BREAKING NEWS: Brian Hooker’s Statement On Thompson’s Rumored About Face





Text exchange between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson, Aug 27, 2014
Text exchange between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson,
Aug 27, 2014










Editor’s Note: This statement was published today, here, at Focus For Health.

Dr. Brian Hooker’s official statement regarding William Thompson
April 26, 2016

Brian S. Hooker, Ph.D., P.E. | Science Adviser, Focus For Health



Dr. William Thompson, senior scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) contacted me during 2013 and 2014 and shared many issues regarding fraud and malfeasance in the CDC, specifically regarding the link between neurodevelopmental disorders and childhood vaccines. Dr. Thompson and I spoke on the phone more than 40 times over a 10 month period and he shared thousands of pages of CDC documents with me. Eventually, Dr. Thompson turned this information over to Congress via Rep. Bill Posey of Florida. Among the issues discussed in the phone conversations were lies told to the public by the CDC regarding the link between thimerosal-containing vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders (including autism) as well as the links between the MMR vaccine and autism in African American males and the MMR vaccine and “isolated” autism. Isolated autism is the term coined by CDC researchers referring to all children who received an autism diagnosis without additional diagnoses of mental retardation, cerebral palsy, visual impairment or hearing impairment.

Very recently, Mr. Richard Morgan, Esq., Dr. Thompson’s whistle blower attorney, stated that Dr. Thompson will be publishing a paper in May, 2016, where he will assert that the MMR vaccine is not linked to autism in African American males. Instead Dr. Thompson will state that socioeconomic factors alone in the African American community account for the original MMR-African American male “effect” (the effect that he is on record as stating the CDC purposefully hid). I have not been given access to Dr. Thompson’s reanalysis and therefore cannot comment regarding the forthcoming paper at this time. However, I am suspect of any analysis coming from the CDC due to the historic nature of the agency’s scientific misconduct and conflicts of interest specifically around any link between vaccines and autism.

Regardless of the content of Dr. Thompson’s reanalysis paper, these facts remain:

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12 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Brian Hooker’s Statement On Thompson’s Rumored About Face”

  1. “Prepare for a massive wave of MMR vaccine propaganda to be unleashed in May under the false banner of “science””

    That’s from another comment on the page that this story links up to. I plan to keep a close watch on what they end up pushing. I imagine that they’ll hit the Today show and the cable news networks big time.

  2. Another great day in La-La-Liberty-And-Justice Land. Ha.

    We crawl for rotting crumbs of the imagined Flag/God/Republic illusions which we pledge allegiance to.

    Above that gutter, the Ivory Tower Triumvirate of National Intelligence Agencies, Pharmaceutical Cartels, and Pacifying Religion, along with their ever-subordinate pushers and hockers of the “Entertainment/Technology” culture, successfully and ever more effortlessly lock the collective consciousness into fogs and sleepwalking nightmares made of Pavlovian overdoses on stimulants conjured from mixtures of Fear, Inferiority/Insecurity Complexes, Post-Apocalyptic/Post-Death Fantasies, and Fun In The Perpetually-Ecliped Liberty-And-Justice Sun.

    Welcome to The Fall of a five-billion year stroll to a hole in a wall.

    Species Mission Aborted.

  3. Most likely a matter of, ” do what we say or your family dies”.
    And anyone of us would do the same.
    Look at all the holistic doctors that have been killed.
    There is no way that this strong man, that has fought so hard for the truth, would ever ever bail on us for money. No amount of money would do it.
    Give him some credit.

  4. They got to him, and his credibility is gone. What more can I say? His retirement, his salary, is more important than doing the right thing? I want to puke.

    1. Gary. might be what you think. but it might be deeper and more evil. they many have threatened him and his family. i, myself, would not judge him, unless i had walked in his shoes.

      1. Upon further reflection, I fully agree. Obama outlawed waterboarding, but they have a vast array of more subtle and equally diabolical methods which leave nary a scratch on the victim. Reading The Devil’s Chessbord eliminated that final, tiny shred of belief I still had in the fairy tale we have been spoon-fed since childhood. I now regard Dr. Thompson in a more sympathetic light. How would I have behaved under the circumstances? Yes, he sat on it for ten years, and yes, it was Brian Hooker who brought it to light, but we have the supportive text messages to Carmel Wakefield, and his admission of great shame for having done what he did. So I spoke in haste in my previous comment, and I worry about him. The oligarchs have no compunctions, no scruples. Anyone who would demand that an entire nation of children be subject to repeated poisoning without liability, and with no public dissent allowed, deserves to rot in the lowest rung of hell. They most certainly have threatened him. Unlike the rest of them, he still has a conscience.

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