Watch “Positive Hell,” The Film Banned By The London Not So Independent Film Festival


“Imagine the sudden announcement of a plague and a death sentence with no real science to support it. It doesn’t seem possible, does it?”

The Truth Barrier presents here the short award winning documentary film by Andi Reiss and Joan Shenton pulled from the lineup by the London Independent Film Festival, after pharmaceutically supported “AIDS Charities” complained the film was “dangerous.” The details of this absurd protest, and how the film makers turned it around, are chronicled here. 

Positive Hell is about people who live their lives, in a coastal town in Northern Spain. Doesn’t sound very “dangerous” does it?

I happen to love this film.

—Celia Farber






22 thoughts on “Watch “Positive Hell,” The Film Banned By The London Not So Independent Film Festival”

    1. Regarding “prove they are infected.”
      Considering that antibody tests plainly state they do not confirm infection and considering that different labs determine results differently meaning the same test may be positive in one lab but negative in another while Cary Mullis-Nobel Prize winner for the PCR method used to determine viral load declares the method invalid and useless for that intent and that HIV load can be undetectable but if you ever tested positive for this phantom your death will be declared due to AIDS no matter how you die while there is still to this day question and unmet challenge to the very existence and isolation of HIV…how can anyone “prove” they are infected?
      Or how they were infected?

      HIV is a LIE

  1. I have been positive for 16 years and have had periods where i took medication due to PCP and other illness. I stopped medication and started, but always I knew it was not good to take. Now I live healthy through fasting and eating mostly fruit and have required no medication for the last 18 months, I am confident I will never take any chemical medicines ever again.

    1. Mikhail
      So glad to hear of your well-being as living proof that HIV is a fallacy and a fraud!!
      Having posted my story here far too often of how the fearless research journalism of Celia Farber emboldened my 1987 rejection of clinic recommendation to begin AZT, it is especially encouraging to hear yet still another life saved by Knowledge of Truth.
      Let us be living testimony to such Truth.

      May i ask where You learned of dissent to the abysmal failure of the HIV theory so blindly accepted as fact by the masses?

      1. Dear Brother Strawberry, thank you for responding to my comments and your positive opinions. I first hear about HIV being fraud in Christine Maggiore book. I also read a book by D T C Fry, called the great AIDS hoax, this book gave me a foundation to inprove my health through Natural Hygiene. For many years I was alone with what was going on for me and was inflienced by themedical establishment as I was Ill some times, all fear im sure. I have started to find others in a similar situation now and feel confident in my decisions about I go about my health care.

  2. Gary Null in New York has been treating Aids patients by restoring their immune system since the 80s in the Tristate Healing Center. Mostly gay men who almost killed themselves with their lifestyles. Also AIDS in Africa is a totally different type mostly as a consequence of parasitic infections.

    1. What do you mean by “gay men who almost killed themselves with their lifestyles”!!?!!

      Also, Gary Null is a hack and the majority of people he has ‘treated’ are dead. Fact.

  3. This is kinda blowing my mind. Years and years ago, walking through downtown San Diego, I saw a lonely soul with a placard in front of the library. The sign said something along the lines of “AIDS is a lie.” He had references to the work of a fellow named Gallo which purported that the HIV research Gallo had carried out was false — something along the lines of retroviruses never causing illness or some such. I had found that very intriguing.

    Nowadays, of course, AIDS is COMPLETELY OFF THE RADAR. The tune that’s whistled is that anti-viral drugs have saved the day. Was it all a lie? Were vulnerable populations simply infected with HIV and killed with drugs only to have their deaths attributed to AIDS? I received a lot of AIDS education growing up, and knew that no one actually died of AIDS, but from some disease that took advantage of the situation.

    I have also read evidence — I forget exactly what — that purported to show HIV was deliberately introduced to one or two specific clinics treating homosexuals and drug users in New York city. The research claimed that there was some publicity among those populations about a new vaccine or treatment of some type that they were encouraged to take, and that that treatment was actually the HIV virus.

    As I say, AIDS is totally off the radar these days. Jeez, if I remember right, it was about to wipe out humanity. Were these people literally cursed to death or to such a state of disease that the anti-virals finished them off? And will any of this ever be known?

    This is blowin’ my mind.

      1. I would also suggest the commenter listen to your October 2008 interview, and read “Fear of the Invisible.” I am enormously skeptical of virology. And Gallo is still apparently receiving NIH grant money.

    1. AnotherLover
      Your interest and open minded consideration is commendable and saddeningly rare.
      The work, research and writings of Celia Farber have been very influential in my life. Her reporting was pretty much the only press being given the growing dissent to a failed theory of a newly discovered virus that was supposedly threatening pandemic death. It was apparently already destroying Africa where it had supposedely originated and we were told would depopulate the continent by turn of the century. The estimated number of one-million americans already infected was expected to double annually “exploding” into the heterosexual population with the horror and decimation of death it was currently devestating the recently liberated homosexual community with.
      “One in five, listen to me, one in five heterosexuals will be dead or dying…by 1990. That’s three years!” Oprah Winfrey ominously warned in a 1987 broadcast. No-one has ever called the now weight-watcher spokesperson on her failed threat. Conspiracy theories of viral dissemination to gay men through the Hepetitis B vaccine trials or to Africans with the smallpox vaccine all fall apart and fail on follow through. The numbers just don’t add up.
      Thankfully I was exposed to the outstanding research journalism of Celia reporting Truth in dissent to all that was threatened, predicted and promised with widespread unquestioning acceptance of the 1984 proposed theory. That information emboldened me to reject clinic recommendation of immediately beginning AZT treatment to protect against risk of possible infection following a 1987 “non-declarative” antibody test. Find someone alive today who began AZT in 1987 and we could compare quality of life for the last thirty years.
      I recommend you read Serious Adverse Events by Celia Farber as well as exhausting every effort to seek out any and every old issue of Spin magazine that has one of her AIDS Words From The Front articles. They saved my life.
      Also read Dr Peter Duesbergs AIDS Acquired through Drug Consumption and Other Non-contagious Risk Factors. Not a single word or proposal in that exhaustively researched and intelligently presented document has failed or been successfully refuted.
      Look at what you are being told to believe then look at the facts.
      That 1984 proposed estimate of one-million infected in the united states has in thirty years grown to an estimated 1,218,400. In that thirty years 658,507 people in the united states with an AIDS diagnosis have died overall. This despite the disclaimer that “the death of a person with an AIDS diagnosis can be due to any cause-that is the death may or may not be related to AIDS.”
      Seriously!! Just examine the predictions, threats and expectations made with the 1984 proposal of HIV as cause of AIDS. Read Celia’s outstanding, breathtaking and eye-widening (your eyes are already opened) writings and work. Read the proposal by Dr Duesberg.
      Then look at the facts.
      It is clear that Celia’s reporting on the voices of dissent speaks undeniable Truth.

      btw…gallo did not “discover”the agent now called HIV. Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur institute sent gallo a sample of his LAV for study. After that identical agent was identified as the one gallo called HTLV3 claiming to have found it in a number (but not all) of the AIDS patients he was studying and declaring it the probable cause, an extensive legal battle ensued and the two scientists now share credit as “co-discovery”.
      Meanwhile, in the thirty years that HIV/AIDS were expected to decimate Africa, despite unending famine, drought, endemic disease once recognized due to protein deficiency but now called AIDS, lack of sanitation, genocidal conflict and no increase in the standard of living, the population of that continent and particularly in the worst of the sub-Saharan region the population has more than doubled since 1984 prediction of demise.
      Your eyes are open!
      Look at the facts!
      See the TRUTH!!!

  4. I have a problem viewing Youtube videos on my Mac book pro. other videos play fine, but the Youtube don’t run on it is the something I acn do to make them work. I would really appreciate it someone can help me with this.

  5. Thank You once again Celia for your work, your research, your writing, your reporting, your revealing and your support of Truth.

  6. What a fine film! I knew HIV/Aids was a scam after reading “Fear the Invisible,” but this gives a human face to those who have survived the scam by using their innate intelligence. How many lives has this scam damaged and destroyed? All in the name of profit, status, employment. And cowardice. Just like vaccines and the bulk of the snake oil pharma sells. And a Nobel prize! I like the president (though he’s a tremendous disappointment), but his Nobel prize was just as ridiculous.

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