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It was on the morning of March 31, 2016, that I read British investigative author Martin J. Walker’s commentary on an article that was updated and re-posted, in the first days of the crumbling of the great media blackout on the vaccination war and the CDC Whistleblower.

This has been a decades long a war on children, parents, (especially mothers,) doctors, journalists, free speech, film festivals, actors–a war of annihilation against information, data, humanity, and history.

In the last week of March, events occurred with hairpin, white-knuckle turns, and a persistent sense of what Hunter S. Thompson called fear and loathing, in the atmosphere. After the vaccine lobby, and media propagandists bore down on Robert DeNiro and Tribeca Film Festival for endorsing and including the film Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe in its 2016 lineup, the film was pulled, on Saturday, March 26. Haters of truth seeking processes, defenders of “public health concerns” overriding even stories of profligate corruption at federal institutions like the CDC (better to say, “deniers” of said realities) were luridly pleased, while millions of parents of environmentally brain damaged children were crushed.

Overnight, the film went from being a film, as some pointed out, to being a movement. Maybe even a revolution.

Vaxxed Producer Del Bigtree spoke out loud and clear in many interviews. “We started out making a film. Instead we wound up making history,” he said.

The momentum was simply too big to be crushed the the usual Big Boot. We all knew something was going to “happen.”

Sure enough.

On March 29, news broke that the film had been defiantly picked up for distribution by Cinema Libre Studioand that the trendy Angelika Film Center just south of Tribeca, would run it for two weeks, starting April 1. 

“If everything goes well we will be in 500 theaters,” said Philippe Diaz, Chairman of Cinema Libre Studio. “We will screen this movie (Vaxxed) for free if we have to.”

Addressing the staggering, absurdist atmosphere of censorship around the film, Diaz also said:

“We have just seen almost every single major news outlet in the entire country tell the public to not see a movie (Vaxxed) that they have not seen themselves.”

Within hours, the film’s debut screening at Angelika Film Center in downtown New York, was sold out. It would appear the totalitarian press had lost its lend-no-credence-to-vaccination-trouble stranglehold, and a brand new team of freedom fighters had suddenly gotten the ball: Cinema Libre Studio.

Two outspoken heroes: Philippe Diaz and Richard Castro. All I know about them is that I love everything they say, and their names sound Latin. I suspect they know a thing or two about vested interest forces trying to tell people what’s newsworthy and what is not.

Now we had film distributors behaving like film distributors, and (knock on wood) at least one movie theater acting like a movie theater and not like a sub-contractor for the CDC’s Ministry Of Information.

The Perestroika-Glasnost surprises kept on coming. Yesterday, I blinked a few times at my screen upon seeing this article, seeming to validate “discredited” Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s widely condemned and hysteria-swept early concerns about MMR vaccines, bowel disease, and autism. I soon learned via Martin Walker that, mysteriously, it was an old article, updated as though written this week.

Martin–being probably the most well informed investigative writer on the subject of MMR and the Wakefield affair–having written several books about it, and attended every day of the GMC hearings. [See “Dirty Medicine: The Handbook on FB, to order these historically critical books]–put it in context for me on his FB page.  I read the comment and asked if I could make it “Part 2” of a Martin Walker series at The Truth Barrier, which began spontaneously with this, also originally a FB post.

This was his FB post:


“I’m not going to hold my breath while this article changes the world, many people have interviewed and quoted Peter Fletcher over the years, as a previous civil servant with a sense of moral social responsibility, he is eminently quotable. He was also slated as an expert witness in some of the claims for damages made by the 1,500 parents whose children had been adversely affected by MMR. These parents and their damaged children were swept under the carpet when the UK government shut down their legal case.
The problem is now, and his applies equally to Dr Wakefield and Dr Peter Fletcher, the intelligent, responsible good men and women, have been plunged into war with the mercenary, psychopathic, profiteers of the pharmafia. No one is going to win in this war, this side of a revolution, or at least this side of thousands on the street, and the changing of direction of developed societies.
However, it would be good to see a start to this revolution with the charging by the police of those in Britain and those in the CDC in the states, who have buried the cases of damage and got away scott free.”


After I threatened (I say this jokingly) to make this FB commentary “part 2,” Martin sent me new text; The new text delighted me greatly–as a publisher of unpopular, granular, ring-of-truth, carefully sourced, non-propaganda material in the age of the anti-media.

Martin and I came to an agreement that he will submit materials that will bring today’s vast, information hungry audience closer and closer to history’s ringside, to understand at last, where the “Wakefield” mushroom cloud came from. How did it all begin? Who were the players? What exactly, happened?

The installments will be sometimes short, sometimes long. Martin himself will decide what to tell us, and in what order.

The new column:


The Mind Cage: An Uncensored History Of the War Against Andrew Wakefield And The Disappeared Victims


… begins in the next post. 

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