Skip Tribeca, Go Directly To Hollywood: Wakefield’s Life and Book Optioned By Second Most Successful Hollywood Screenwriter Of All Time


One of Andrew Wakefield’s articles of faith, often stated by him when the matter of his troubles, the tar ball that journalist Brian Deer set upon his life,  is raised, is

“It isn’t about me. This isn’t about me.”

When asked how he has managed to bear the brunt of the two decade long vilification campaign against him, Wakefield says: “I don’t have a problem. The children with autism have a problem.”


I hope they paid him a lot of money for this. And I hope the screenwriter makes it a franchise, like he did with Pirates Of The Caribbean. Because as the article says: “The details, and drama surrounding his life are even more remarkable than generally known.”

Yes indeed. His name is even a verb. Many doctors and scientists told Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree that they knew the truth but “didn’t want to get Wakefielded.”

Well, maybe they will be more encouraged now that the next stop on the Madness Train after being “Wakefielded,” is to be “Hollywood-ed.”


—Celia Farber













5 thoughts on “Skip Tribeca, Go Directly To Hollywood: Wakefield’s Life and Book Optioned By Second Most Successful Hollywood Screenwriter Of All Time”

  1. I am not anti-vaccine – just SAFE vaccine! I vaccinated all of my children – my son is 22 years old – I watch him suffer everyday – he needs 24/7 care – I have nothing against anyone with their opinion – but truthfully – just watch the documentary. Please. Just watch it. If the government can okay something like Tuskegee experiments – why would you think they are moral or even care about our kids? I have never ever written anything nasty against anyone that has ever called me horrid names for writing my opinions – I have only written my thoughts in a manner where I would want to be treated myself. Please do not be unkind – it is hard enough living and trying to keep my son as pain free as possible. If you would ask me if I would rather not have vaccinated him and possibly him dying from a fatal disease – my answer would be yes. I would rather my son be dead than to suffer 24/7 day in and day out with chronic pain – mental anguish and to be treated less than human in all aspects of his life. I try to keep him as pain free, safe and maintain his dignity as best as I can. 24/7. To watch the person that you love more than life itself suffer more pain than one can bear is worse than death. His pain is beyond words. Please just watch the documentary. If not for the sake of someone trying to find flaw with the documentary – watch it for my son. They are showing this documentary in Philadelphia from 5/20 to 5/26/16. I would love to see you there! Please. Just watch. I note one true scientific study that CDC was not able to manipulate or destroy:
    Finally, there are three individuals: Hannah Poling, Bailey Banks, Ryan Mojabi, that were proven to have vaccine induced autism and awarded with tax payer dollars. Why? Why were these cases proven in court? Why were Hanah Poling’s records sealed? My comment isn’t about hurting anyone or anything other than the future children – it is all about the kids – if I could prevent one child being harmed – I will – this is unfortunately all I can do – try to post comments that notes scientific research and facts – and some personal truths about my son. I have video of the day prior to my son receiving his MMR – he called me MAMA … I have video of my son after the MMR – where he no longer represents the same human – it is obvious that something affected his brain – today at the age of 22 – he continues to regress – I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone ! But when he was diagnosed 20 years ago – autism was 1 in 10,000 today it is one in 68. ????? Why when there are proven studies and three children that have proven the link? Now this documentary and also another documentary :
    This documentary will make you question everything about the government. Also when you spend time with a family that has been affected, you may not be laughing. It may change your course of thought.

  2. This is what makes America the most interesting land on the planet. The psychic continuance of surprise, obvious discourse and more fascinating anomalies. But nothing is what is without the reporting from the underground. America the word.

  3. I also hope they paid him a LOT of money, and I also hope he didn’t sign away the rights to continue to tell his story in his own words.

    That said…I’m…I don’t know how to feel about this exactly. Screenwriters, no matter how powerful they are, aren’t the most powerful ones in Tinseltown.

    I’m of course willing to wait and see.

  4. I, too, am jaded, and skeptical of everything, but of this I am hopeful. The reputations of Del Bigtree and Robert DeNiro have given the story legs. The tide is turning, and I think we will see the day when the astroturfers and trolls go scurrying back under their rocks.

  5. I am so jaded, rather than rejoicing at this turn of events I am skeptical. Perhaps this is another form of controlled opposition. Buy the book and rights to a man’s story and control the narrative??

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