CDC MMR Coverup Is To “Watergate” As Lightning Is To The Lightning Bug


(Phrase on loan from Barry Farber)

Editor’s note: “Watergate” is just a liberal incantation that means “Daddy and Mommy Washington Post gave me permission to find something in government scandalous and to be appalled.” (But that was the 70s, that was Nixon, and since then, I deem everything a “conspiracy theory.”)

6 thoughts on “CDC MMR Coverup Is To “Watergate” As Lightning Is To The Lightning Bug”

  1. Although I don’t have to face what parents of vaccine-injured children have to face every single day, I have met many of them. I remember with great clarity the difference between right and wrong that my mother (not “mommy government”) taught me. Some things are clearly unambiguous. Deep research into the history of vaccination, with lengthy side trips into immunology, toxicology, biochemistry, and the natural history of infectious agents has led me to the inescapable conclusion that vaccination is, and always has been, quackery; and that it has only persisted because it is lucrative. So yes, I agree with Rebecca Lee that the CDC vaccination schedule is a crime against humanity.

    1. Another egregious crime is the legislation that was passed protecting Big Pharma from any vaccine lawsuits. Doctors are protected too.
      It’s especially egregious since the vaccines are mandated for children.
      Big Pharma is currently in full vaccine development mode. Vaccines are going to be mandated for Adults too. America better wake up en masse and soon. The lunatics are running the Insane Asylum.

      1. “It’s especially egregious since the vaccines are mandated for children.”

        Indeed, imagine if everything were fine with vaccines. Just try to imagine that, they truly are perfectly healthy against all odds. Does that somehow mean that the companies that make them are completely incapable of mistakes?

        We have auto recalls all the time. It’s commonplace in fact. And yet with vaccinations, they’re so protected by some special magik, we’re not even allowed to sue?

        Seem’s odd doesn’t it?

  2. Of course it is bigger than Watergate! It is frigging genocide. It has affected a subgroup of children who are gentetically susceptible and is therefore genocide. The people responsible should be tried and incarcerated.

    I moderate a support group for parents of autistic kids. The reason people aren’t aware of how bad the situation is is because you can’t take a child who has seizure disorder, or who is violent and attacks people out in public. Just had two moms post today about the extent of their fatigue and despair.

    1. “It is frigging genocide.”

      /\ This.

      And it’s not the only weapon they’re using, not by a long shot. But it’s one of the worst, if not thee worst.

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