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aWill Forbes’ Emily Willingham correct her chosen word “fizzled” to describe how Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe is doing?

What will happen next?

Will people turn on Pharma-media, demand accuracy? Or will Forbes allow this propaganda travesty to stand uncorrected?

How many filmmakers have already boycotted The Tribeca Film Festival?

Will they ever recover from this huge mistake?

Is this the beginning of a rebirth of investigative journalism, transcending corporate power and bully-media aggression and manipulation?

Stay tuned




  1. Hilarious. You guys seem to think that screening this movie in a small theater in a large city and “selling out” somehow means the public is clamoring to see it. Have you polled the attendees to find out how many were already committed to the ’cause’ and just attending to support these views? Or how many of those committed attendees were there for the second or third time?
    Meanwhile, several real film critics (people that review movies for a living and have no professional connection to vaccines) have viewed it and given their opinion, and they have not been kind. Basically, they say there is nothing there, and point out that Wakefield’s professional troubles are never mentioned, let alone addressed in any way that would convince people that he is credible THIS TIME.

    1. Dr. Wakefield has more credibility than anyone in the mainstream media, uncommon moral courage, and more basic decency than most. The pharmaceutical industry is poisoning our children with what Dr. Phil Minor, the UK’s top vaccine safety official, called, in the November, 1998 Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee meeting, “crude,” and “heavily contaminated.” They were speaking specifically of bird viruses. You see, they only filter contaminants larger than a virus., and they are indeed heavily contaminated. Yet we are injecting this god-knows-what dozens of times into children. I suggest you research how vaccines are manufactured. American children are very ill, not with the acute but transient normal (in my childhood) infectious diseases which primed our immune systems, but with chronic, life-long and life-shortening autoimmune conditions. In my childhood asthma was so rare that when we got a classmate who had it, our teacher had to explain what it was. Now 9% of children are afflicted. There were no special ed classes in my elementary school. Today, 15% (according to the CDC) of children have a learning disability. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. This is a result of injecting multiple toxins multiple times at much too early an age. It is insanity. The CDC vaccine schedule is destroying our nation. Military recruiters are having a hell of a time finding anyone who meets minimum standards. Before you again anonymously disparage a man you appear to know little about, read his book, Callous Disregard. Also read the British High Court decision fully exonerating Professor John Walker Smith, Dr. Wakefield’s co-defendant before the General Medical Council. Justice Mitting essentially called the GMC incompetent to even understand the charges as he quashed them. Why did Professor Walker Smith appeal, and not Dr. Wakefield? Very expensive to engage in litigation. Professor Walker Smith was covered by insurance, and Dr. Wakefield wasn’t. What these clinicians and researchers, along with eleven others at the Royal Free Hospital gave was good clinical care (the parents were quite happy with their care), and what they did in the Lancet paper was good science, groundbreaking science. What they discovered is now recognized as a very common comorbidity with autism, and treating gut dysbiosis has become a standard of care in autism. Their careers were destroyed the protect GlaxoSmith Kline by the same British government (Tony Blair) who aided and abetted George W. Bush’s destruction of the Middle East. Governments largely exist to protect the financial interests of the ruling class; they lie with aplomb, and they lie repeatedly in service of this altogether mundane task. Did you think that truth, justice and the American way were what animated Washington, D. C.? I’ve got news for you. It ain’t so.

      1. It’s amazing the lengths that a Wakefield supporter will go to in attempting to defend the man. The trouble is that they have to say so many things that aren’t true.
        And they apparently believe what they are saying, because the stories don’t match up to reality.

        1. You are not worth replying to, except to say that I suspect you are part of the vast CDC PR operation, and that it is nothing more than an act of sheer cowardice to anonymously attack someone on the internet. The PR tactic du jour, as usual, is to attack the messenger and ignore the message.

          1. Oh, yes, there MUST be a vast conspiracy, otherwise all those inconvenient facts that contradict what Mr. Ogden believes would not exist.

            For anyone that has really read all the information that is out there, from multiple sources, they would know that most of Mr. Ogden’s statements are patently untrue.

            And the “mainstream media” are looking at the objective facts as well. The idea that the CDC or some other shadowy group uniformly controls them is ludicrous.

            No use getting into the details here – he is not going to change his mind.

            1. The Deep State controls Western governments, academia, the media and Hollywood. Vaccinations to control, weaken and make pharma-dependent the population is part of their world government agenda.
              A dumbed down, sickened population is much easier to control.
              You will wake up one day but no doubt it’ll be too late. You probably beleive in man made global warming too despite the evidence disproving it because the MSM told you what to believe.
              I hope you’re happy to let the government harm your children.
              There are documented cases of vaccines causing severe neurological illnesses and in some cases death. You cannot refute this.

    2. Film critics are overwhelmingly leftist and in the pockets of the Deep State. Their opinion is less than worthless. The widening gap between critic ratings and audience ratings is a good indication that something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

  2. ” Or will Forbes allow this propaganda travesty to stand uncorrected?”

    I’m not sure that Forbes has all that much to say about it in the long run. Clearly the movie didn’t ‘fizzle’.

  3. ….And the shit finally hits the fan……aaannnd I do believe this is only the beginning…there will be other issues opened and revealed for what they really are…….nice…….

  4. The Vaxxed/Cinema Libre team should put together a program to help citizens “sponsor” a showing in their community, no matter how small. It should just have a struggling multiplex theater and enough advance online ticket sales to convince the theater that it’s worth it.

    I come from a small city in Michigan, and the local multiplex is so sparsely attended it’s a wonder it stays in business. The local hospital is the second-largest employer in town. If 100 curious hospital employees attended at $8 apiece, that’s $800. They might attend to figure out what to say to panicked parents and patients, then find out it’s legitimate. If nothing goes according to plan, and they cause a stink like the one over an x-rated cinema and bookstore many years ago, it will just generate more publicity. The population is 30,000, with probably an extra 15,000 and 10,000 in two adjoining communities — not counting the city of 100,000 over the Canadian border. Both high schools require seniors to take a “Problems of Democracy” class that requires something called “news points.” Kids travel in packs and like easy homework. Local advertising must be relatively cheap, not to mention a single bulletin put out to the members of the county bar association. Churches are better yet: Conservative ones hate big-government compulsory vaccination. It’s the gosh-darned mark of the beast.

    How many tickets do you think the sponsor would sell without even trying hard? What if all the sponsor needed to reserve a one-week booking was an online order of 25 to 50 tickets? What if members of Wakefield’s Facebook page were asked to consider suggesting their own city for a screening?

    One screening room holds only about 100 people. Better book the whole place.

  5. I am excited to receive this news! To know that folks are staying open, open to information that can help them make informed decisions is enthralling. I anxiously await the opportunity to participate in the screening of this documentary in my own community.

    Even those staunchly committed to their current position, “I’ve made my decision and my children will be vaccinated” would benefit from at least watching and evaluating what is presented. I hope everyone with a hat in the ring, that’s all of us because most everyone either has or knows someone who is developmentally not up to speed, will watch VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe. Thank goodness for the courage of the many folks involved in its production. Thank Goodness!

  6. What I have been doing is simply trying to get people to realize that a film has been censored and MSM has been telling them not to go see it . I know that would make me rush to a theater so I could judge for myself I stopped engaging people who would condemn a film they had not seen . I posted in social media I would only engage with people who have seen the film. Once seen the conversation is much easier because people have to compare what they saw to what the media is saying about the film. Than the conversation begins

  7. Genie out of the bottle? Perhaps. I’m at around two or three on the 1-10 scale of hopefulness. I feel sure that MSM won’t touch the matter honestly and thoroughly until there are marches and sustained civil disobedience efforts. Lacking that “in your face” imagery, MSM will remain assuming the position of least resistance from sponsors and pharma/”medical” orthodoxy. MSM can safely remain distant and silent (or towing orthodoxy’s dogma) as long as “public” exposure of the facts stays confined to small movie theaters.

    1. The genie is definitely out of the bottle, and won’t be put back. The fierceness of the attack attests to the truth of the film, the oligarch’s fretfulness about their offshore bank accounts, and is an act of desperation. They are desperate to protect their cozy and immensely profitable control of government/media. They will fail. They have shot themselves in the foot with their ham-handed efforts at suppression. Unlike Barney Fife, they have plenty more bullets, but they will fail. I fully expect to see nonviolent civil disobedience springing up, covered by the MSM -what choice do they have? I also expect to see more parents refusing to let their children be poisoned. It will be interesting to see what happens in California when school starts in the fall. Let the lawsuits commence!

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