HuffPo Pulls VAXXED review From Veteran Columnist, Blocks His Account, as Vaxxed-Fever Spreads


                  “This is seriously troubling.”




Lance Simmens, author, whistleblower, political veteran,  fracking activist,  and more, went to see Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe at one of the California screenings, and was moved, enraged, awakened. He wrote a column for The Huffington Post about it, and it went up, as per the usual protocol–he has been a contributor for 8 years and written almost 200 articles without incident.

Shortly thereafter, without warning or explanation, the piece was taken down, and his account was blocked.


The Truth Barrier reached out to Simmens via an email interview:

TTB:  Give us if you would, a brief history of your writing for Huff Po. How many years, how many pieces, what topics…


LS: I have been writing on Huffington Post for nearly eight years and during that time they have published something close to 180 articles. I am a political writer and have written articles over the years about events as they unfold, which is the nice feature of blogging. I have a decidedly liberal bent to my politics but have striven to write thoughtful, provocative pieces that try to define a rationale and logic to the policy prescriptions being offered.

TTB:  What happened exactly when you posted your review of VAXXED to HuffPo?

LS:  I saw a premier of VAXXED the other evening and was so moved by the presentation and discussion that followed that I felt compelled to write a piece asking that we at least begin a serious national dialogue on the allegations contained in the documentary. I also drew attention to the spate of events that have unfolded over the past several years, where there has been a massive governmental failure to do its essential job which is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens. I sent it to Huffington Post as I normally do–I have an account there–and they published the article. About a half hour later as I was sending it out to my network I was alerted by some folks that when they went to access it it was not coming up. It turns out that they pulled down the original piece and when I tried to rewrite it I was alerted that permission was denied to my account. I have made at least a half dozen attempts to reach someone at HuffPo to alert them that there was a malfunction and over the course of the last two days have not received one response. I even went so far as to email Arianna herself.

It never crossed my mind that this might be some sort of censorship because it has never happened to me and the article, while provocative, is not beyond any bounds of journalistic or political propriety.

TTB: Does Huffpo have editorial guidelines that writers are clear about? What are they?

LS: Yes, HuffPo outlines editorial guidelines and I follow them. I respect that they can determine whether or not to publish articles but what is so frightening here is that they originally published the article and then evidently pulled it back, unless it truly is a technical issue but I suspect they would have been right on fixing it if it had. This is seriously troubling.

TTB: Have you ever been paid for your work by The Huffington Post?

LS: No I have never been paid by HuffPo and I have always felt that that gave me the liberty to explore areas that might not be acceptable to the mainstream media. This is just shocking.

TTB: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

LS: I devoted nearly forty years to politics, public policy, and public service. I worked for two Presidential administrations, two U.S. Senators, two Governors, the U.S. Conference of Mayors and briefly for the Screen Actors Guild. I was a whistleblower in the documentary Gasland, Part 2 and am the author of two books: The Evolution of a Revolution: An Attack upon Reason, Compromise and the Constitution (which ironically is a collection of 86 articles I wrote in HuffPo over a 4 and a half year period) and Fracktured, just recently released, which is the definitive anti-fracking novel.

TTB: Would you still write for HuffPo in the future?

LS: Of course it depends upon what the actual story and fallout is from this sorry episode but yes I would still consider writing for HuffPo. I need to see how it plays out. I will coordinate with the VAXXED team. I will be speaking at the premier in Santa Monica later today, after the 4:40 show.


You can find Lance Simmens’ books on Amazon, here.

–Interview by Celia Farber


Coda: I passed a Barnes and Noble on the UWS yesterday and noticed a new book by Arianna Huffington that seems to be about why sleep is great. Being asleep. She is sitting on a bed, on the cover. I have never contributed to The Huffington Post because I oppose “Refrigerator journalism” and what I call “Czarist media,” which Arianna Huffington personifies. These are both my terms and I will define them: “Refrigerator journalism” is where writers are editor-less, and without attention, hosting, or brain contact of any kind. This is not publishing, editing, or journalism. Arianna Huffington is not an editor.


“Czarist media” refers to the new terrain writers and journalists found themselves in when, over the past 10-15 years, HuffPo introduced the idea of replacing payment for journalism, with an imaginary currency known as “access to the hive.”

You could set up your “ideas” there and have people notice them, if you chose. HuffPo argued that it “could not pay” its writers, but thousands of writers started tilling the new land, in hopes of one day growing money some other way.

HuffPo itself certainly did. In 2011 it was sold to AOL for $315 million.

Huffington and AOL’s Tim Armstrong business partner were quoted in The Guardian:

“This is the most exciting thing I have ever done,” Huffington said after the deal was first announced.

“Together, our companies will embrace the digital future and become a digital destination that delivers unmatched experiences for both consumers and advertisers,” said Armstrong. [Itals mine.]


—Celia Farber






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  1. You are in good company. Apparently Arianna who was at one point ‘besties’ with RFK Jr. won’t even return his calls since he started speaking out on vaccines. HuffPo is BOUGHT.

  2. Pakistani paper Express Tribune (a partner of NYT) and Canadian citizen journalism site Digital Journal both censored me for writing challenging articles on polio vaccination – both articles removed after publication. I decided not write for them again as their censorship proved they are not independent, neutral, professional media but corporate-political channels of selective filtered information. I don’t read Huff post and other propaganda sites as I don’t support them in any way.

  3. Saw the movie Vaxxed. powerful indictment of vaccine industry. Pattern follows that seen in virtually every institution in the USS Titanic. Immediate huge profits for a few insiders in the short term. In the long term there are side-effects that will help destroy the US. For example, in the case of vaccines, millions of autistic children may cost hundreds of billions of dollars in long term care for 50-60 years of their lifespans.)

    1. Lanced: Huffington Toast

      To be sure, liberal will never be the cure, ensnared until he dared, now out in the cold, no finer place to be, the canyon magnificently free, follow none and always lead, the only way the story should be told, fear none and never be bought and souled..

  4. I have been unilaterally censored on my Huffington Post column, since I attempted to publish this well-researched blog on the Hepatitis B vaccine ( It was in “editorial” purgatory for months before the lead editor, Stuart, told me that it had no chance of being published. Since then, even the most “benign” posts are rejected without reason. This was a powerful part of my awakening to the highly controlled narrative of the mainstream. Thankfully, the Truth is widely available should you choose to seek it.

    1. How dare you speak with such derision about your very own ancestors. You know, the unvaccinated ones who kept on having babies who weren’t vaccinated and lived to keep on procreating for generations right on up to the birth of your sorry behind.

      Get a grip. Vaccines have not been around forever. People who don’t have the courage to think for themselves are a menace to everyone, including themselves.

      1. Well said Jennifer. Walt has been living under a rock presumably and has nothing worthwhile to add to the conversation 🙂

        1. Thank you. The cat is out of the bag and all they’ve got is insults. They can’t defend their position so they call names. Ridiculous.

          1. Precisely. Soon it will be manifestly clear that what a friend, fellow writer, calls “Luciferian Misogyny,” is what is underneath this vaccination mania. The rage toward the supposedly deficient female whose baby has to have dozens of male corrective shots before the deficient baby can expect to survive. This is war.

            1. Celia, you’ve been such a gift to us all and here you are again affording a second look at the tyrannical corrupt nature of the so called free press. this film and the enormous response and censorship that has come about in such an egregious nearly unprecedented fashion is threatening the very basic trust in the medical establishment and the threat of financial losses for the pharmaceuticals which could crash our economy once again. Insurance companies and most banks depend on big Pharma doing well. If you see some investors seriously shorting pharmaceutical stocks, the end is near . Perhaps people might even begin to read Celia’s articles about AIDS seriously and Humphry’s will never be put back together. Buy gold and talk it up.

            2. Sorry, Celia, but calling vaccines “male corrective shots” is just absurd. Most vaccines in this country are administered by FEMALE pediatricians and FEMALE nurse practitioners who just “go with the flow,” and have no guts to resist the Great Poisoning.

              Thank heavens Wakefield (a man, gasp!) had (and has ) the guts to fight back.

            3. Joe, I cut and paste here my same reply. I would be very happy if you could tell me whether you understand my point now that I have clarified:

              I was not wrong, but I was UNCLEAR. The term came from a brilliant writer friend and refers to the assault on the MOTHER as insufficient biological protection for the baby. Please tell me if that clarifies the “misogyny.” Against the MOTHER, not (in this context) the children.

            4. So, to follow your line of thought, how does the “male corrective shots” not intimate some sort of “misogyny”?

            5. “Luciferian misogyny” is WRONG. Boys are 5 times more likely to get autism from vaccines than girls. FIVE times. If there’s any war, it’s always against the BOYS i.e. the future fighters who could give the elites trouble if they weren’t brain-damaged.

            6. Joe!

              I KNOW that. I was not wrong, but I was UNCLEAR. The term came from a brilliant writer friend and refers to the assault on the MOTHER as insufficient biological protection for the baby. Please tell me if that clarifies the “misogyny.” Against the MOTHER, not (in this context) the children.

            7. Again, I have a problem with the “male corrective shots” term, not the “Luciferian misogyny” term. Yes, mothers are accused of deficient immunological transfer to their babies, thereby legitimizing the Great Poisoning (i.e. the Advisory Committee’s Vaccine Schedule). Yes, I get it. But to bring up “male corrective shots,” as the modus operandi of paternal medicine is misguided. Most shots are given by female health care practitioners who never challenge the status quo, and boys suffer 500% more as a result.

            8. No, “to bring up ‘male corrective shots,’ as the modus operandi of paternal medicine” IS NOT misguided. It can be seen as misguided ONLY IF one does not really comprehend the diabolical psychological depths of the male intentions slithering undernath profit-motivated “Luciferian Misogyny”. You, brother Joe, “have a problem with” connecting to that comprehension, but that comprehension is actually as near as daring to immerse one’s thoughts into the darkness of the historically demonic collective male mind, which conjured the crimes of “corrective” assaults on Mothers.

            9. Oh, brother. Get real, man. Sucking up to women will get you NOWHERE. You’re clueless if you think women aren’t included in the demonic collective.

              Can you say “Madeleine Albright”?

            10. Condoleeza “war machine” Rice?
              Hillary “my millions from Wall Street will help me fight for the poor” Clinton?
              Leona “taxes are for the little people” Helmsley?

              All the Nazi human resources womyn on the warpath for ANY male who steps outside the corporate electrified fence of political correctness?

              Earth to John. Come in. PUH-LEEZ.

            11. To Lord Almighty Joe: Females serving as nodding sycophants to the historically demonic collective male mind are not equivalent to that collective, and that’s something I know you know…

              …but, just for you Joe, I will suck-up and pretend, like you do, that what you know ain’t so.

              So, I kneel at your feet and confess:
              “It ain’t so, Lord Joe.”

              Now you can undress,
              ’cause I’m ready to blow.

            12. Joe, It’s not referring to the female foot soldiers actually doing the dirty work injecting people. It’s about the hubristic control freak male homo industrialis that’s responsible for the construction of a mega-billion dollar global pharmaceutical INDUSTRY and bought GOVERNMENT POLICIES in relation to that industry that’s male-dominated. The big picture Joe. I’m thinking about Gates financing covert sterilization of young African women right now via an additive to an immunization program–in view of it all, much more credible than incredible. As John Powell points out in his comment, ” The focal point considered by Celia and her friend was the “UNDERNEATH” (the historical causation) of vaccination”

            13. Joe, dude, LISTEN to her! In her original comment, she clearly stated that the focal point of her and her friend’s analysis was the misogyny which is “UNDERNEATH this vaccination mania.” You then erroneously equated THAT focal point (a specific foundational focal point limited by a perspective of considerations involving only sociopsychological history) with a superficial, non-specific, non-historical, non-sociopsychological perspective which considers only circumstances existing as consequences of vaccination’s historical causes. From the perspective of the phenomenological analysis drawn from the focal point being considered by Celia and her friend, the gender of Wakefield and those female vaccinators you brought into the picture IS IRRELEVANT. The focal point considered by Celia and her friend was the “UNDERNEATH” (the historical causation) of vaccination. You distorted that focal point, twisting it in your mind, turning it into something it was not, thereby providing yourself with a path for attacking the phenomenological analysis presented by Celia and her friend, as if they were saying something which neither one of them ever said. I perceive that you have some deeply-resentful male gender difficulty with acknowledging “Luciferian Misogyny” at all. In other words, you have a male-supremacist bias, and that’s why you feel so comfortable with distorting and twisting women’s perspectives and observations, the way you obviously, blatantly did in this case. I wish you success in achieving the elimination of that bias, so you can LISTEN to what women such as Celia can uniquely teach you about what is UNDERNEATH who you are, and UNDERNEATH what everything has become.

            14. John,

              I am beginning to understand your take on this which even though I am female, I was not really conscious of, most of my life. I just thought it was ME, as opposed to womankind, and that if I worked harder, I would be “heard,” or at least taken accurately.

              After surviving so many pogroms, since I began my ill fated (take that as tongue in cheek please) voyage into post Watergate American journalism, I cherish every guest HERE. This is my survival, metamorphosis, and freedom radio. So I want to say: Thank you for the comment above which DID get through to me via ‘the ears of my ears’ (T.S. Eliot) and at the same time, please don’t be too hard on Joe, because HIS reaction was to something that indeed I did not “say” but when people have suffered immensely they carry different hearing, different reactions, more excessive than untouched people, if such people still exist. Untouched I mean by the many tyrannies. I think Joe now understands what I meant. In any case, the phrase belongs to a writer and journalist I don’t have clearance to invoke but I had borrowed it, Mag-pied it. Appropriated it.

              It’s a strong strong phrase and in the future I will not just toss it out.

              Meanwhile, it IS true that there is a WAR ON BOYS, at the very same time as there is a cult of uber-menschdom and the goal of woman-elimination. See the post about Art Caplan called “Paging Dr. Wakefield…” from April 1.

              He wants babies to come from artificial wombs!

            15. If anyone has done a great job of eliminating women, try the “abortion-on-demand” crowd (feminists.) It might be a good place to start. HALF of all abortions are performed on women in utero. What about THEIR right to choose? 50 million + abortions since 1973, means 25 million women got “eliminated.” Feminism has played right into the elitists trap. Yank women from their homes, make them work, double the tax base, advance the depopulation agenda. Bingo! Illegitimacy, promiscuity, divorce, domestic violence (via the live-in boyfriend, not the hubby), loneliness, and barren wombs. Ain’t feminism great? It’s done more to “eliminate” women than any man ever has. FLAME AWAY.

              Celia, you’re a great iconoclast. Hopefully, you can tolerate a few of your sacred cows being tipped.

            16. Joe, thank you for “great iconoclast.” It’s a real promotion from what I usually get called. I did not know I HAD sacred cows and I don’t know which sacred cow I don’t know I have, is being tipped here.

              I do think the neo-Darwinist, “rational science” vaccines-uber-alles, “skeptic” crowd are raging, foaming woman haters if I had to generalize. Like, say, Orac. David Gorski. I stand by Luciferian Misogyny as it pertains to the vaccine holocaust and the dystopian dream of the cyborg womb.

              What’s my sacred cow?

              Yes, I would agree that abortions terminate as many male as female embryos. Are we arguing about abortion suddenly?

            17. Celia, I’m only asking you to consider that brainwashing women into killing their own children and thinking it a cherished “right” is as misogynist as you can get.

              Pure hatred of women, BY women. Pure soul-crushing “culture of death.” And modern women embrace it and defend it fanatically. They perpetuate it. They insist on it. They harbor no quarter. (Kinda sounds like the vaccine industry….)

              If you can’t see that the massacre of women in the womb is misogynist, which I suspect you don’t (given your “embryo” term instead of “unborn child”). Yes, Celia, you were once an “embryo,” too. And I’m glad you made it through. (You look young enough, but I suspect you were born before Roe v. Wade, so at least you had legal protection to help you see light of day.)

            18. Look, women are great in my book. They “make things happen.” All the world passes through them. They are indispensable. But they fight tooth and nail to destroy their natural cycles with artificial chemicals, they abort their fellow women when contraceptive methods fail, and then they complain that no one loves them, no one will marry them, and that they’re “oppressed.” Sorry. It’s called: Bed. Made. Lie.

              60% of college graduates are now women. Grrrlll power is at an all-time high. Wakefield has been quoted as being shocked by the plethora of high school female valedictorians, while boys are left in the dust, wearing diapers and banging their heads against the wall in autistic fury.

              What you’ve missed is that MEN constitute the greatest threat to elite, because men are inherently fighters.

              Elite criminals bent on destroying a home don’t go kill the cat. They kill the fang-bearing dog first, because that SOB risks ruining the op.

              So if there’s any Luciferian conspiracy, is MISANTHROPIC, not misogynist. Destroy the men and you’ve destroyed the fighters. The cats are taken as booty, because they put up no fight.

            19. Joe, I take offense to this statement by you: “Celia, I’m only asking you to consider that brainwashing women into killing their own children and thinking it a cherished “right” is as misogynist as you can get.”

              Do you only think of women as child bearers? Is that their purpose in this world as far as you are concerned? It sure sounds like it.

              It is the epitome of the opposite of misogynist to let a woman who gets pregnant (by a man) decide for herself if birthing a child is in her best interest. Offering her a choice is NOT brainwashing. And it is her choice. Period.

            20. See now, I don’t feel being modern is a bad thing so I’ll take that. Thanks.

              Yep, sure do know all about the stats on the gender of infants. And I don’t feel one iota badly about preventing the birth of any infant of any gender that isn’t wanted by it’s mother.

              I also don’t feel bad about being wanted by my mother. Other embryos didn’t make that cut and I’m glad they didn’t as they would have had a horrible time trying to make it in this world without maternal bonding to get them off to a necessary start.

              You see it’s not about convenience. It’s about doing what’s right for a new life.

              I am not optimistic you will understand this. I can only leave you with a question: Why is it that everyone who is against choice has already been nurtured by a loving mother? I’m happy you can comment today. You made it through.

            21. I believe also, Deneen, that only two parents who can provide a stable home and commit to the raising of a child should have children. I was wanted by my mother, but I am NOT grateful I “made it through” and do not happen to take the position that MY parents were fit to have children. I’m here, so what can I do? Would I choose never to have been born if I could choose? This is heresy, but YES.


              Don’t pull that guilt trip on me. I deleted all your comments that accuse women of being murderers. I am as you know a strong advocate of free speech but I host this site and your freedom of expression does NOT extend to calling my other guests and readers murderers, when nobody has even invoked abortion. I don’t even know where the subject came from!

              “Life” and “death” are one. Death is not failure of life.

            22. Convict me? Hahaa, I have the law on MY side, remember?

              Yep, I believe 100% and unashamedly in personal freedom for those able to live biologically sovereign. Until then an entity is a parasite to another who has the right to allow that parasitic relationship or deny it.

              Sorry, that the majority of others in this country feel the way i do, it places you on the wrong side of the argument.

            23. Slave-owners also had the law on their side in the 19th century. Were they right?

              The majority in this country also believes that vaccines are good for their little babies. Are they right? This places Andrew Wakefield on the wrong side of the argument. Is he wrong?

              Truth hides in shadows, and is very difficult to find. Majorities don’t find it. Individuals with courage do. Ask Andrew Wakefield.

              OK, you state a baby conceived as a result of CONSENSUAL sex is a “parasite” until YOU decide otherwise.

              I’m just gonna live that sentence right where it is.

            24. Slave-owners also had the law on their side in the 19th century. Were they right?

              The majority in this country also believes that vaccines are good for their little babies. Are they right? This places Andrew Wakefield on the wrong side of the argument. Is he wrong?

              Truth hides in shadows, and is very difficult to find. Majorities don’t find it. Individuals with courage do. Ask Andrew Wakefield.

              OK, you state a baby conceived as a result of CONSENSUAL sex is a “parasite” until YOU decide otherwise.

              I’m just gonna leave that sentence right where it is.

    2. There are two menaces to society.

      One: A political machine gone completely bananas — uncountable documented crimes, warcrimes and state-sponsored terrorism. Around the world and at “home” too.

      Two: The brainwashed drolling fools that wave the flag on demand. These mental midgets would fit right in character with the masses in Orwell’s “1984”.

      I don’t know that vaccines have any capacity for therapeutic effect or beneficial change. For example, in the early days, so many environmental factors were changing at the same time. Today we have whistle-blowers coming out of the woodwork on topics like HPV vaccine. Today we have small print in the packaging on heavily-marketed flu vaccines that plainly states this vaccine has no proven effect. Today we do know that a great many vaccines are contaminated with poisons like mercury, and many other compounds.

      We need facts. We can’t get facts in the top-to-bottom dishonesty and fraud that prevails in Washington and Big Pharma today. It’s time to take a bulldozer to both organizations.

    3. All you sheeple who believe everything the government tells you are the menace to society. It’s people like you who are turning your lives, and the lives of your children over to the pharmaceutical companies and total government control.

      Why not actually USE your own brain and read about vaccines and their actual mechanism. Also, stop being so afraid and talk to someone who’s child was harmed (there are many out there, but I knoe, they SCARE you!).

      Please, you really need to wake the heck up!

    4. Only liars are afraid of the truth as you obviously are.I am the father of an autistic son who has been through the vaccine injury court.I have studied this for over 17 years now so I am an expert and I do know that the MMR shot poisoned my child.I also do not care what fools believe.Big pharma is the biggest CONVICTED liars in U.S.A. court history so if you wish to believe them have at it.Stop hating the sheep dog that is trying to protect you and your children because you are to lazy to study and think on your own.

    5. Thanks for the stupid label. We’re not “anti-vaxxers”, we’re just people conscious of our health and the health of our children. If vaccines were proven to be safe and beneficial then I wouldn’t give it a second thought, but unfortunately most of them are not safe. Studies have proved over and over that the seasonal Flu jab people get is entirely worthless statistically, it does nothing to combat that seasons strain or strains of flu virus (hint; it’s because the virus mutates frequently).

      If vaccines were as half as effective as most people believe they are, then why are they worried about unvaccinated people? In Ohio there was school in which all of the children had gotten the MMR vaccine (upwards of 98%) yet all the children who were vaccinated got the measles (it may have been the mumps, I’ve forgotten). There was no “herd protection” supplied by the vaccine, in fact almost every kid who was vaccinated came down with the disease it was supposed to protect them from.

      There are too many problems to list when it comes to vaccines and the way they are administered. I’d rather take my chances by living a healthier lifestyle, rather then allowing dangerous toxins and foreign DNA into my body. Life’s too short.

    6. Perhaps you have never reviewed the vaccines’ components. You may want to try the flu shots and their ingredients: thimerasol ( 49% mercury ), formaldehyde, alluminum ( cation 3 that makes cells aggregate and cause micro stroke in capillaries ), bird DNA, dog DNA, … Don’t take my word for it; do your own DD.

    7. Weak.

      Actually we’re a manage to Big Pharma and the corrupt government agencies in their pocket.

      Their vaccine program permanently injured my child and millions of other children around the world.

      We’re not “Anti-vaxxers.” We’re PRO VACCINE SAFETY. But you go ahead and keep on trying to shut us up. The more you squawk, the more people will wake up and start asking questions.


  5. Had no clear idea of the exploitative mercenary business model HuffPo employs.
    The ultimate promissory note….
    Journalism may not be dead but it no longer lives in any mainstream media publication and in fewer and fewer online offerings.
    As for editors – with Hugfington you nailed it, Celia.

  6. Let’s tally up. first, Tribeca, then Houston, Then London (there it was the AIDS cabal, but it’s clear by now it’s the same “interests” at work.)…And now Huffy pulls a simple film review, no explanation.

    They don”t seem to realize how obvious they’ve become, As if they are still using 20th Century tactics of control, which no longer work in this the Internet Age. As if life goes on as usual, despite what Sanders & Trump are doing to wreck the two-headed monstrosity that has controlled US politics for several decades. Not sure I’d want either one in the WH, but damned if I don’t love them both as candidates!

    There is a strategy the Elite have pursued called “The Great Dying” that aims to reduce human global population to half a billion. Not because that would allow the Earth to heal, but because the survivors will be easier to control. Is Big Pharma aware of this plan? Is Monsanto? The Gates Foundation?
    What do you think?

    1. Yes I think – it’s ironic that some so called conservationists who are in the lower end of the human food chain have slogans displayed like “Save the Planet; Kill Yourself”. It’s the handful of controlling elites who have set the earth on fire with their greed, controlling power, and so called science. Blaming it on what’s falsely considered excess population only blames the victims of their poisons and justifies (in their minds) what they’re doing to reduce the population.

      1. One of the things to bear in mind is that the average person has no idea of the depths of evil to which some of their fellow humans will gladly go. We just cannot fathom this level of inhuman malevolence.
        In the US, about 300,000 children go missing each year. Never seen nor heard from again. There are some who say that alien Reptilians eat them.

        1. the only ones i’ve seen and heard, mostly in discussion groups, wildly expounding on the various species of aliens/reptilians/zombies/vampires…. etc? are wearing some high fashioned tinfoil hats, now upgraded to aluminum. not trying to minimize the very real phenomenon of disappearing children but explaining away the larger issue of today’s slave trade by pointing to loopy sci-fi non-evidence is reprehensible at best.

          1. Reprehensible? You’re outed. It’s one thing to disagree, but quite another to tarnish one’s opponent with that pejorative. And BTW I don’t wear tin or aluminum hats.
            Let me ask you a simple question: WHAT IF IT’S TRUE?

            1. outed as what? someone who disagrees with you? grammatically speaking, i did not ad hominem call you reprehensible, only the act of “explaining away.” but let me ask: are you one of those “who say that alien Reptilians eat them.”? if so, i’m outtie right quick. outed… indeed.

            2. sophistry. You label anyone who thinks aliens eat our children as reprehensible. Are you therefore some kind of authority on missing children?
              PS: I notice you avoided answering my question.

    2. Love that part about HuffPo being hopelessly out of touch with the “Internet Age.” Hey, they’re DEFINING the Internet Age, creating it. They’ll make it what they want it to be. If they want it to be the “Refrigerator journalism,” “Czarist media” slave-labor plantation, that’s what it will be. For them. Good luck with that, hope they like living there and getting paid in the currency of narcissism, then complaining when the plug gets pulled on their aristocratic brilliance. My HuffPo account to play comment-serf was pulled a long time ago when I showed the slightest bit of humanity. . . . There are other places to live, a lot more fun. xo

      1. It’s really AOLington if you will. There is no Arianna, just huff and puff. Arianna’s enjoying her millions without editing anything. AOL was already censoring some of my email years ago, the first web company I noticed it happening with and was shocked at the time. IOW, “HuffPost” is just another MSM tentacle trying to hang on to the old audience Arianna generated in the years before 2011.

    3. Perhaps we need to consider that those in extreme positions of power don’t care whether we like a thing or not. They don’t care, and should the American People finally wake up to actually doing something about the corruption in our government, its agencies & “watchdog regulators”, we may well discover that Citizens United was the death knell to our Democratic Republic.

      It takes upwards of about $1 billion to bring a drug to market. And many years! Some in the industries either directly or indirectly, can spend their entire careers on just one drug. Big Pharma doesn’t want to invest that amount of time & $$$ in losers. Money is ALWAYS at the root of any evil which exists. Well, that and power.

      Until Americans are willing to take to the streets in strong protest, are willing to gather together the organizing efforts required to fight back against this level of corruption which has seeped into virtually all our government’s agencies and regulatory bodies. we are sunk as a nation. Our children become so much collateral damage in Big Pharma’s quest for profits at any cost.

  7. Huff has either been threatened or bought out. I remember that before the Disneyland-Measles brouhaha the Post was quite objective, and I saved their old articles which were questioning vaccinations. Then ALL OF A SUDDEN something changed and they turned 180 degrees becoming viciously, irrationally pro wax attacking and trying to ridicule those who question vaccines. Go figure. I tend to leaned towards the ‘threatened’ possibility because I don’t think Arianna needs the money so much.

    1. I noticed the same trends which you pointed to, and you know as well as many others here that censorship is at work. These are huge monied interests and they’re not going to let little things like your child’s welfare stand in the way of their profits. It’s the same reason Obamacare was gutted and trotted out in such a hobbled fashion. Now some of those SAME BIG INSURANCE companies, greedy as the day is long, are saying they’re probably opting out of providing coverage. You know what I smell? I smell Congress telling them to go ahead & opt out because “we’re gonna kill that program when we get the chance!” Talk about corruption. And if that happens, I think We, The People, ought to put the kibosh on Congress’ ability to vote their own raises, benefits, etc. But that’s beside the point….

      HuffPo WAS threatened. You can best believe it. There is no other way to explain their multiple about-faces on things we really need to be apprised of. It’s just corruption of another sort is all. And it’s the same reason I no longer read anything from them. They’ve turned into mindless drivel.

      Pay attention to the annual list of “the most censored news stories” -this one will surely make the list!

  8. I am disappointed to read this. Spread the word about Vaxxed. Take your friends to see the movie and make up your own mind. Don’t rely on others, find out for yourself and make your own decision. This movie is the “Blackfish” of the Vaccine Industry.

  9. Reminds me of being in the Navy, and being jailed and brought to trial at what’s called a Captain’s Mass. I’d refused, on multiple occasions, to refrain from going to the aid of guys who were in urgent need of medical attention during training exercises. The thugs who arrested me warned me on the way to the base jail cells: “Don’t think. Just follow orders, Powell. Stop your disagreeing, Powell, or we’ll make sure you slip in the shower here.”

    Lance Simmens has been similarly warned. He’s got a rough road ahead, and a brutally destructive monstrosity determined to bury him in the rubble of that road.

    Good luck, brother head-butting comrade.

    Don’t submit, and never surrender.

      1. Pep talk? No. Gut check? Yes.

        A price will be demanded from him. Will he pay, or reject the comforts of unassailed conformity which he will be required to purchase with his soul? Those demands will rip him apart, if he isn’t unalterably sworn to let nothing but death stop him from upholding and defending the righteousness of his conscience.

        The most dangerous of those demands will be made by the man who confronts him when he faces himself.

      2. Lame stream media lies, The Eagle prefers clearer skies

        Celia, ye clearly be unfamiliar with what’s required these daze, the matrix for far too long the sheople enslave, the Cabal be out to terminally destroy, would you supplicate at the hooves of that Horse of Troy, this be the time to set our controls for the heart of the sun, wo-man the torpedoes and let the talons run, never give up never give in, and a sense of humour shall always lift the Spirit within, John knows exactly what be needed, best ye listen to him.

  10. Didn’t realize HuffPo was such a scam for writers. Nor did I realize Ariana was such a bi**h. There’s an online character who does the same thing – Jeff Rense. My wife sent him a few lengthy and powerful articles some time ago just to flex her writing chops and expose non-mainstream information regarding
    Gary Webb (why he was probably suicided) and the murky waters of abducted children for sex and drug slavery’ including those taken by children’s protective services.

    Meanwhile, Jeff claims he makes no money off his site, but he manages to have a large estate on the coast of Oregon, a collection of cars and motorcycles, and his own little private choo-choo train that can be ridden on his property. I’ve been writing for mostly peanuts on various sites since then, but at least peanuts are edible. Air is not.

    1. rense has made some very unsavory friends in the american nazi party; believes alien shapeshifters roam freely among us and are in collusion with world govt leaders to execute agenda 21…. i love his webiste presentation… simply clear text on every page…. but the man’s integrity, critical thinking and, well, sanity is highly questionable. other than that, i’m sure that having shooting a few games of pool and beers with him would be just swell.

      1. See my post above about evil. The cleverest media scammers are those who mix truth with bullshit.
        Think about it.

        1. Then ALL you can do is have discernment. Rense and, as well as others, just re-post articles, mostly, and that means you can absorb a lot of information over time and use your discernment muscle, it will pretty soon, be VERY EASY to spot the lies. Alex Jones is disparaged constantly, yet, he has a pulse on what is going on. Just do not go to the Huff post ever again, leave it to die. These sites exists on clicks…don’t click!

          Personally, I do think that the climate change, global warming IS a hoax. Why? Because IF you go to the zetatalk website, you will find that the planet Nibiru is in the inner solar system and it is that planet that is causing the climate change on earth AND all the other planets in our solar system. We are not going through this alone. Meaning, MANKIND has nothing to do with the climate changing!!! The earth’s climate has changed many many times in the past, without us doing anything! BUT….before you all start trashing my post, do your research….truthfully, honestly done, it will take weeks, and THEN come on back here and complain.

          1. why would you assume we haven’t already done possibly extensive research? i have, having been through college in the 70s, when there was still some academic integrity. i don’t know if we can post URLs here, but i’ll try, with only one — judge for yourself, validate as much as you like. personally, at this point, it matters little who or what is causing the warming, only that we’re in some deep, very deep doo doo. there is 167-pg .pdf report done last year by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in conjunction with the World Meteorological Organization in Geneva Switzerland. in it, you can see the findings of a team of scientists from different disciplines, including geology, oceanography, etc. The people i’ve been following are somewhere in the arctic ocean (there is no more northern icecap, only a slushy sea… i started monitoring it last september, went all winter, using google earth) – then found out the icecap has been permanently gone for decades. under that exceptionally cold ocean, there are “methane clathrates” containing an estimated trillions of tons of methane gas, trapped but slowly bubbling up through the ice/water… if that water keeps warming at an accelerating rate, the ocean floor could conceivably rupture, releasing enough methane to kill planet earth in a matter of months; this “methane gun” going off will cook everything on earth, creating the temperatures our sister planet Venus has. there are a few good people saying there’s still time, to cool the arctic sea or dump massive amounts of methane-eating bacteria…. listen, i’m too tired for this. here’s the URL – have at it.

            1. PS – alex jones is one brave soul whom i respect… does he go off the deep end at times? sure. we all do… we caring idiots who refuse to stop blowing these damn whistles.

            2. Jones is like Rense, a bit of truth, a bit of propaganda. Check out his funding.
              The site I trust most these days is Veterans Today, run by a global intell network. I sometimes disagree with them, but on the whole, they’re worth reading.

    2. All of this could be in the control of a non profit foundation with our Jeff Rense as principle Trustee, among others. He said: “…Meanwhile, Jeff claims he makes no money off his site, but he manages to have a large estate on the coast of Oregon, a collection of cars and motorcycles, and his own little private choo-choo train that can be ridden on his property. I’ve been writing for mostly peanuts on various sites since then, but at least peanuts are edible. Air is not…” Also a museum of personal eccentricity, on the American Dream?

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