7 thoughts on “What I Mean by “Vaxxed Fever””

  1. Don’t you iate it Celia?! No matter how easy it is, we can’t bring ourselves to resort to the immature tactics of the other side! Valuing integrity, empathy, compassion, and respect for our fellow humans seems to separate the groups.

  2. Thanks! I fully endorse your sense of humor. That was today, correct? Was there Q&A after? You must tell us about it, pretty please.

    1. Gary, it was today, yes. PACKED house, literally not a single seat empty, and the whole audience was like a living thing, it was really stunning. I will keep posting videos. Thank you for endorsing my sense of humor. I did change the headline, for fear of inviting Satanic energies into this place by way of a sarcastic headline.

  3. The problem with the “Fizzle” headline Celia is many who see the headline may turn away because your headline just supports and confirms what the anti-VAXXED Mainstream Media has been saying.
    I only followed through and clicked on your link to see which a..hole or Mainstream “News” outlet was propagandizing against VAXXED.

  4. she takes a long breath…looking out the bay window of complicite then to refill that matcha whatcha cup of delusions.. just like a nescafe commercial from the 80’s. 😀

  5. Impressive and Hopeful!!
    Wonder how viewers would respond/react to independent documentary detailing thirty year failure of every prerequisite, prediction, threat and promise of the unproven but generally accepted as true 1984 proposal of HIV as causal for sexually transmitted epidemic immune failure and the sole journalist who gave voice and press to dissent of the failed proposal?
    R U listening filmmakers?

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