Arianna Huffington Reinstates Simmens Account Following VAXXED Censorship


This does not solve the “mystery” as to how Simmens’ review violated HuffPo’s guidelines. ARE there “ideological” guidelines for HuffPo? This raises more questions than it answers. But I am intrigued about this development. Perhaps I was too harsh on Huffington Post. Stay tuned.

–Celia Farber



Via Facebook, Lance Simmens

“To All Following @lancesimmens or @vaxxedthemovie: I received an email from Arianna Huffington earlier today and my HuffPo account has been reinstated. Small victory. In reply I asked that she personally reconsider republishing my article Why Our Kids Will Hate Us as it merely asks for public escalation of the allegations of corruption in CDC in the documentary Vaxxed. The piece does not represent conspiracy theory, does not contain inaccurate medical information, and is not part of a widely known hoax as purported to be the guiding principles that determined the fate of my previous post. To not allow this freedom of expression to look into an issue does not represent the best of investigative journalism and should not be tolerated. People should be encouraged to see the documentary and judge for themselves just as they ought to be able to read my article and judge for themselves. There ought to be a national discussion of the issue.”

Below is the article as published in the LA Progressive Magazine:

7 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington Reinstates Simmens Account Following VAXXED Censorship”

  1. In 2011 Arianna Huffington wrote “our bloggers can post as frequently or infrequently as they like — and write about whatever they like, whenever they like, or not at all.”

    That seems to be what amounts to their ‘guidelines’ if you were to take her at her word, which doesn’t seem to be worth nearly as much as she was paid for the company. (I’ve read that she personally made upwards of $21mil)

  2. Huffpost publically embarrassed: what else could they do?: any mention of Vaxxed will raise their name and this censoring incident

    1. Indeed, brother Crowe. Furthermore, if the article is not reinstated, that will raise the question: What sort of restricted-content deal was Mr. Simmens required to submit to, for gaining the restoration of his HuffPo account?

  3. Perhaps these nameless censors realized that censorship is counterproductive, although I hesitate to give them that much credit for knowing how to use their God-given intelligence.

  4. This just came out a couple of hours ago regarding HUFFPO NY.. Blinded by.. SCIENCE! 🙂

    Science Writer
    Huffington Post – New York, NY
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    Reporting and writing daily original articles
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    Packaging stories with multimedia and clever, shareable headlines
    Helping produce shareable content for a social media audience
    Monitoring breaking news and identifying viral stories

    The ideal candidate would have:

    4+ years writing/editing experience
    a background in health and science journalism (focus on psychology & neuroscience)
    ability to identify stories with viral potential – know what’s trending
    knowledge of SEO
    a strong editorial voice
    ability to accurately and efficiently report on complex scientific topics

    We also want someone who has experience working on short-form videos.You’ll also be part of our What’s Working initiative, which spotlights people and organizations that are working to find solutions to society’s biggest problems.

    If you’re applying, please attach 5 writing samples that are already published in addition to your resume!

    Job Type: Contract

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