UK Press Turns Fair With Tide As Vaccine Injury Denialism Continues To Crumble


This article was called “best article yet,” on Facebook by JB Handley of Generation Rescue, who also pointed out that the chances he would have a brain damaged child today if he had been able to watch the FOX News interview with Wakefield and Tommy in 2002, are 0%

I think the days of believing the press of any country perform anything except random political theater are over.

Anything you write, I write–it’s all the same degree of “media,” as any other. That’s what makes these times we live in so strange and interesting.

“Alternative” or “Social” or “Citizen” media serve as spurs trying to force Big Whale Media to report something accurate now and then. Then, although the latter has been a destructive propaganda organ for decades, while the former keeps the story accurately updated for no pay, the Whale still “validates” the smaller fish.

Illegitimate authority crumbling on all fronts.

Widespread terror among the propagandists.

No mercy, not from me anyway.


–Celia Farber




6 thoughts on “UK Press Turns Fair With Tide As Vaccine Injury Denialism Continues To Crumble”

  1. I wish the vaccine dissidents who identify themselves as “conservatives” would cease their addictive clinging to cravings for party supremacy, and make their break-out from the prison of party gangland tribalism, and FINALLY FACE the fact that, in the context of government (Executive, Congressional, and Judiciary) obligation to exert its good-faith, oath-sworn, utmost honorable due diligence to protect and defend the constitutionally prioritized “general welare”, neither the Democrat nor the Republican elected representatives deserve ANY endorsement, promotion, advocacy, respect, dollars, votes, accolades, or preferred solidarity, from any woman or man who really gives a damn about children killed, mutilated, impaired, disabled or debilitated by the vaccines which BOTH parties of that government knowingly approve in truly and consciously criminal disregard of the homicidal consequences.

    In the context of the clear-eyed camaraderie of vaccine dissidents, there is NO justifiaction for giving ANY quarter to party loyalty, party preference, or the ideologies of “conservative” and “liberal”. ALL OF the party institutions, factions, platforms, prides, and boasts, fall flat in their perverse conditions of being willfully stricken by the plague of moral corruption.

    Enough of the sophomoric ideological tribalisms. It’s long past time for a united front ON THIS MOST CRUCIAL matter of the future general welfare of our species.

    To hell with the parties, the elections, and the addictive cravings for clinging to ideological fantasies of one or the other ‘ism’ being better or best for eradicating the vaccine holocaust.

    Conservatism and Liberalism are BOTH responsible for it!

    They must BOTH be held accountable for it!

    1. Agreed. These labels are merely boxes into which the unthinking (journalists, political leaders) put folks in order to have something to write or spout about. I realized that it was all total crap the day our dim-witted governor stiffed little Otto Coleman and signed SB 277, forcing medical quackery of every California child. At that point I swore off all allegiance to political parties. I now look through the lens of right/wrong for all issues. And the only issue that matters in the voting booth is the battle against forced vaccination, or any other stripping of the right to informed consent. I intend to continue to vote, but most political races will get a blank ballot from me. No more lesser of two evils. Nothing is clearer through the right/wrong lens than the way we treat children. With the attempted censorship of Vaxxed, though, the tide is turning. A sea change in media coverage has begun.

  2. Despite some factual errors (such as the wrong date for DeStefano, et al), I agree that this is the best MSM article yet. Won’t happen here, though, or will it? I also agree with Caroline Azar that the tide is turning. I wonder if many of these people, especially medical professionals, who know because they see it, were afraid to speak up because of the intimidation, but now that the veil has been lifted will becomes allies in this fight. I do notice the trolls and astroturfers in the Philippe Diaz Op-Ed comments appear to be increasingly unhinged and deranged. Thank you so much for keeping us up to date and sane.

  3. These posts are the mental vitamin of my day. And all scum rises to the top and can quashed by the clean alkaline of the truth. Micro: In speaking to the generation of our next leaders and also young parents is how we impact the change moving forward in long term. Or rather, one of the only small and impactful ways I know in contributing. Last night..speaking to medical students and nurses and nurse practitioners at a gathering… people are not being defensive inside this vaccine discussion no longer.. the tide is turning….they are agreeing now.. the gauze is being lifted….these same people will be the parents.. education in micro is action at its best. What is impressive about Wakefield is this steadiness he imbues. A fine example to follow. Thank you again for your posts.

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