Village Voice–Profiteers of Child Sex Trafficking– Rejects “Vaxxed” Ads


By Stephen Ericson




Anyone following the drama surrounding the film Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe who was expecting things to finally be settling down, will just have to get used to being disappointed.

As anyone following the story has to know, the film was pulled from the Tribeca Film Festival only to find success in its opening weekend at the Angelica Film Center in NYC. Later the film was supposed to also be shown at Worldfest Houston International Film Festival, only to be pulled by none other than the Mayor of Houston himself. That a government official would partake in an unbridled act of censorship doesn’t seem to bother too many of the film’s critics in the media, and that in of itself should tell one a great deal about their “journalistic ethics.”

For a film that’s been attacked by a wide swath of media outlets as being based on mostly lies, one truism found on the films poster remains unquestionably intact; it’s “…the film they don’t want you to see.”

To wit: On April 5, The Village Voice sent out a promotional email “Vaxxed Gains 2nd Week at Angelika NYC‏” celebrating the underdog film’s success. Keep in mind that the Voice made no bones about the fact that the promotional email was just that– a paid advertisment. The ad contained a statement about the film: “In 2013, biologist Dr. Brian Hooker received a call from a Senior Scientist at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who led the agency’s 2004 study on the MMR vaccine and its link to autism.”

You can read that for yourself over and over again, and it won’t change; it clearly says “the MMR vaccine,” not “vaccines.” There is nothing vague in the wording, nothing that says “all vaccines” or anything like that.

Later the same day, the Village Voice was so concerned with the veracity of the claims of the movie that they were compelled to send out a follow up email explaining their official position in regard to the controversial film:

Our Editor’s Note on the film VAXXED

We want to be very clear that the Voice vehemently disagrees with that position, and believes it to be contrary to the vast majority of scientific information on the subject. We believe vaccinations are an essential safeguard of the public health for New York City and the world in general.

Please forgive the interruption of your day and thanks for reading the Village Voice.

Will Bourne
The Village Voice

One wonders if Will Bourne has bothered to not only watch the movie but to peruse the ad copy that appeared under his paper’s banner in the first place? If he had, one would think he would clearly have seen Dr. Wakefield stating sans reservation that he’s not against vaccinations and that he openly encourages parents to continue to vaccinate their children, and only advises that the MMR shot be returned to three separate shots. In the case of the ad copy that his paper promoted, it should have been perfectly clear that Dr. Thompson was reporting on the MMR vaccine and not vaccines in general. Of course that would have required some diligence on his behalf in the first place.

Well, readers of the Village Voice can relax in their fears that their news outlet of choice has been over run with “anti-vaxx” crackpots: They’ve pulled all ads related to the movie. It seems that accepting advertisement dollars from a film reporting the claims of a CDC whistleblower (we at The Truth Barrier patiently, perhaps naively, along with the rest of the civilized world, await congress to subpoena Dr. Thompson so that his testimony be properly recorded) is just one step over the ethical line for the paper who has been accused of profiting from child sex trafficking.

The controversy surrounding those accusations brewed up most noticeably circa 2012, when a petition was circulated by an Ohio minister named Justin Wassel, pleading with the Village Voice to stop the practice of child sex trafficking on their subsidiary Even Norman Mailer’s son, (Mailer founded The Voice) joined the protest movement. Attorneys-General from 48 states wrote a joint letter to Backpage, warning that it had become “a hub” for sex trafficking and calling on it to stop running adult services ads. The Attorneys-General said they had identified cases in 22 different states of pimps peddling underage girls through Backpage. While both Backpage and were accused of being complicit in criminal activity, only Craigslist decided to shutter their adult services section. When that happened, the US Backpage’s revenues jumped 15% the next month. Backpage, rather than responding to the accusations in any remotely humane way, decided to dig in their heels, leading to repeated protests outside their offices, and even celebrities joining the fight.



At one point the Village Voice not only attacked the statistics in the study that was cited in the petition (and actor Ashton Kutcher, noted feminist Gloria Steinem, the New York Times, Salon, Media Bistro, and  USA Today among others in the process) they even went so far as to sue the State of Washington when it passed a bill that allows for the criminal prosecution of classified advertising company representatives who publish or cause publication of sex-related ads peddling children, despite the fact that Proof of a Good-Faith Attempt to verify the age of the advertised person is considered a defense under the law.

So, when it comes to their bottom line, the Village Voice will put forth the notion that the world is simply out to get them, and worse, is willing to stand by misleading statistics to do so! Yes, the poor Village Voice, raking in millions a year as a megaphone for pimps on (which is still a great place to find these sorts of services.) 48 states worth of Attorneys-General citing cases in 22 states involving child prostitution didn’t have enough clout to make them take the accusation seriously.
And yet when it came time to review Vaxxed, they said of Brian Hooker: “… attempting to use the CDC’s data “the way it should have been,” “…something it’s hard to imagine a person with no experience in pathology managing to accomplish.”

(It should be noted that Brian Hooker has a doctorate in biochemical engineering.)

If all of this seems duplicitous and self serving to you, consider that the Village Voice is now marching in lock step with the rest of the media that it claimed hadn’t done their homework when it was under attack, only a few short years ago. Such is the tragic condition of our 4th estate. It seems they are the last ones to “get the story.” The story about how done people are, with them.

40 thoughts on “Village Voice–Profiteers of Child Sex Trafficking– Rejects “Vaxxed” Ads”

    1. Stephen: Thank you very much for this link. Religion masquerading as science, indeed. Haven’t yet read the comments of that great practitioner of this, Walter Willet, on the recent reanalysis of the buried Minnesota Heart Study data, but I can now better imagine what they must say. But he’s from Harvard! Ha Ha.

  1. Singularly stellar work, Celia! …and solemnly rambunctious kudos to each of those who’ve commented thus far: Caroline, Gary, and Sal.

    1. Singularly stellar work, Stephen! …and clumsy failure of attentiveness, John! Yes, Celia and Stephen, I must and will, in the future, develop the discipline to observe whether or not the piece being read was authored by the recently-arrived co-face of The Truth Barrier.

  2. The causes of autism are widely accepted as a mess of disparate factors…..the age of the father, a heightened level of testosterone in the mother, genetics ( a sibling of a twin who has autism is much more likely to have autism than non-twin siblings, and more.) Also, and so important, 8 of 10 children with autism are boys, 80 percent. This number has not fluctuated. Following the vaccine theory, girls would be just as susceptible… but they are not. There is something inherently “male” about autism.

    Also, compared to men under 30 years old, those over 50 have twice the risk of having an autistic child. The risk increases to four times for men over 55.

    Finally what the film proposes has actually been tested in Japan since 1993…when they banned the MMR vaccine and replaced with single doses. According to the film they should have seen a massive decline in autism rates in Japan since. Instead there’s been an INCREASE in autism rates, the final nail in the coffin of a dead theory. I’m not sure why the film left out an entire country that tested their theory for the last 26 years. Is it because mentioning Japan also means you need to mention if it’s been effective? How is leaving out this huge smoking gun any less deceptive than anything you accuse the CDC of?

    Now attacking the Goverment & the CDC for mismanagement and possibly even deception…go right ahead. But please don’t insult my autistic child (and me) by calling him a side effect of a vaccine. He’s had enough attacks from those who don’t understand his disease and don’t want to actually study it.

      1. Rates for sure. But if you believe that reasoning then it would hold true for America also, which also makes what the film says incorrect. Either way you’re admitting the film is wrong.

        You can’t have your cake and eat it too. Either the rates are increasing and banning the MMR vaccine did absolutely nothing in Japan or the rates worldwide aren’t increasing as the film scares us to think.

        1. Wrong. Your logic is faulty. No, an improvement in diagnostics and therefore also in reporting does not necessarily also disprove a decline in rates resulting from modification of vaccine administration. Vaccine-induced rates can be decreasing while at the same time incidence reporting is increasing. No, my reasoning does not make what the film says incorrect, and no, I am not admitting the film is wrong. Yes, I can have my cake and eat it too. The rates CAN appear to be increasing, due to improved diagnostics and reporting, while at the same time “banning the MMR vaccine” IS reducing the rates caused by the vaccine prior to modification of administration. The variables are a bit more complex than those portrayed in your simplistic either-or scenario.

          1. Sounds like you’re living in a dreamworld and don’t want to be woken up from your dream (or should I call it a nightmare?)

            Japan is a really tough subject for those who argue for replacing MMR with solo vaccines. It’s almost never mentioned by anyone trying to argue that point and the counter-arguments when it is broached range from weak to weaker. Most who support this film wish it didn’t exist. I’ve actually heard insiders from this film discussing the “Japan problem.” And boy it’s a problem.

            You’re ACTUALLY believing that in 93 when the MMR was replaced by solo vaccines that:

            A) Autism rates rose overall because it was now being diagnosed more BUT
            B) Those who received the solo shots actually declined (even though overall rates increased and even though there’s not a single study to prove this.)

            If you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell ya. 🙂

            1. Ms./Mr. Theonerealtruther, I am done with returning to this page for the purpose of removing words which you’ve put into my mouth, or for detaching beliefs which you’ve attached to my persona. I’ve said all I need to say about the issues you and I addressed. Your comment above (@ 2:42 pm) misrepresents my position. I will respond no more to your misrepresentations. What I have said about the issues you and I addressed will stand on it’s own, as is, henceforth. I won’t engage in any unnecessary defenses of what I’ve said (defenses which are provoked by misrepresentations of what I’ve said). Peace out. Bonjour. Buenos dias, and bon voyage. 🙂

            2. That a pretty typical response for anyone faced with “the Japan problem.” And to be fair, I’d do the same. Peace to you as well.

            3. “A) Autism rates rose overall because it was now being diagnosed more BUT
              B) Those who received the solo shots actually declined (even though overall rates increased and even though there’s not a single study to prove this.)”

              Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that those who are doing the study are deliberately conflating what we’ve called autism all along, with something else that should be more accurately described as vaccine damage? Everyone freely admits that diagnosing the disorder is being done with a wider net than it used to be, and that accounts for a good deal of the increase in the prevalence.

              “Either the rates are increasing and banning the MMR vaccine did absolutely nothing in Japan or the rates worldwide aren’t increasing as the film scares us to think.”

              Or, there’s been a deliberate conflation with what’s called ‘Autism’ which is actually vaccine damage, and a deliberate widening of the net in terms of diagnosis. . If one were to try to muddy the waters in this case, I can’t imagine a better way of doing it.

              What I’d like to see is a study done by an independent whoever, if such a thing were even possible, that measured the rates of the type of neurological damage that’s reported in the movie. The type that is after all, exactly that which the insert to the vaccine clearly warns of, and doesn’t bother to give a time frame from which those effects should wear off in the child.

            4. If a study was done independently exactly as you outlined and it proved you were wrong, would you admit you were wrong and end this crusade?

              If so I’d be interested in helping to fund such a study. Maybe we can start a page to get donations. I would be open to donating up to 100K as long as we can make sure the study is done exactly as YOU like. I repeat, I would have no say in the study.

              You would just have to sign a document (and the author of this blog would have to be included) that if you are proven wrong you would apologize to all parents of autistic children including myself and would never campaign again related to this cause. This apology would have to be public and posted on this blog.

              I don’t think you’d risk your name for something you’re so unsure about. But maybe you can help put a stop to all this madness. And I can help.

            5. “would you admit you were wrong and end this crusade?”

              I won’t admit I’m wrong because I haven’t taken a side outside of the one that states that the media and powerful interests want to silence this film.
              I have nothing to admit.

              “If so I’d be interested in helping to fund such a study. Maybe we can start a page to get donations. ”

              To do a study the way that I’d like to do it would involve an over haul of the medical industry itself. $100k would be but a drop in the bucket at best. I think that there should be mandatory SPECT and MRI’s done for all Autistic patients for example. It’s just not the kind of thing that one would fund with a kickstarter. But I applaud your service to the truth. In that spirit, how about for starters you simply sign this petition?


              And thanks for your interest in the Truth Barrier.

            6. That’s amazing that you’ve created a world where nothing you believe can ever be proven wrong since you’re saying you don’t have a side in anything.

              So your entire argument is media and powerful interests want to silence the film? And in doing so their interests are NOT public health and safety of children but only economic, selfish or nefarious reasons? There isn’t a single scientist or doctor who helped get this film taken out of the festival that was doing it for what he thought was the greater good? Every single person involved only did it for $$$ and/or to keep a government conspiracy silent? (A government conspiracy that apparently isn’t a secret if we’re discussing it on the internet btw.)

              You don’t have a theory that the MMR may cause autism? You don’t question the science of vaccines and have a viewpoint?

              Okay, if you’re saying that’s all you believe and you don’t have an actual side then I guess you can’t be proven wrong by any study. And I guess you can join me in calling for more research into autism that is not vaccine related. That is my side. I actually take one. Because I have to. For my family. I’m not doing this for internet debates or to question the government. None of that helps my child.

            7. What you don’t seem to understand is that population studies. called epidemiology, tell us nothing about biology, are easily manipulated by statistical wizardry, cannot show causality, and are the weakest form of evidence for chronic conditions like autism. Great for infectious disease mapping and control, but nearly worthless for most everything else, including nutrition. Additionally, there appears to be no question that the DPT and DTaP are associated with autism, as well as the MMR, in cases compensated by the vaccine court. All the “science” trotted out by the CDC in their defense of their claim that vaccines do not cause autism is epidemiological in nature, much of it deeply flawed. There is simply no rigorous science, other than the DeStefano study discussed in the film that definitively shows a causal link between vaccines and autism, and no rigorous science refuting it. We don’t know with any certainty, and if pharma has its way, we never will. That is why this film is one of the most important documentaries ever released.

            8. Great article- as ussual, yet I must admit, once again, I did cringe before I clicked on the link to your website, for I knew that I would be face to face, (at least pictorally) with Al Bore. Next time, Sultan, will you please deliver a "graphic" warning, so I (and others) can prepare by placeing a trashcan next to our chairs. Thank you.

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    1. You are indeed correct that the causes of autism are not well understood, and that multiple factors are involved. What is becoming clear now though, is that autism and other serious neurological conditions, such as PDNOS, are strongly associated with chronic microglial activation, and the major factor in this is the aluminum nanoparticles used as adjuvants in most of the pediatric vaccines (all the toxoid vaccines, such as diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, Hib, Hep A, B, and C, HPV, Meningococcal, and Pneumonococcal). This may be a large part of the explanation for the rising autism rates in Japan and around the world. You won’t read about this in the newspapers or see it on TV, but there is a great deal of current research on this. Do a Pub Med search, and you can find it. I have not yet seen the film, but know the story in great detail. I suspect the film doesn’t propose anything, but tells the well-documented story of scientific fraud at and its cover-up at the CDC, revealed by one of the perpetrators of that fraud. All autism parents deserve our empathy and support. Please don’t think that anyone who questions vaccine policy is insulting you or your child. We want truth and transparency, and we’re not getting it, nor does the NIH appear to have any real interest in examining the etiology of autism or potential therapies.

      1. John Powell actually nailed it about how the rates of autism aren’t actually rising in as much as they’re being properly diagnosed now. Do you really think autism was diagnosed properly in 1993? How about 1963? How about 1923? How many times is autism mentioned in medical journals from 1923?

        Having seen the film one of the big things it proposes is to do exactly what Japan started in 1993 with the MMR vaccine. But somehow expecting different results…and someone neglecting to mention the results of Japan’s policy the entire film. That is as bad a cover-up as anything the CDC may have done.

        Maybe what is happening in Japan wouldn’t happen in the USA for other reasons (they eat more sushi perhaps?) but isn’t it worth mentioning?

        1. In your first response (@12:33 pm) to my first comment, you said rates ARE increasing. Then, in your later response above (@1:05 pm), you assert that rates are not increasing. You clearly appear to be uncertain, and somewhat confused. That’s understandable. Whatever the truth of the matter is, I did not state that “the rates of autism aren’t actually rising”. The increase of incidence reporting which results from improved diagnostics DOES NOT disprove or delegitimize evidence of an increase in rates. The increase of incidence reporting due to improved diagnostics can be concurrent with rate increases. The narrowing-down, qualifying, classifying and deciphering of data produces a much more complex picture than the one you are painting.

          1. I’m absolutely not uncertain I was just telling you that you CAN’T have your cake and eat it too as you appeared to be uncertain.

            Either Japan’s 23 year experiment proves that eliminating the MMR vaccine and replacing it with single doses does not decrease autism rates since they actually increased since 93 in Japan.


            Autism rates in Japan haven’t increased it’s just the “improvement in diagnostics and therefore also in reporting” as you put it. Those were YOUR words.

            If the latter is true it proves the movie misrepresented facts.

            If the former is true it proves the movie intentionally covered up facts (while misrepresenting them.) This would be a cover up worse than anything the CDC has done in my opinion but to be fair to the film it was intentionally supposed to be one-sided (much like other documentaries are.)

            If the latter is true it still proves that replacing the MMR vaccine does not decrease autism.

            If the former is true it 100% proves that replacing the MMR vaccine does not decrease autism.

            That’s the rope. Hopefully nobody hangs on it. 🙂

        2. Autism wasn’t not diagnosed at all until Leo Kanner’s paper in 1943. These were the first eleven cases of a condition that had never before been described. Dr. Wakefield proposes (I didn’t realize that this was in the film, having not yet seen it, but knew his view of this already) that giving the MMR as individual shots would be safer, and there is no reason to suspect that this may not be true; however, this has never been tested in a randomized controlled trial, and won’t be. In fact no vaccine has been given a randomized controlled trial; manufacturers are not required to do this for biologicals, as they are for pharmaceutical drugs. Manufacturers are required to do safety testing, but the results are proprietary, so they rarely see the light of day. What we have seen of these (revealed in an autism trial in Italy, in which the parents were awarded damages) is enough to make any parent refuse all vaccinations. The document I am referring to is the 1200+ page confidential GSK report on their safety trial of infanrix hexa vaccine, in which 5.4% of the children suffered a serious adverse reaction (requiring hospitalization), and 1.2% developed autism. The rate of autism has, in fact, increased dramatically. The rate in New Jersey is now 1 in 41. Something is terribly wrong. This is immensely costly, especially for parents, but also for state budgets in providing needed services. Denying the horror of this epidemic does a disservice to those parents caring for those children often into adulthood, and for all of us who once trusted our government

          1. You can “not deny the horror” and at the same time urge others to continue to study to find the cause of the horror without assuming it’s vaccines. There’s nobody more pro autism study than myself and the families of autistic children. Nobody.

            No single possible cause of autism has been studied more than vaccines. None. Can you imagine if one day they do find conclusive proof that there are other factors that aren’t vaccines that are the definitive cause and then we go back and look at all the time and money and pain we put the families in trying to/hoping to prove it was vaccines? What would you say to my family then? “Sorry?”

            Sorry is not going to cut it. Your apology will never be accepted.

            1. “No single possible cause of autism has been studied more than vaccines.”

              Yes, and there’s this guy Dr. William Thompson who says that one of the most important studies ever done, was a pack of lies. So, if the same lax standards were applied to the other studies, I guess that they don’t really mean all that much. Could it be that all of these studies were flawed? Yes. It could be that they went in with an outcome in mind that they wanted to arrive at. It could also be that they were terrified to give any answer to these questions that run counter to the prevailing wisdom, lest they be ‘Wakefielded’.

              “Can you imagine if one day they do find conclusive proof that there are other factors that aren’t vaccines that are the definitive cause and then we go back and look at all the time and money and pain we put the families in trying to/hoping to prove it was vaccines? What would you say to my family then? “Sorry?”

              What pain? What pain does it cause the family who’s already raising the child who’s got autism? When you’re raising that child, how does it impact the day to day of raising the kid at all?

              Do you think that that pain that you describe; having heard the truth if it is indeed the truth, is worse than living through a hurricane of obfuscation and name calling?

              What do you say to the family then? Nothing, just offer up your proof and do further testing to see what’s actually going on in the brain of the afflicted child.

              God forbid anyone at the CDC or any other part of the medical establishment advocate anything like that. You know, finding out which part of the ‘spectrum’ your child’s brain is functioning in, and how that came to be?

            2. Have you ever had your child labeled “a side effect?” Have you ever had your child’s autism referred to as “worse than death?” Have you ever had the time, energy and resources that you need to help learn about the disease your son suffers from completely taken up by a cause that uses his condition to sell itself? There’s so much testing and studies that need to be done that have nothing to do with vaccines but because it’s not “sexy” to study them, they simply don’t get done. Pro-vaxxers are just as guilty as anti-vaxxers. These two groups are fighting and each wants to do more studies to show the other side. And the loser? My son and others like him. If the last twenty years of studies of the link to austism from vaccines were instead used to actually study the true link then maybe we would have something for conclusive by now. A cure? I don’t know. But at least more than the same redundant information that has cost millions of dollars to attain. The pain and frustration of a parent shouting in a house on fire with NOBODY LISTENING is unbearable. I wish I was anti-vaccine or hard core pro-vaccine. Then I’d get the attention I deserve! As would my son. If only those who think there’s a link between vaccines and autism would open up their minds (and hearts) to the possibility that there isn’t and that they’ve been lied to and all this effort has robbed us of time and money we so desperately need for real studies that can help. But nobody will ever open their minds or their hearts because the very definition of the cause you’re fighting is the need to be stubborn and refusal to accept you’re wrong. The problem is using that attitude you can never be shown to be wrong and this the vicious cycle of hate and lies and pain and suffering for the families continues and continues…I know it will for mine.

              As for the William Thompson study you know as well as I do (or anyone who has studied the actual study) that those select group of poor african american boys were showing signs of autism before the study and thus were vaccinated because they were autistic, not the other way around. They were actually under-vaccinated to begin with before showing signs of autism (mainly due to their economic status and where they lived.) Do some actual research if you didn’t know this. This is why that data wasn’t used in the final study because it was flawed. It wasn’t a cover-up in the sense of the Hollywood movie style you’d like it to be. It was discarded for valid reasons. Careless that they didn’t mention that at the time? Probably. But how can children already showing signs of autism who are then vaccinated then prove the vaccines causes autism? I understand this is the only whistleblower you got and for your sake you could do a lot better but let’s not go hiding the truth from the public. That’s what you’re against to begin with right?

            3. “That’s amazing that you’ve created a world where nothing you believe can ever be proven wrong since you’re saying you don’t have a side in anything.”

              That’s where you lose me. Your son is deeply Autistic I’m guessing. How has any of this discussion hurt him? Have you paid for treatments that were pushed by some anti vax quack out of pocket? If not I honestly don’t understand what exactly you’re talking about.

              ” My son and others like him. If the last twenty years of studies of the link to austism from vaccines were instead used to actually study the true link then maybe we would have something for conclusive by now. A cure? ”

              Outside of addressing gut inflammation, there isn’t going to be a cure. The only people who are talking about a cure, or anything like it are the people who claim that there’s a link between MMR and gut inflammation. The mainstream isn’t even truly looking for data, let alone addressing a cause. Yes I know this due to what I’ve been through. When the diagnosis first gets handed down, they’re telling way more than they’re asking, and if you would stop being hysterical for a moment and instead focus on what I’ve been saying, perhaps you could make a little more sense. What am I calling for? More SPECT and MRI type of imaging tests to be done on ALL Autistic children. Why? Because if we’re going to drug these children we should at least know what part of their brain isn’t functioning, which we should want to know no matter what. I don’t believe that all of the children on the ‘spectrum’ will have the same outcome to their SPECT tests. And as that’s established, I predict that two distinct camps will emerge: one with classical Autism, and one with neurological damage. How we treat that damage is another story all together. But like I said, those who link MMR to gut inflammation are the only ones who seem to invoke anything close to science when they’re dealing with this.

              “The pain and frustration of a parent shouting in a house on fire with NOBODY LISTENING is unbearable.”

              I would have some sympathy for you if you weren’t here attacking us for simply following through on a story. If you have a problem with Dr. Wakefield, go shout at him. Also, if you want to talk about ‘nobody listening’, tell that to Polly Tommy, and the other mothers just like her, who fall into the category where there’s little doubt that there’s a before and an after. Watch the movie, and tell me that the baby who was standing up a few days prior to the shot, as evidenced by a video tape, is suddenly falling over and never recovered, as was warned on the pamphlet that came with the vaccination. The warning was clear: causes dizziness, fever, loss of equilibrium. Notice that it never gave a time limit for when it should wear off? Watch that portion of the movie and then tell me what you think

              “Then I’d get the attention I deserve! As would my son.”

              I’m sorry but that seriously rubs me the wrong way. You and your son would get the attention that you deserve if only the people calling for the MMR to be broken up into three separate shots would just shut up already?

              That’s completely wrong. The medical establishment is ignoring you because that’s what they do to ALL AUTISTIC children. Otherwise they’d be giving them, like I said MRI’s and SPECT tests. The medical establishment doesn’t want to know because if there was in fact something that implicated them they’d be culpable. If that’s not the case, it’s a wonder because that’s EXACTLY how they’re acting. Don’t blame those who are asking questions for the fact that others aren’t. That’s just completely upside down.

              “The problem is using that attitude you can never be shown to be wrong and this the vicious cycle of hate and lies and pain and suffering for the families continues and continues…I know it will for mine.”

              I’m sorry but that’s classic projection.

              “signs of autism before the study and thus were vaccinated because they were autistic”

              No. That makes no sense at all. Nobody gets vaccinated because they’re already autistic. There is no vaccination for Autism. They were vaccinated according to the CDC’s schedule.

              Do you have a link that would more clearly show what you’re talking about? Mind you, the other Dr’s who were involved in the study could easily have spoken about that fact to the makers of the film, but chose not to.

    2. “The causes of autism are widely accepted as a mess of disparate factors…..the age of the father, a heightened level of testosterone in the mother, genetics”

      Yes. And, sometimes vaccine damage. Perhaps the argument isn’t being propelled by people insisting that’ dead theories’ must be true, rather it’s being kept afloat by people who will only accept zero responsibility on behalf of vaccines.

      But honestly, the cause of autism isn’t ‘widely accepted’ in any form. Hence the controversy.

      1. On a related note this new and groundbreaking study is just the beginning. I believe within 5 years after many more studies in this realm are complete we’ll know definitively that signs of autism begin before birth and are not environmental. Kudos and much respect to the medical community who is actually looking for the real truth. They are the real heroes. (And none of them are trying to sell a book or movie!)

        1. You act as if trying to sell a book or a movie is a bad thing in of itself, while also acting like the medical establishment isn’t guilty of turning a enormous profit, which isn’t something I fault them for.

          But, that said, I’m guessing that this line didn’t escape you, or at least I hope you read this far…

          “Although the sample size was small compared with postmortem studies of adult diseases, it is as large ― or larger ― than most previous such studies of autism, the authors note.”

          Earlier in the article they gave away the size of what they found…91% (10 out of 11 cases), so indeed the study was small.

          You should also pay attention to the last line…”Dr. Frazier predicted that some experts may find the results controversial because the findings “suggest that brain abnormalities begin before birth, making it less likely that a purely environmental insult causes autism.”

          Less likely that a ‘purely environmental’. No one said that every child who gets the MMR jab gets autism, what we’re saying is that there may be factors that combine in its presence to heighten autism. Genetic factors. That where the term vaccine safety comes in. No one is saying anything that contradicts anything in this article at all. Zero.

          But thank you for sharing it.

    1. Everyone should read Dissolving Illusions. Amazing how ignorant we are about the history of infectious diseases and vaccination, and how we’ve been led by the nose, by the Rockefeller Institute and others, to believe the narrative presented by media, particularly in regard to polio and smallpox. Now Zika is the latest, and amazingly blatant, form of quackery. Pharma is salivating at the prospect.

  3. A cowardly act it is, cowardly and malicious, what the Village Voice and the rest of the media is doing. They all are apparently, in the UK and here, following the same script, ginned up by the vast CDC PR operation, which is paid for with our tax dollars. Sickening to have to feed this monster in three days.

  4. Stunning is the irony inside this thesis. So let’s keep our children vaccinated and whoring?

    Children were better respected in Dickensian times it would appear. Clear reportage.

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