Modernity, Political Correctness, And Satanism In Our Midst


“Naturally, I prefer someone who feels but does not write, to someone who writes but does not feel.”


–Marina Tsvetaeva, Art in The Light Of Conscience


“Narcissist,” “sociopath,” “psychopath,” etc are all contemporary words that compensate linguistically for the removal of the old world definition “the devil,” which bothers modern people, and of course, atheists.

But can we talk about “the devil” even if we can’t agree on “God?”

There are other terms. Rudolf Steiner foresaw the rise of a demonic force known as”Ahriman” who (or which) he predicted would be unleashed in or around the year 1998 AD. “He,” or “it,” would come to us through “electromagnetism,” Steiner said, as it would allow passage for his “perfectly cold” nature.

How can you know what is good and what is evil? Or what is, “Ahrimanic,” as Steiner put it.

I started making a list, feeling exasperated with the latest notion of “evil” among a certain subset, namely: Donald Trump.

(There is always a latest notion.)


Cloudy is Evil,

Clear is Good,

Silent is Evil,




Concealed is Evil,






Sexual incoherence–Evil

Sexual reverence–Good



And above all:

Cold is Evil

Warm is Good.








For many years, in my identity as “investigative journalist” and “writer,” I went after the light of “truth” without knowledge of the consequences from the unseen (“occult”) world.

I fell under a series of “attacks” that were indistinguishable from catastrophic depression–something very familiar to people who embark on serious fact-finding missions, without adequate spiritual preparation.

I have never known how, or whether, to make an account of my journey, or the many close encounters with death I did not, at the time, understand. Like being a child on a storm tossed ship, but being in the bowels of the ship, unable to see the furious seas, or even be aware of being inside a boat.

“Mother, why do I feel so nauseous? Is this thing moving? Can I get off? What did I do? Why can’t I…ever… feel normal?”

You search for your sin, your error. Eventually, over many many years, you begin to see the structure of the whole thing, and how it was designed this way.

“Political correctness obviously dominates its core territory of politics, public administration (the civil service), law, education and (especially!) the mass media. But PC also substantially shapes everything else: foreign policy, the military, policing, the economy, health services, and personal life: the mating game, friendships and even family life.

Therefore political correctness is objectively totalitarian.

Just as with the cruder totalitarianism of the mid-twentieth century, PC has created a population that lives in fear: fear of being denounced and losing everything – fear of committing (or indeed merely being accused-of) a thought crime or uttering a hate fact for which there is no defence; fear of the sanctions which range from social ostracism, through loss of job, financial penalties, up to directed mob violence and imprisonment.

Consequently the mass of people, especially those of status – with power and influence – have learned and internalized the constraints of political correctness, so that it is now something inside us, as well as pressing upon us. The lies, shabbiness and wickedness of PC now permeate our very thought processes.”

Thought Prison: The Fundamental Nature Of Political Correctness,

Bruce Charlton

Political correctness is, as Charlton so brilliantly lays bare, by design, a system of demonizing all truths, inverting all morality, and causing all who seek “reality” to experience being guilty of something the classical moral universe can never identify as “wrong.” He characterizes PC as, “…something new under the sun, never before seen in history,” and “…a vastly more robust and malignant thing than I had ever imagined.”

It’s not a “left-right” thing. Not at all. The battle here is over the actual essence of all life, all truth, all beauty, and all hope.

“PC,” Charlton writes, “does not discover truth–it makes truth.”

Now how do you fight something like that?

The Satanic element in Political Correctness has taken the entire classical moral system and smashed it– all the way through state sanctioned chemical warfare and murder of children. But that’s not all.

It brings it back (even Hitler, even Stalin, could not have dreamed of this) as not only “good” but so good, only the truly wicked need to have it beaten into them why it is good.

As Charlton writes:

For the PC it is vitally necessary to control discourse, to exclude all hostile communications if possible, immediately to stop them if they break through. There can be no delay – effective dissent must be shouted-down, mocked, vilified, shut-up; the politically correct must switch-off, turn-away, gabble and gossip to drown or silence the hostile discourse; instruct, direct and unleash the mob – then begin again to rebuild the thought prison of PC discourse by their own words, in their own image.”

Right now there are two armies, approaching one another: The politically correct vs. the humanistic.

Bruce Charlton has captured the crisis comprehensively in his INCREDIBLE book, quoted above: Thought Prison: The Fundamental Nature Of Political Correctness. 

I pass the link to new allies, new friends. What we share is an absolute agreement that Charlton has got it by the tail. He has got the devil by the tail. And we wonder why we “never heard of him.” (I heard of him only after he was sacked by Elsevier, for published an HIV “denialist” paper some years ago.)


I always want to re-name things, and here is now I would to re-christen Charlton’s masterpiece:

Heart Prison: The Fundamental Nature of Political Correctness.


Learn To Pray


Never realizing what on earth I was actually in battle with, over the years, I became afflicted–with internalized terror, paralyzing self-doubt–all by design. I went down every rabbit hole marked for somebody descending into “depression.” I tried every remedy, swallowed and mostly spat out every medication, tried every form of New Age healing, attended clinics, collapsed into hospitals, and–not often enough–prayed.

Now–finally— I get it.

I am now on the ship’s deck. I learn the signs, the symptoms. At any moment I could become a beast of my own dark “knowledge.” Other people’s “wrongs” identified do not make us good.

Accusation is a tricky business.

Sometimes I wish I could open a Journalism School with the singular motto:

“Don’t Become An As–ole.”

THAT’S the hardest part.

We are traveling through a storm that must be traveled through, not around. The demon world is awakened. Also in our own selves.

Now I can see the storm.  I can find words for this.

It was always an “occult” battle–the “debate” (war,) for example, about “HIV” (the most perfectly malicious code against human life ever written) was nothing if not a war of goodwill vs. ill-will.

The pushing forth of the truth about vaccines, which has taken form in the explosive documentary “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe,” is an uprising of mothers. (And fathers, but mostly mothers.)







There is no stronger bond or love than between mother and child, father and child,  so it follows that the “devil” would strike there, that this would become the final battleground for this civilization. If we lose, we have no world. We have no children, we have no families, we have no world.

We finally have our war. So let’s go.

It’s ok to laugh, even uproariously, even in the face of catastrophe. The demons hate laughter, because laughter is born from incongruity, whereas they are possessed by death and sterility–the attainment of the perfectly terrible.



—Celia Farber

46 thoughts on “Modernity, Political Correctness, And Satanism In Our Midst”

  1. This is a difficult subject for me to speak about. I simply never wanted to be ‘that guy’ who talked about the beast system. When I was young I was very involved in the church and I’m still a born again Christian. I don’t go to church, but I have a relationship with God and his son Jesus, and I know that no matter what, I will never wear the mark of the beast. I have a very strong feeling that not to far in the future my convictions in that regard will be put to the test.

    But like I said, I never wanted to be that guy, simply because I know how people will react. I can see them rolling their eyes already.

    But, they, those who worship Lucifer, run Hollywood, there’s little doubt. They also run big Pharma.
    They choose the symbols, and they openly display them. They force you to ignore them at your own peril. Their goals are becoming more and more clear with each passing day.

    The goal is genocide. That’s the agenda. It’s obvious to me. For the longest time I tried to ignore the fact that their agenda was spiritual in nature. I just didn’t want to see it that way. I wasn’t meditating on my relationship to god. I just chalked it up to man and his wickedness.

    But I get it now. It’s very clear.

    The internet itself is an all seeing eye.

    1. “I have a very strong feeling that not too far in the future my convictions in that regard will be put to the test.”

      What sort of being, whether non-human or human, would want to subject its children to such a sadistic test as the one described in “The Revelation”: a homicidal AND genocidal “test”, slated for being inflicted against christians, in accordance with the “will of god” and his preordained plan established at the time of creation? What sort of being devises such sadistic, homicidal, genocidal “tests”?

      According to the doctrine of christian salvation, that test is entirely unnecessary because salvation is already obtained when one “accepts jesus as lord and savior”.

      Even if the god-being did determine to add on a sadistic test, as an afterthought (post-crucifixion and post-resurrection), what virtue is there in submitting to a test which requires one to volunteer for suicidal refusal to simply adopt a particular method of monetary exchange in modern commerce?

      No, I won’t volunteer for being the victim of a homicidal and genocidal “test” which, according to scripture, was devised at the time of “the foundation of the world.” Whatever the source of the evil script that’s being played out on the world stage, it’s clear that the “mark” will be part of it; and it’s also clear that the god character in the christian script is presented as the one who is the grand designer of the entire procession of “the beast’s” foreordained agenda, including the genociding of christians who refuse to “take the mark”.

      I will “take the mark”, because I have no respect for any being who wants me to be tested by submitting to that being’s preordained schedule of homicide and genocide.

      I want no part of such a sadistic being’s so-called “paradise”. I cannot trust the sanity or the honesty of such a sadistic being. I will “take the mark”, and then do my best to help my friends and loved ones to survive, just the same as I do now.

      My contacts have informed me that the christan script (“scripture”) for the approaching “beast government”, “the mark”, and all the rest of it, was conceived and written by a conspiratirial, multi-generational consortium, anyway. The whole thing is, in part, precisely aimed at CONVINCING those who would be troublemakers to volunteer for their own death-by-homicide. That’s the purpose for including the element of “the mark” in the script.

      The whole thing is a grand historical theatrical drama, originating not from any deity, but from an underground (literally under ground) multi-generational group of people who have technological capabilities which I won’t even begin to articulate in this setting.

      There will be no reward for passing that “test”, brother. If you submit to the required sucidal sacrificing as the means of passing the “test”, you will simply be playing into the hands of the evil authors and fulfillers of the so-called christian script.

      I don’t expect you to accept any of this, but, you’ve now been warned. My obligation is now complete. Good luck.

      1. ” I will “take the mark”, because I have no respect for any being who wants me to be tested by submitting to that being’s preordained schedule of homicide and genocide.”

        Enjoy it then.

        But it’s on the way. Don’t be confused about that. They’ll want you to wear the mark. I’ve seen it. I get it. They want you to give your soul to Satan. I don’t care who it makes sense to or not. I’m simply saying that I won’t take the mark. I won’t be tattooed with it and I don’t care how nonintellectual it sounds, I’ve seen the writing on the wall and it reads six hundred and sixty six. They want to write it upon your skin. I won’t do it.

        “There will be no reward for passing that “test”, brother. ”

        BULLSHIT. I’ll be with Jesus, who has compassion and love, and you’ll be with Lucifer who hates man. It’s a fact and it’s on the way.

        “My contacts have informed me that the christan script (“scripture”) ”

        Being that your wrote out scripture, why …abbreviate it? And who are these ‘contacts’? And who cares?

    2. “If you think that Jesus Christ is coming,
      Honey you’ve got another thing coming
      If he ever finds out who hijacked his name
      He’d cut out his heart
      And turn in his grave.” The The

      Having been promised the rapture of Christ’s return since the age of seven while terrorized in church basement grade-school classrooms with tales of post-Armageddon torture and trauma for those left behind because for some reason or other their “hearts were not right with the lord” or they were not just and pure therefor unworthy of redemption, while being assured mid-1970s mid-east turmoil alongside the lessening of moral values exemplified by a grudging tolerance suggesting acceptance of the newly emboldened homosexual community (every generation has an antichrist) demonstrating that surely THOSE were the End Days and return of the Christ with rapture of all true believers was certain to occur before i even graduated high school so there was no need to consider a future or plans for life…just believe…i hope you comprehend how sad i feel for you and anyone else who so desperately needs to believe fantastical fairy tales written by men to somehow give their lives meaning and purpose.

      i graduated high school in 1983
      turned 51 today
      we are all, each of us
      Gods or Devils
      of our own design

      “If the real Jesus Christ were to come back today
      He’d be gunned down cold by the CIA!”

      Live not in fear of not living

      1. Well said, brother Strawberry. Now prepare for the good christian’s tongue-lashing about how potent and privileged he feels to be telling you your fate in the everlasting fires of the eternal torture: Eternal torture engineered from the psychopathic mind of a “loving” sky-creature whose obvious sadism will obviously be devilishly-gratified watching humans screaming in that pain forever. Forever! …watching human beings who are getting burnt alive and never dying, in “His” cave of psychopathically-crafted ways to express “His” sadistic psychosis.

        There has not existed on this planet, at any time, in any place, a sadistic perversity more qualitatively or more quantitatively evil than that…

        …except inside the brains of the men who created that fictional god monster character, on ancient paper, and made “His” character exhibit the same sadistic psychopathology which they enjoyed imagining while writing the mythologies about “His” past, present and future career as Commander Sadist In Chief.

        1. “Now prepare for the good christian’s tongue-lashing about how potent and privileged he feels to be telling you your fate in the everlasting fires of the eternal torture:”

          Your thinking on the subject is sophomoric and shallow. Both of you sound like a rebellious teenager who just worked up the courage to speak back to an oppressive church elder or something, lol. .
          Regardless, being one myself to some degree despite my advanced physical age, I empathize somewhat with where you’re coming from, but I just don’t see it that way.

          It’s up to the individual to interpret these things as literally or as symbolically as they see fit.
          What some believe in a dogmatic sense others may see as spiritual or in some other more nebulous context. I’m not condemning anyone to anything, and for that matter neither is god, if one were to bother to understand the bible and it’s teachings. It’s Lucifer who’s pointing out our flaws to his creator, but I digress.

          Like I said, it’s difficult to talk about. I’ll start with this article I ran into over at TIME magazine yesterday…

          “He’s an Atheist. A Satanist. And He Wants Your Vote”

          ““I’m a Satanist as far as trying to get people to understand that I don’t believe in the devil any more than I believe in God,” Hill said in an interview. “All of it is stupid. But if I have to tell people I’m the devil to get them to listen, then, OK, I’m the devil.””

          Ok, so he’s just assuming that people will be more inclined to listen to and take advice from a god or demon that he claims not to believe in, but is perfectly willing to stand in for? What an odd stance for an atheist; to be an organizer for a Satanic temple.

          ““I don’t go worship Satan and pour milk on me,” he said. “But [Satanism] would influence me greatly because I could deal from a different perspective, as a regular human being.”

          A regular ‘human being’. Interesting choice of words coming from a guy who worships a goat.

          “In the last few years the Satanic Temple has tried to push Satanism away from its perception of devil worship and into politics. The group says its mission is to “encourage benevolence and empathy” in society while using Satanic imagery to further its goals.”

          So, they’re pushing Satanic imagery into politics? I’m sorry if all of this is confusing to me, but something tells me that it was meant to do so.

          Sigh, man and his symbols. They…have meaning. They exist.

          I obviously can’t tell you what to think, and I don’t seek to anymore than I seek to condemn you to an eternity of flames and torture. I have not the will or the power to do so. It’s just not in my wheel house or pay grade.

          But I believe in the will and the spirit of what they’re trying to accomplish here. They want to “sieg heils” just without all of that messy Nazism. Right? Something like that? They want to use the symbols for the sake of diluting their meaning, while at the same time riding them into power? It’s all a nudge and a wink isn’t it? “you don’t believe in all of that God/Satan fairy-tale do you? Of course not, now repeat after me…”

          When people become desensitized to what they’re trying to do, the banality of evil will become ubiquitous. To some degree it already has. The dehumanization, the non thinking, the hive mind, the emphasis of animal instincts and urges, the lack of empathy, the mocking, the ridicule of those who don’t conform… all of this rides along with those who use the images, and the symbols, and who also somehow claim to be atheists as if what they’re bringing into the world, through these symbols, isn’t …real.

          It’s real. And it’s growing. You’ll see more and more of this. You’ll take the mark. It’ll be the cool thing to do. I’m just not one of the cool kids.

          1. So don’t take the fabled prophesied mark of the beast then!!!
            They probably wouldn’t want you on their team anyway. Considering the woefully poor quality of your writing and your discussion/debate abilities i mean. Everything i wrote is based in fact, truth, history and personal experience. Everything you have written/stated/slandered/accused in this discussion is based in faith, fantasy and fear.
            Thank you for confirming what i previously stated.
            We are all
            Each of us
            gods and demons
            Of our own design

            Yet you dare to call me sophomoric.

            Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?

            Epicurus (c. 341 – c. 270 BC)

            That wise adage could easily be paraphrased for use with devils.

            Live not in fear of not living.

            1. Yes, brother Strawberry. A billion times, yes! …and, yes, “Live not in fear of not living.” All of your contributions here are very brilliant, very maturely insightful and informed, and courageously authoritative. I admire their profundity immensely. That includes their confident comedic content. I loved that one about using your own tattoo artist. I actually had 666 tattooed on the top of my right wrist, thirty-four years ago, when I was a feisty, youthful, and much more flamboyant practitioner of flagrant pranks to pop the eyeballs of the obediently fearful public. I later had it covered-up wth another tattoo, when my wife and I started making the final preparations for opening our day-care center. Business is business. That tattoo would have guaranteed its failure, for obvious reasons. But, it was fun while it lasted. “Religion is the problem, not the answer.” Of course, that applies equally to the theocratic Empires’ very useful myths of both the punishing God monster, and the child-terrorizing boogeyman, Satan. Satanism as a symptom of rebellious delinquency, discontent or dissidence toward prevailing orthodoxy is THE PRODUCT of the religions which indoctrinated children to believe such a being exists. Without their Satan to scare their children, their God would serve no purpose. The purpose of the entire fairy tale is to initiate, in childhood, the patterns of fear which then become molds for conformity later on, in adulthood. “Consent of the governed” is not passively delivered to corrupt and untrustworthy theocratic governments voluntarily. It is delivered because the theocracy conditions the masses to believe a God demands consent, and to believe that withholding consent (withholding financial and patriotic/ideological submission) is the behavior of only those who are on the side of the boogeyman. Without any religion at all, minds AND nations could be truly freed from the compelled, coerced and violently abused conditions which result in producing populations subjugated by conditioned, consenting powerlessness and fear. The 13th chapter of the new testament book of Romans tells us precisely why religion is so useful to corrupt, untrustworthy, child-terrorizing theocracies such as ours.

              Both the Israelite and the Roman governments created their conquering religions (Judaism and Christianity, respectively) for the same reason: To impose an indoctrination intended to engender submission, after their various genocidal conquests were inflicted on various innocent populations near and far.

              So, here we are, trapped in it. Paying for it. Despising it. Living in fear of it. Celebrating its lying “holy” days, because those myths are what keep us all wound up to obey for one more year, under threat of losing our “respectability”, our approval from clergy, cops, bosses and peers, and our piece of the Orwellian pie called Faithful, Likeable, Participatory God-Fearing Social Normalcy.

              Religion is the problem, not the answer, and religion includes ANY so-called atheism which employs violently-imposed indoctrination. Theocracy, be it deity-centered or anti-deity, is all about inflicting punitive consequences for rejection of a supremacist dogma, instead of welcoming, promoting, protecting, sponsoring and honoring the virtues of unlimited and uncensored reasoning in ALL fora of public discourse, commerce and governance.

              Again, I say, yes! …brother Strawberry! Yes! …in exclaimation of my admiring appreciation of your very wise and very well-weathered orations of the knowledge of the freed slave. Thank you for the gifts given by your liberated natural capabilities of logic, intellectual honesty, and science-based sound judgement.

            2. Wow!! Thank you. i was just excorcising some demons. i am flattered and honored by your words.
              BTW…when i was sitting with Kurt Vonnegut in the reading room of his Mahattan brownstone, as he began to autograph the title page of my first edition pressing of his Man Without a Country, a few strokes into his signature self-portrait, the pen he was using ran out of ink.
              “This fu@king thing died on me!” The profoundly profane -or was it profanely profound- author exclaimed shaking the implement i regret not asking to keep as a souvenir.
              That unfinished bit of writing from the then greatest living American writer is now tattooed on my right wrist.
              My writing hand.
              My mark of the beast?

            3. Splendid, delicious account of that adventure with Vonnegut. I once had a similar experience with Ray Bradbury. Long story short, we conversed about arcane matters rately discussed by two fellows of such widely-differing ages, and at the parting he told me he now feels like he has one more son. At the time, I was about fifteen, but was an uncommonly bookish and articulate teen. That moment significantly affected my life right up to the present, more than I’m aware, I’m sure.

              I’d love to see a photo of that unfinished signature tattoo. Is it online anywhere?

            4. Brother Strawberry is the name Kurt Vonnegut addressed me with the first time he wrote to me. He was referencing the time a few months earlier when as we were leaving the front door of his Manhattan brownstone he introduced me to a woman just arriving as “my long lost brother.”
              If you have read much of his work you will understand.
              If not, you should.
              Congratulations on your experience
              Like mine
              Life changing indeed.

            5. Gourmet dishes of reminiscence, these exchanges of recollection are. Perhaps they’d more suitably (more-lusciously) be described as comparable to fine aged wines, or aged rums, or whichever other distinguished intoxicants evoke the headiness of those formative encounters with the altered consciousnesses of literary imaginative genius. Thank you for the back passenger seat on that ride with Vonnegut, brother!

              Photo(s) of the tattoo? Yes? No?

            6. Oh apologies
              Just as there is barely evidence online anywhere other than The Truth Barrier of my existence, there are no photos posted anywhere of that tattoo nor of the tattoo of his signature self-portrait and the last words the then greatest living American writer wrote me one month before entering that swirling blue tunnel into the afterworld.
              “Love, whatever that’s worth.”

            7. or…
              if not excorcising my demons
              at least excercising them
              Gotta keep the little buggers fit
              and ready for action
              never know when you might need them.

            8. You out-did yourself with that one. It spawned a full-torso and full-faced gush of righteously ungodly glee. 🙂

              Three cheers for the yin and yang!

            9. p.s. to 8:33 p.m. ~ Note our christian interlocutor’s selective self-serving eagerness to interpret offensive scriptural dictums and declarations (the distasteful dogma of eternal torture in fire, for example, which is easily confirmed to inescapably and unmistakeably intend to mean exactly what it says) as being merely “nebulous” representations of only “spiritual” symbolism, while he so self-deceivingly yet so elatedly selects as being granite, physically and materially real, the candy-sweet dogmas such as the eternal tap-dancing and skipping he will do with wizard Jesus, on the heavenly playground’s yellow brick streets of gold.

              Sad. Sad to watch such undignified mental contortions, and betrayals of one’s own honor, for the sake of a desperate grasp on a delusion.

            10. “Religion is the problem, not the answer, ”

              Forgive me for not being impressed by the fact that you managed to read the back flap of some Richard Dawkins something or another…

              “while he so self-deceivingly yet so elatedly selects as being granite, physically and materially real, the candy-sweet dogmas such as the eternal tap-dancing and skipping he will do with wizard Jesus, on the heavenly playground’s yellow brick streets of gold.”

              If you could simply point out anywhere that I said anything like that. It’s funny how much your manner of speaking resembles those who would trash someone who dares to question something like the safety of vaccinations or the logic of HIV Aids.

              When I said I’ll be with Jesus, it’s because he’ll be in my heart. When I said you’ll be with Lucifer, it’s because those who are structuring your life for you are willing him into yours. I believe that that’s a fact. There’s no fairly tales involved on my end. I read from the Jefferson bible, the one with no miracles to speak of. I’ve never said 9/10ths of the things you and your buddy Brother Strawberry claim I’ve said. Again, you both sound like sophomoric teenagers arguing about god as if you had just realized these basic assumptions, and you’re acting like it’s some sort of profound insight. It’s pathetic.

              John, you’re little more than a troll here, you know that right?

            11. “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then He is not omnipotent. Is He able, but not willing? Then He is malevolent. Is He both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is He neither able nor willing? Then why call Him God?”

              Free will? Hello? You have no idea what you’re talking about. Sophomoric to an extreme.

          2. And oh, by the way. I won’t be taking the mark of the beast either but not out of fearful allegiance to a fabled fierce-tempered, all powerful, all loving. invisible sky being who invented a lake of fire for ETERNAL torture and damnation of the unworthy.
            Sick fu@k!
            I just have a much better tattoo artist.
            consider me a free agent.

            1. ” I won’t be taking the mark of the beast either”

              They won’t care much for your other tats.

      2. ““If the real Jesus Christ were to come back today
        He’d be gunned down cold by the CIA!””

        So? The CIA routed crack into the ghettos. Does that make crack not crack and the ghetto not a ghetto?


        1. Living in a ghetto
          One of the formerly flourishing suburbs left economically, socially and morally bankrupt by demise of the steel industry and now ruled by the gods of heroin and guns, I am left wondering the point and purpose of that statement and question.
          How often do you say or post completely irrelevant statements?

          1. You said that if J.C. were to re appear, he’d be gunned down by the CIA, but you’re too thick to understand that the CIA has done a lot of bad things so why would it be a shock that they’d have a terrible reaction to Jesus’s return dumb dumb?

            It would be more of a shock if the church didn’t recognize him, but that said they’ve done a lot of bad things too.

            But neither would prove that Jesus isn’t the son of god.

            1. Sigh
              Now i am wrestling those demons and having been excercised recently they are feeling rather powerful.
              Nevertheless, i am passionately enjoying and appreciating life right now with no fear of punishment or dream of reward in a fabled afterlife so…better things to do.
              Suffice to say…at least for the moment…
              Your obfuscation of faith-based martyrdom equating with HIV and vaccine dissent reveals desperation for affiliation akin that i have previously exposed as false and hypocritical.
              But that is another story.
              Seriously. i could spend time tearing apart each of your posts and debating free-will vs the omnipotence of the jesusgodspirit you worship and pray to spend eternity fellating or playing “i know you are but what am i?” With you yet expect the shallowness of your argument is clear to anyone reading this exchange with eyes and mind open.
              As with HIV causation, supreme deity existence needs be demonstrated and proven. Not the other way around. We do not need to disprove what has never been proven or demonstrated to be true.
              Your god only exists in your faith.
              For now…back to the life that i live to the fullest with hope only to better the world i live in with no fear or hope of what may or may not be waiting in an unproven afterlife.

            2. “Your obfuscation of faith-based martyrdom equating with HIV and vaccine dissent reveals desperation for affiliation akin that i have previously exposed as false and hypocritical.”

              Not what I did. Go back and read it again if you have to. I said that you and John were acting the same way. The tone. It’s all the same. I’m not equating any type of martyrdom with another, I don’t consider my self to be one. But the way that both of you speak, it drips with the same kind of sarcastic ridicule. Me saying that there’s a beast system in place and that we’ll be seeing it creep into our lives is enough to bring out that much biting sarcasm from John? Who by the way, agreed with me. Or at least said he did without indicating that he was being sarcastic.

              He agrees with me, and he’s admitted to having tattooed the number of the beast onto his hand. That he would joke about having that mark and having run a day care center, or tell the truth about it, whichever, shows a terrible lack of empathy to people who have been the victims of SRA or who’ve been murdered by them. But then again, he does admit that did it just to piss off the Christians, just like the real/fake Satanist from the Time article. It’s an odd thing to admit to in the light of day either way. I wonder if he’d tattoo a swastika onto his hand, only to have it covered on the day he decided to open a day care in a Jewish neighborhood? I guess it’s ok to piss them off, until you want to be around their kids all day long. Coward.

              You’ve got me mixed up with some fire and brimstone Southern Preacher, I guess to some degree it’s my fault. But regardless…I see it for what it is. If the people who worship Satan do so with a semi detached nudge and a wink, it doesn’t really matter much in the end. So long as their ability to discern good from evil is impaired, they’ll be useful tools for the true believers. Of course we’ll keep seeing that more and more as time goes on. It’s programmed into the culture, like I was saying before, the hive mind and the loss of individuality, the loss of discernment. It’s all over the news, and it’s in every direction.

              “Demonic” doesn’t have to mean ‘the devil’, it’s just that you let gods fallen angel do the thinking for you. Reptilian doesn’t have to mean you actually turn into a snake. Just that you’re cold blooded. But that doesn’t make the myths any less real. People repeatedly use these symbols because they describe what they describe perfectly.

              Let’s assume that there’s this sect of people doing these spells and chants, rituals and incantations, and they buy into what they’re doing, like I said, with a nudge and a wink. Does it really matter that we know better that all of that stuff is bunk, unscientific, for the rubes… simply because they only halfway buy into it?

              I say no. They’re operating under the assumption that it’s happening. That they do what they do, and will continue to do so. So the humans bring that into existence, in the same way a speaker turns electrical signals into sound; it a transducer. Something that turns one energy into another. In the case of the Satanic cult, it may start out as irreal and then become increasingly more real until it has some sort of flesh and blood consequences. Once that happens does it matter how it started? The spirit is then real. Real consequences brought to you by useful idiots. I’m sure it happens all the time.

              I don’t want to be a part of this beast system, and for that matter socialism or communism in general.

              I see the three as one and the same or aspects of each other, for the most part. They all seem to want a lot of the same things, and it just so happens that their popularity in the culture is ascending in tandem.

              In tandem and in many directions. The tone is always the same, that I meant: we could be talking about HIV or vaccinations, it doesn’t really matter. They treat you in the same way.

              It bothered John so much that I have this imaginary security blanket called ‘Jesus’ that he turned himself into a serpent to swipe it from me. He mocked me, he ridiculed me, he swore up and down that he’d take the mark post haste and he mocked me for not agreeing to that

              He became exactly that that he claims doesn’t exist.

              See how that happens?

              Mathew 7:16

  2. “I’m trying to get something across. It’s all coming out wrong. I can’t explain what I can’t explain, and also, I can’t explain it.”

    That’s funny, I think you’ve said quite a bit.

  3. PC got me fired from a good job. Unfortunately, there are a LOT of spies in the corporate world. Many people do indeed worship power and will do just about anything to ingratiate themselves with the executive power set.

    The way they do this is to identify and immediately report anyone who “thinks” a little differently. An employee who departs from the corporate line is committing professional suicide. Think CDC culture writ large. Yes, it IS that bad.

    We are the lost children of the Renaissance, Luther’s Revolution, the Enlightenment, the French Revolution, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and now Corporate Fascism and looming World Government. It’s ALL a rejection of God. Now once you reject God, you’ve only got one other place to go. It’s either the City of God or the City of Satan. (Guess which one you live in now?)

    What’s interesting is that the first revolution MUST be religious (Luther/Protestant individualism and the murder of Catholic community), then political (French Revolution and the murder of authority) and finally economic (Marxism-socialism-fascism and the murder of the original thought via PC).

    World government requires group-think. Individuals must be outlawed (think Snowden and Wakefield). No, actually they must be CRUCIFIED. Similarly, and originally, the problem with Christ is that he spoke the truth. He upset the applecart. He upset all the wrong people. He is characterized today as nothing but milk, honey, and mercy, but the the Christ of the New Testament is unmistakeably masculine. Totally un-PC. You don’t get murdered by powerful people by being polite. You get murdered by telling truths that powerful people don’t want told.

    One of my favorite ideas is that “things are the way they are today because powerful people want them that way.” People may not realize how well-timed the agenda is. When so-called “gay-marriage” was declared the law of the land in July, 2015, that VERY same week we were introduced to Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner. Go back and check the original stories. They were introduced by our Masters in a very coordinated way. Now Caitlyns everywhere want to follow your little 4 year old daughter into the public bathroom “whenever” they feel like it.

    Don’t you dare agree with me. You’ll be “Wake-fielded” if you do. You are up against a massive agenda to free everyone right into sexual slavery. My oh my. How politically incorrect.

    Man, we’re in BIG trouble. Only individuals like Wakefield can help us now. And the Blessed Mother Maria. (outrageously un-PC to bring her up). Her message at Fatima was straightforward. God is so furious at the world and its horrifying rebellion, that she stated simply: “Only I can help you now.”

  4. Celia,
    Everything you write is eloquent. Even in the heat of the height of your emotions, or maybe especially, your eloquence is to be found in your untempered , vigilent, and never less than poignant honesty.

    I met your online self at a breaking point. Those posts are long deleted. They described the maddening chaos of an invisible itch covering every inch of your psyche in an effort to somehow be at peace in a world of ppl who abhorr their own humaness and seek to destroy it in others.

    Your candor about mental ache and the pain associated with attempting to tear the devil’s hands from around the throats of others is a source of light.

    1. Megan,

      I am so late to thank you for this. I am always so late. But I am so moved by your words, though that is an often used phrase. I mean to say: It helps me enormously, to think I can offer balm and solace, with words. That is what I need. I am so deeply shocked at the coldness and cruelty all around. I feel we may as well be living under Stalin or something.

  5. Nice to see you back 🙂

    Charlton’s book looks great, looking forward to reading it.

    One of my favorites along the same lines is Jonathan Rauch’s book, Kindly Inquisitors.

    Re feeling good, a book you might appreciate is the Jaminet’s The Perfect Health Diet. The title makes is sound like it is about weight loss, but it’s actually about getting excellent life-long nutrition and some lifestyle changes that improve long-term health.

  6. Celia – Thank you for the information about Bruce Charlton, and thank you for your own good work – it is and has been a great help to me. PC is very insidious – I often fear that my “obsession” with exploring “forbidden” topics may be “paranoid” – in other words, PC threatens my self-confidence, even as I try to understand it. Thanks again, Nick

    1. Nicholas,

      Exactly. Exactly!

      Thank you. So perfectly described. “PC threatens my self-confidence, even as I try to understand it.”

      That’s what it IS. Wow you just nailed it. In a new way. It IS an instrument of attack and confidence destruction. It is a medium, method, Church, and way, of making people feel terrible as often as possible. All accusation is evil. Not all anger, but all “accusation,” I believe, belongs to the spectrum of “evil.”

      Isn’t Satan a prosecutor in the Bible?

      I need to read the Bible.

      1. Indeed Celia i agree that everyone should read the bible. It is filled with countless wise teachings and ponderous tales. For example, if a group of drunken men come to your home late at night demanding to “know”-in the biblical sense- a beautiful male angel seen entering your front door, should you instead offer the enraged crowd your virgin daughters to quench their lustful desire? Yes, gang rape!
        Hint: “Mankind shall not lay with mankind as with womankind, for THAT is an abomination.”
        Oh, then there is the one where jehovah sends an army into a neighboring city demanding they return bearing the foreskin of all conquered males. Should we presume the oppressed all lined up orderly for nice surgical circumcision? Why is this freak so obsessed with our penis and foreskins and what we do with them??!!!
        I encourage everyone to read the bible. With an open mind that is. Recognizing of course that such holy scripture has evolved -pun intended- through the years from second-hand stories shared decades after events told about then translated from virtually indecipherable text written in lost languages, and acknowledging that key points of the main characters story were legend well before his rumored existence -thus spake Zarathustra, he lives, dies, lives again, disappears promising return, never returns-and considering just how many tales of events-like that far-out prophesied revelation of a conclusion seem perhaps fever or even drug influenced, not literal transcription of event history past or future is priceless and necessary for truly understanding the purpose and power of the book. there is so much kindness, compassion, hope and comfort available in that book. It is sinful how it has been used.
        I would encourage everyone to read the bible.
        Especially those who already believe it to be true.
        They should learn just what kind of a god they worship and then strive to live more like the son he abandoned.

        1. Brother Strawberry, wait, are you sure you want to be advising them to “learn what kind of a god they worship and then strive to live more like the son he abandoned”??!!!

          That bible plainly tells that its god IS the Jesus character, and that the Jesus character has ALWAYS BEEN the same person as the bible god, which means (according to the new testament and the dogma of christianity from its first-century roll out) that:

          (a.) god committed suicide on the cross,
          (b.) all of the perversely maniacal murdering, genociding, raping, mutilating and thieving commanded by the bible god was simultaneously being commanded by the second and third characters in the three-member godhead, namely Jesus and the Holy Spirit,
          (c.) therefore, we ought not be surprised when the Jesus character, whom you advise us to “strive to live more like”, announces in the cult’s new testament book of Luke that he, being very much the chip off his “father’s” block, will return to earth for purposes which include commanding his “slaves” to gather up all women and men who don’t want him to rule their lives, and then commanding his “slaves” what to do with those women and men, using words which could have come from the mouths of any fill-in-the-blank psychopathic, sociopathic, sadistic, deranged, predatory historical tyrant who gained pleasure by erecting either private or public bloodbath spectacles for their entertainment. He commands his “slaves” to “SLAUGHTER THEM IN FRONT OF ME!”

          You advise that we strive to be “more like” that fictional character presented in a cultic book written with the aim of selling and/or violently inflicting sugar-coated theocratic tyranny.

          No, not me, not my son, not my daughter, and not any symposium for establishing ideal national or international standards of tolerant coexistence, and nurturance of humanitarian consensus.

          My advise is: Think again, brother.

          1. Very well stated and advised Mr. Powell
            Must admit, as I often suggest is problem with his absent fathers overly zealous followers I was only considering the candy-coated sweet side of the story and neglecting that other dark side of the manic depressive, manger borne, carpenters son of god/man.
            When confronting the bigotry and hatred of anti-gay preachers spouting their gods condemnation at gay pride marches, soldiers funerals or the memorial for Mister Rogers, I do so chanting the teaching of the Christ “This is my commandment, that ye love one another”.
            While focusing on the son feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, healing the sick and suffering for the children I neglect to recognize my blasphemy of separating his words and acts from those of his father self as well as his voiced wrath for the nonbeliever of this nonsense.
            Kind of like suggesting we should appreciate hitler for existence of the Volkswagen beetle.

            Too far?
            Too soon?

            1. What a so so so so so so perfectly-conceived and perfectly-crafted analysis that is, Brother Strawberry!!!!!!!!!!!! Your writing stirs such very very very very rare astonishment and joy, in me!

              I am sometimes, in moments when I’m feeling inferior as a thinker and writer, stuck sulking because of my lack of strategic humor. But reading the craftworks of one such as yourself (a master of strategic humor) brings me back to my understanding of, and grateful acceptance of, the natural distribution which is on exhibit in the minds and “hearts” of those masters.

              I am grateful for there being a thinker and humorist who writes and is called Brother Strawberry.

              In the core me of me, I really don’t desire to do what you do with the mastery which nature has distributed to you, but not to me.

              I much prefer reverently beholding, savoring, and praising a master such as yourself, one who can be the only one who could write something as perfectly multi-skilled as the introspective analysis you wrote above.

              I stand in awe of that writing and its diversity of dimensions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            2. Yet…
              Unable to find
              Or imagine exists
              A way to express
              How much your words mean

              i have long dreamt of feeling justified
              In calling myself a writer
              Your words allow Hope
              That day may still be

  7. Sister
    You refer once again to your “sin”
    The greatest sin
    The only sin
    Is to deny or suppress Truth
    In the nearly thirty years now
    i have known of You and your work
    That grevious misdeed
    Has never been committed
    In Your name
    Go now and allow others
    To sin no more
    Just rest for a while
    Job well done

  8. Hello Celia,

    It is profound that your website is titled “The Truth Barrier” and in this post you have indeed come closer to the truth than ever. For indeed, there is a malevolent force in our world and perhaps the Steiner definition of ‘electromagnetism’ is a pretty close definition for the force that does not want to be identified as an entity. Ah, but in scripture he is spoken of as making himself, and by association his cohorts (demons), out to be angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14, 15) And 1 John 5:19 states “but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one”, so it is no wonder that he has duped people into NOT recognizing him as a powerful being one who continues to separate humanity from their source of life, their loving creator.

    Perhaps even more interesting is the very clear understanding gleaned from many sites in the scriptures that identify this wicked spirit-person as being the force that manages and controls the governments of our world, so it is no wonder that even when a ruler of good moral character is in office his efforts and successes are short lived. Paul wrote about this in Ephesian 6:12 as a way for us to gain insight into this very fact ” “We have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world-rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places.”

    And so it is that as you embark, as we all embark on this important and necessary “war” you have most certainly hit the nail squarely on the head. For this enemy we have has been attacking the family from the very beginning and disrupting the family unit destroys unity and without unity how can anyone stand. It certainly has felt demoralizing to see so many spout their politically correct (PC) stance that vaccines are perfectly safe. It shocks me when there is SO much evidence to the contrary, but indeed it gets swept under the proverbial rug by the media naysayers. Thank goodness for people like yourself, who will stand up for what is right, speak the truths you have uncovered and give thinking humans a chance, a chance to undestand the depth and breadth of these matters you write about.

    Standing alone is a very difficult thing but we are never alone. Remember that the greatest teacher to walk this earth helped us to know that this enemy, this Satan, does have control over the governments of this world otherwise how could he have offered them to him as a temptation to become disloyal to his Heavenly Father. (Matthew 4:8, 9) But he also made it very plain that help was only a prayer away. He said “you will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32) He knew he was not alone! And I expect that neither are you for there are people like John Powell above who will reach out, and so many others I expect will respond in kind to your words.

    I will continue to do what I can from my little segment of the world as it breaks my heart to see families struggle with the gamut of challenges when their child is injured by a vaccine, or worse, lost to them. I hope in some small way to contribute and by so doing I stand, in some respects, at your side.

    Thank YOU for all you do!


    1. Linda,

      Precious letter. I am racing now but…will elaborate more soon, all my responses to this. Thank you so much.

      1. You are most magnanimous, very much appreciated, and of course ever so very welcome. When you have time, when you can take your breath, when you feel your feet solid and grounded underneath of you I look forward to your response.

        I get this busy, busy-ness of this business! And then life happens to pull at our heart strings and suck time away from our day/days. Mine has been the unexpected death of my children’s grandmother and great grandmother a precious human being that I will miss. And so it goes, life comes at us and we do the best we can. Keeping up with those who are hurting now, like her 95-year-old husband who is lost without the love of his life. Now his needs have become a new priority. And my grandchildren and great grandchildren who feel a loss at her passing need that hand to hold or shoulder to cry on too. And so it goes…. Still, being a part of this discussion is ever so important to me.

        Stay well…put your feet up, have a cup of tea, watch the moon rise and breath. And know you most certainly make a difference!


  9. I’m struggling, anguishing, about how I might help. I’m feeling that it’s conceit to even presume there is any help this man could be considered to have for the woman who wrote the emotions seen above. There is a will, but is there a way?

    What I do know is that one who has been a prisoner, subjected to years of being choked, ought to be afforded (and ought to afford herself or himself) peace, only peace, rather than to be again imprisoned by (or to imprison herself/himself with) another war.

    1. John.

      It was something I wrote that described a world view, really. I don’t need help. Please have faith. I’m fine.

    2. John,

      All is well. Light light light.

      It’s been a hell of a ride.

      The world is changing. I remember them telling me: “Change is the only thing that is certain.”

      Big hug.

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