What They Said: Andrew and Carmel Wakefield, on Houston-Gate


“I’m searching life for observations, nuances, details. Because my interest in life is not the event as such, not war as such, not Chernobyl as such, not suicide as such. What I am interested in is what happens to the human being. How does man behave and react? How much of the biological man is in him, how much of the man of his time, how much man of the man.”

–Svetlana Alexaevich


Carmel and Andrew Wakefield, GMC Hearings, London
Carmel and Andrew Wakefield, GMC Hearings, London


I reached the Wakefields at their home in Austin, Texas tonight. Andrew Wakefield answered the phone. April 6, 2016 was a historic day. We all got to read the unbelievable words of an accidental hero named Hunter Todd–the letter that “changed everything.”

“How does it feel?” I asked Andrew Wakefield. “What is going through your mind?”

“I am having a glass of gin,” he said, with a laugh. “I came home from yoga and had a gin, instead of a beer.”

After a brief pause, and being British, not one to yarn on about his feelings, he said this:

“I think you should title this piece, The Tribeca Syndrome.”

“The Tribeca Syndrome…”

He elaborated:

“The Tribeca withdrawal had lacked any transparency. It was unknown people from unknown affiliations saying unspecified things…”

He has gotten to a point in his unfathomable life where a more brutal rejection, a “kosher throat slit,” would come as a relief. I could hear the relief in his voice. It was as though he’d happened upon–after twenty years of fiddling with a lock–the right combination. Now he was inside the vault.

“With the Houston rejection it was quite clear where the pressure had come from and what the nature of the threats had been, and that is why it was so important. It was particularly poignant that it was in the state of Texas where freedom from government interference in our lives is sacrosanct. Perhaps more so than any other state in the nation.”

“So what did it mean to you personally?” I asked.

He paused. His words came out with a certain slow gravity I had not heard before.

“It means …it was true all along. What the parents said from the very outset, was absolutely true.

I heard his wife Carmel’s voice across the room.

“Carmel says “The parents truth is now manifest,” he said. “Hang on…”

[CDC Whistleblower William Thompson’s texts to Carmel Wakefield, 2014.]

Carmel took the phone.

“Hello darling!”

We had a real good laugh about the pillow.

The pillow?

Well, that’s a story for another time.

“So what are your feelings tonight?” I asked.

“Well. I’m just about to become an American citizen,” she said. “I am genuinely excited and proud. One of the massive tenets for me of this country has been the freedom of speech which is the essence of America. The founding fathers would be horrified at these attempts to censor truth.”

“Free speech will prevail. Everybody must see this film. Like it or loathe it, it must be seen. This is a statement of fact to which we all have to face up, and make our decisions going forward.”

[See article in The Autism File, by Carmel Wakefield.]

“The Houston revelation,” she continued, “while massively disappointing, was a relief because the whispered, shadowed nameless, faceless thing now had a name and the name was suppression of freedom of speech. That name was cash dollars in the bank. That name was deceit and defilement of the American constitution.”

I thanked her, and wished the Wakefields a nice evening.

Afterwards, I wished I had shared my father’s quote, when I sent him the Houston-gate article, and he called me, beside himself, like everybody has been, all over the world, today.

“The correct prayer,” my father said, “is not, “We shall overcome. It’s they shall over reach.”

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  1. ““The correct prayer,” my father said, “is not, “We shall overcome. It’s they shall over reach.””

    That’s one for the ages.

  2. Whether or not you want to believe the CDC intentionally or unintentionally mishandled some data (and that is certainly a good debate!), it doesn’t change the fact that this movie calls for the MMR vaccine to be replaced by single vaccines in which case the rate of autism will then be lowered. The problem with that logic is this has ALREADY BEEN DONE in Japan. They replaced the MMR vaccine with single vaccines…IN 1993 and since then the autism rate in Japan has INCREASED. It is “the final nail in the coffin” of a dead theory and the smoking gun that disproves everything the movie claims. So whatever the CDC did, it doesn’t change the fact that the MMR vaccine has as much to do with autism rates as toothpaste choice. Instead of fighting for a completely worthless cause we need to be fighting to END the CDC and government control over medicine and at the same time putting money into finding the true cause of autism and to learn more about it. We owe that to all the autistic people in the world. People like myself I might add.

    “Perhaps the most important features of the study were that it comprehensively covered a population, and that the population was served by a special service testing children for developmental; disorders and using standard methods over the whole period. The quality and validity of the study is superlative, and the size good.

    Whatever causes autism, it is not the MMR vaccine.”


    1. @theonerealtruther(sic) The CDC were guilty of a) falsifying data to affect a study outcome, and b) covering up these facts even though there were deaths and serious casualties following MMR vaccinations. I’d be interested in the source of your Japan studies re single vaccines – could you please post if poss. Your call to end the CDC and government control is, I suggest, a bit of a forlorn one unless there is a fail-safe method of public scrutiny, and this looks unlikely without significant rebellion from academics/researchers and those who can still afford morals! Tony Blair refused to comment on whether one of his children had the MMR or the single measles vaccine – I’ll go with my instincts thanks – rather than a totally corrupt big-pharma.

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