOW Brother Powell!!!
      Inspired by the Miller quote and driven by exhaustion with this world i was heading for the comments to bemoan existence as a gaseous pillow with an oversized brain driving faulty machinery when my swirling despair was life-boated by the brilliance of your words allowing me to recognize the Hope we embody in our being.
      Clearly the capabilities of this monkey at a typewriter could learn much over coffee and conversation with someone as gifted in the art of the written word as you are my friend.
      With utmost respect i thank you for allowing me to see the light.

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