13 thoughts on “Houston Mayor Under Attack By Free Speech Defenders For Censoring VAXXED”

  1. I’ve said similar things before, on other threads, but it’s very significant that Fox decided to call Leslie Phillips a Vaccine Safety Activist, which is accurate, rather than an ‘anti vaxxer’ or whatever.

    It’s showing the beginning of a thaw.

  2. It is ironic that a black mayor is protecting the CDC against criticism, when the data that was suppressed was that black children were being harmed the most by the MMR vaccine.

  3. All the good people have stayed sober calm against the attacks with the knowing and groundedness of what is right, simple and true. Good is plain. Good is it. Right now.

  4. There is a war gong on here, and on different fronts. One front is the economic war that threatens a corrupt industry, namely the CDC and big Pharma! I’ve been tracking Merck stock since it took a dip April 1st, the day Vaxxed screened, and it appears that as this story, and related supporting evidence is brought to light, that Merck’s, as well as GSK and other stocks are going through gyrations of sorts. So suppression and censorship is obviously the tools that are being employed by these evil doers to prevent a total collapse and nosedive of their shares.

    1. Yes, all who are invested in vaccines and other toxic drugs they call medicine should get out now. This is the beginning of the end of these evil companies and toxic products. Natural medicines are were the money is going to be made.

      1. Definitely Jennifer! The industry has to ‘re-tool’ itself. They should have a hard look at the whole paradigm of vaccines, and re-evaluate it. More research should be put into natural based medicines and alternatives. In the meantime, amidst all this corruption, their whole economy and industry is at risk. THEY are essentially becoming the ‘quacks’.

  5. Thank You sincerely Celia for your research and reporting of otherwise overlooked truths and for revealing unasked questions regarding the failings of otherwise presumed truths.
    It is indeed the work of You and others like You that allows for more peaceful rest with Hope for a better tomorrow.
    It is indeed Your work that allows me to live each day.
    Thank You
    Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Great news. Censorship usually backfires, and I suspect in Texas, it will backfire with a vengeance. Isn’t the unofficial state motto, “Don’t mess with Texas?”

  7. THAT IS JUST FABULOUS NEWS CELIA!!! I’m think I’m just going to be able to get a good night’s sleep tonight!!

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