Why Did Salon De-Publish This Article on Arthur Caplan?

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Thank you to Erik Leon for retrieving this for us from the Way Back Machine.*


It is the Sept 2000 article describing the lawsuit against Arthur Caplan, which came up in an earlier Truth Barrier article.

The back story can be read here:


From the disappeared Salon article, by Arthur Allen:


“Last week, Caplan, 50, earned the dubious distinction of being the first prominent bioethicist to get sued for his advice. The father of Jesse Gelsinger, an 18-year-old from Arizona who died a year ago during experimental therapy for his inborn metabolic disorder, named Caplan in a lawsuit against several Penn doctors and two hospitals.”


“Paul Gelsinger charges in his complaint that Caplan’s advice led to the recruitment of his son for the gene therapy trial — and thus indirectly killed him.”


“Caplan, the Gelsinger complaint points out, had a somewhat unusual relationship with Penn’s Institute for Human Gene Therapy. Penn had hired Caplan away from the University of Minnesota in 1993 as part of then-medical school dean William Kelly’s attempt to build the nation’s leading gene therapy program.

Kelly was also responsible for hiring Jim Wilson, the gene therapy researcher whose experiment with Gelsinger went awry. (Kelly and Wilson were both major stockholders in the company that funded the research, a relationship that has been central to the controversy over Gelsinger’s death).

Although Caplan heads the bioethics center, he was technically a member of the Molecular and Cellular Engineering Department, which Wilson chaired.

“That’s why he was brought to Penn — to provide Wilson’s group with ethical cover, well, that’s too harsh, with ethical background…” 


We now plan to ask Salon: Why, on whose orders, and under what circumstances the article was removed?

What has Salon become?

Why are they, of late, so fanatic and vicious against critics of vaccines and other controversies of “modern medicine?”


Stay tuned.



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4 thoughts on “Why Did Salon De-Publish This Article on Arthur Caplan?”

    1. Uh, well, it was NOT up when these posts about Caplan were written. It is now back up. How long has it been BACK UP?

      Well, it has one FB share.


      My “investigative” skills are just fine sweet pea. And if you think tiny things like this are going to save you and your doomed ilk or that sarcasm and insults will save you, you are quite mistaken.

      Running scared are we?

      Go to hell.

  1. Filthy. Filthy-dirty, diabolical, predatory degeneracy and depravity. Such men and women the likes of Arthur Caplan, in my perfect world, ought to be subjected to enduring a precise replication of the fatal biological procedures and conditions which they advocated for, and which caused the deaths of the people against whose best interests the “ethicist’s” advocacy was directed.

    We remember Terri, 1963-2005, killed by court-ordered forced starvation and dehydration, pusuant to the advocacy of same by Arthur Caplan, and by those of his filthy-dirty, diabolical, predatory, degenerate and depraved ilk.

    She would be alive today, enjoying and being enjoyed by her loving family, if not for the filth in the degenerate “ethicist’s” perverse concept of the right to life, liberty and happiness: A right which the perverse degenerate “ethicist” reserves only for those who can say “No!” to euthanizers seeking to kill the vulnerable disabled ones who cannot speak at all.

    I curse you, Arthur Caplan. From Terri’s grave, with Terri’s mind and voice which your filthy “ethics” silenced, we curse you. You are the monster. She was the harmless, defenseless, innocent, and dearly-wanted daughter and sister to her family, and to me. The monster killed her. I hope one day karma afflicts the monster with his due painful punishment for inflicting his deadly filth on the peace and dignity of Terri’s praise-worthy, honorable and supremely-ethical family. Amen.

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