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“It boggles the mind that the CDC threw out the definitive proof the MMR caused autism (which was retrieved from the trash and can now be seen) . It boggles the mind that the head of the CDC that authorized this fraud, Julie Gerberding, was hired as the President of Merck’s Vaccine Division shortly after the cover up. It boggles the mind that while she cashed $24 million in stock last Fall, the Autism rate shot up to 1 out of every 18 two year olds. It boggles the mind that the controlled corporate media can still brainwash parents into harming their own children and bullying others into incapacitating their children as well. It boggles the mind that because of this cover up 1.8 MILLION American children will never be able to speak, never be able to stop wearing diapers, never feed themselves, never have a very clear idea of where they live (1/4 of them run away and a high percentage of them drown during their “escape”) and never be able to take care of themselves once their parents are gone. These kids were born AFTER a safer vaccine could have been made. They COULD have been normal if it weren’t for the lies, the cover-up, and the refusal to spent .50 more a dose (at a 3500% mark up) to make it safer. One would almost think it was done on purpose!

If your child has ADHD, Eczema, Nuerological Disorders, Seizures, Deadly Allergies, Asthma serious Brain Injury, or died of SIDS, or did not dodge the Autism bullet, you should be mad as H3!! right now!!!!

The CDC is pulling out all the stops on VAXXED because the stakes are high for their corrupt, incompetent and lying behinds and those of their masters. You see, 15 years ago the CDC, knowing there was a link between vaccines and autism (the government’s worst kept secret), set out to bury the truth by having published six vaccine safety studies that would proclaim vaccines don’t cause autism. You can listen to mainstream media people today repeat the lie, “study after study has shown there is no link.” The whole story is in a new book coming out later this month (April 2016) title Master Manipulator: The Explosive True Story of Fraud, Embezzlement, and Government Betrayal at the CDC (Skyhorse Publishing, April 2016).

These fraudulent studies are those very same “study after study” the media keeps talking about, and those that wrote the studies had ties to Merck, and the Vaccine Act does allow lawsuits if there is a case of fraud. So, while you can’t sue the CDC for fraud unless you use the Data Quality Act, which no one seems to want to do, Merck can be sued for fraud, and those lawsuits are already in process with more coming.”


–MrsDorisRice, April 6, 2016,

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