Breaking The Sound Barrier


“Chances I’d have a child w/autism if I’d watched this interview in 2002: 0% ”

–JB Handley,

Generation Rescue


9 thoughts on “Breaking The Sound Barrier”

  1. Yes, and believe it or not Hannity has broken ranks and is telling the truth about Trump. Trump has been the recent instigator for the release of the 28 pages on 911. That will open up the can of worms on the truth behind 911.

    1. The 28 pages apparently have to do with high-level Saudi government support for the hijackers, and since the Bush family and the Bin Laden family are close pals, making this public will rip the gash in the Republican Party caused by Trump wide open, and reveal dark secrets the Bushes would rather stay hidden. As if our trust in our institutions wasn’t already well shredded.

  2. Never thought in my wildest dreams that I would come to appreciate and respect Fox News, but they are the only network showing actual journalistic ethics in reporting about Vaxxed, and the only one, other than the Today show, reporting at all about this. You go Fox News!

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