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Regarding inquiring emails that are arriving.

Apparently I was not clear at all in last night’s (this morning’s) post about the vanished post. It had been a very long day when I wrote it.

Here is what I meant to say, and did not quite say an/or did not say at all.

  1. Somebody sent me the emails I posted, with the understanding I would publish them.
  2. Somebody (connected) then said I must not publish them all like that.
  3. While WAITING for word which ones I CAN publish, I pulled the piece. I have not been hacked.
  4. This is a website presently operating with no staff, except myself. I am struggling to find financial backing to pay my writers. Today I am very exhausted. PLEASE don’t ask me again, about the vanished post. I DO apologize.
  5. I did not mean there is no such thing as a journalist anymore, because they all suck, but rather, because information is freely available now to any and all, i.e. Julian Assange crushed the old model of kill-the-messenger journalism. We all pass information back and forth horizontally now. Not from “journalist” (knowing) to “public,” (un knowing.) We all possess the knowledge.

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    1. Thank you Ma’am for your posts and content reguarding “VAXXED”. Not that I follow much in the lines of media, but I was vaccine injurred as a five year old from the MMR (In hospital records), and despite years of doctors ingnoring the facts, I had mysterious seizures in 1998. The doctor who gave me an MRI said I have ongoing demyelination of the nerves, and scar tissue in my brain. (he just pursed his lips and utterred a “hmmm” . He also, at the end of our meeting said the seizures may or may not ever come back.

      Thank you, I look forward to reading the posts. Not that much has changed iin the media. They seem to be rather uselessw when trying to get to the truth.

      1. I almost forgot, this to me is an emotional issue (since I am myself “vax injurred” – I remember the pain associated with the progressive paralysis that they said I did not have), and my wife watched her first son have seizures that the attending physician told her “your dog probably scared him” (I didn’t know they let dogs in the neurology department while being examined in ~1982). Somebody has to bring the truth out! Isn’t going to be the main stream media. As an ex-Mayor friend told me: “Follow the money”.

        Also, please excuse the spelling errors. This is emotional.

  1. I am looking forward to the scoop on those emails, Celia. Also, glad that I stumbled upon your site when reading a Face Book post by Del Bigtree, your site was one of those related topics that follow.

  2. Hi Celia,

    Just wanted to send a hello and a great big THANK YOU FOR ALL that you are doing as the maelstrom continues over the release of the VAXXED documentary.

    I am the busy grandmother of a 7-year-old who is autistic and as much as I am able I dig for information regarding this story. I am glad I found you because it certainly appears to me you have your finger on the pulse of whats is going on.. I appreciate the updates and insights as they unfold. When you are able I am convinced you will give us a heads up.

    In the meantime, I have sent a small contribution as another way of showing appreciation. It is not something I can do on a recurring basis, (raising my granddaughter after her mother’s death on my retirement) but I feel you have earned this and oh so very much more. If everyone could send a bit, then maybe you can keep up your valiant job of investigation and providing critically important information.

    Kind regards,


    1. Dearest Linda,

      Thank you with all my heart. Recurring donations are extremely helpful. I was touched to hear your story, and keep you and every single parent, grandparent, and sibling living this daily, in my prayers. Sometimes I am so angry I forget to pray. I am exhausted from 2.5 decades of investigative medical journalism with all the attacks, psychosis, loss of name and livelihood that comes with the territory, but now I REALIZE why and how everything was as it was. We are at the tip of an iceberg of horror and there is no turning back. I am so sorry for the loss of your daughter, and so happy you are here.

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