What They Said: Amos Oz



“There are lots of women who are attracted to tyrannical men. Like moths to a flame. And there are some women who do not need a hero or even a stormy lover but a friend. Just remember that when you grow up. Steer clear of the tryant lovers, and try to locate the ones who are looking for a man as a friend, not because they are feeling empty themselves but because they enjoy making you full too. And remember that friendship between a woman and a man is something much more precious and rare than love: love is actually something quite gross and even clumsy compared to friendship. Friendship includes a measure of sensitivity, attentiveness, generosity, and a finely tuned sense of moderation.”

― Amos Oz, A Tale of Love and Darkness

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  1. yes yes yes this is a commanding realism

    and also Oz understands the mid east peace processes and possibilities better than most.. the micro and the macro…

    Efficacy of the Heart. x

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