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Robert DeNiro Is Not At Fault For This Disaster


By Polly Tommey


Autism is hard to live with for many families. I know as I am Billy’s mother. Billy is a 19-year-old who had a severe adverse reaction to the MMR vaccine at 13 months of age. He was later diagnosed with autism.


Robert De Niro is the father of a child with autism and no amount of money or fame can take away the sheer heartbreak that comes with this diagnosis. Unless you live with it, it’s impossible to imagine. I know that he, like me and so many others, wants to do the right thing. What happened to our children must not happen to other families. We don’t want others to go through the pain and heartache that comes with caring for a child who has chronic health issues as a result of vaccine injury.

On the other hand, we could just walk away from this and get on with our lives the best we can. Why do I need to constantly tell Billy’s story? People who speak out about vaccine injury are subjected to a constant hail of abuse and even threats. My child is already damaged so why should I care what other parents do?





Because I was once one of them– extremely pro-vaccine. My eldest child Bella had all her vaccinations and was perfectly fine; I had no reason to question anything when I took Billy to the doctor for his shot. I continue to speak about vaccine injury because I don’t want you to watch your child regress into another world. It’s too painful and I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. Autism doesn’t just affect the child with the diagnosis, but so many others as well. It can be devastating to the entire family.

Robert de Niro lives a life similar to mine. Granted, I don’t have money or fame—which some might argue could ease the burden—but he still lives with the same pain as I do: The deep daily sadness of knowing what our child could have been, the guilt for what we should or could have done differently, and the utter fear for the future of our vulnerable loved ones. For Mr. De Niro to have quashed what I know he thought was an important, well researched documentary can only mean one thing. Someone, somewhere, frightened him. You see we are just parents, we are not scientists. Mr. De Niro is just a father who happens to be an actor. We can tell our stories of what happened to our children and then leave it to the scientists and research world to do the right thing.
Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe is an Autism Media Channel production. We have spent many years researching collectively so we could bring you accurate information—the truth about the man-made autism epidemic.


I have travelled the world interviewing families, seeing the utter devastation autism brings. Producer Del Bigtree, Andrew Wakefield and I travelled across America to get interviews from scientists, researchers and politicians. I am the parent; Andy is the academic gastroenterologist (with as much, if not more knowledge about autism than any psychiatrist or psychologist can claim); Del is a first class medical journalist. And the team is not just us. We’ve been joined along the way by many experts including parents, academics, practitioners, and journalists who have contributed to the documentary. This film has been thoroughly researched and fact-checked.

As most people know by now, Vaxxed is a film centered around recorded conversations between Brian Hooker and top level CDC scientist William Thompson regarding fraudulent autism research. Brian Hooker is a scientist—a scientist who has a child with autism. What might his motive be if all this is a sham? That would make no sense.

And Andy? Just today, BBC news referred to him as being found guilty of fraud by the UK General Medical Council. He wasn’t. Fraud was never alleged by the GMC. They know this. The news report refers to him as “Mr.” Wakefield as though his medical qualifications can be removed. They can’t. Only his license to practice can be removed. He remains Dr. Wakefield, and they know this too. The report refers to him as an anti-vaccination activist. He isn’t. He is pro-vaccine safety. When people eventually view the film (and believe me they will), this will be made very clear.

Andy could have given up on “the cause” years ago. If he really had been responsible for some kind of medical fraud, it would be pretty clear to him by now that he’d lost. If he really had lied, what on earth would be the point in him carrying on?

But he didn’t lie. He simply listened to the parents, looked at the data and investigated what might be happening. He simply suggested that a potential link between vaccines and autism warranted further study. And he was right.

There is more chronic illness amongst children with autism now than ever before (as Andy said there would be), there are escalating levels of gut problems in all children, but particularly those with autism (as Andy said there would be). There are more people with autism than services can even begin to deal with (as Andy said there would be). And so it goes on. A paper published just this week eagerly informed us about how vitamin B12 might help children with autism. Excuse me for not getting too excited about this, but Andy told us that 20 years ago. Andy and his team are proven right day after day. What Andy predicted is regularly reported in the literature and from the families of children with autism around the globe. The reason he carries on is because he was right, and because he has integrity.

Robert De Niro made his initial statement about the film on Friday after Tribeca had been besieged with complaints from those who are desperate for it not to be seen. After the De Niro statement, the response escalated to the point that the film was withdrawn. Even the detractors have suggested how this indicates a level of fear beyond the norm.

But Robert De Niro is not at fault here. At the end of the day, he is an autism parent like me, neither of us is a scientist or medic. But I am more fortunate than him. I have the best team in the world backing up Billy’s story. Some of the most experienced brains and experts continue working together to bring you the truth. And these people can’t be bought. They won’t be silenced by threats. Mr. De Niro says he has taken “scientific” advice.

I feel bad for him because he took it from the wrong people.


—Polly Tommey, March 27, 2016




Polly Tommey, Producer, Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe

Director, Autism Media Channel

Founder, Autism Trust UK/USA

Minnesota, dusk, ll




[Note from the Editor: Polly Tommey also kicked off the hugely impactful “Hear This Well” campaign with her one minute video, which is linked above on her name, in red, via Epoch Times. Please watch all the videos to get the full impact.]

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  2. Have you tried uploading the movie to bit torrent? It’s a legit distribution medium ( or comes to mind) That will help distribute the movie so a wider audience can watch it. I’m sure there would be way’s to recoup the cost.

    I’m the parent of a 10-year-old autistic child we can’t say for sure that vaccines were the cause but we didn’t vaccinate our daughter based on fear.

  3. Polly, thank you for your article that is so well-written. You so eloquently expressed what all parents with children on the Autism Spectrum feel. I think Robert De Niro unwillingly did us a favor and brought even more publicity to VAXXED and the truth that needs to be told. There are now too many of families dealing with autism to ignore. If we could stop the infighting among our groups, we would be unstoppable!

  4. If you are at all concerned about the safety of vaccines with regards to fraudulent research that sometimes goes on behind closed doors in the Pharmaceutical industry, you might want to familiarize yourself with the Merck case that is still currently proceeding before the United States District Court for The Eastern District of Pennsylvania. Two former Merck Scientists filed suit against Merck under the False Claims Act. Stephen A. Krahling and Joan A. Wlochowski, plaintiffs versus Merck & Co., defendants. (Case 2:10-cv-04374-CDJ Document 20 Filed 04/27/10). It can be found on-line at:

    Here are a few highlights of the document:

    Item 18. The reason for these continued outbreaks is that Merck’s vaccine does not have a 95 percent efficacy rate. The vaccine may have been 95 percent effective when it was originally licensed in 1967, but the vaccine virus has been waning as it is continually “passaged” to create more vaccine for
    distribution. Vaccine propagation further attenuates the virus, a problem which is compounded with each additional passage of the virus to create more vaccine.

    B. Merck’s Improper Use of Rabbit Antibodies In Its “Enhanced” PRN Test
    Item 28. The second test Merck employed under Protocol 007 was formally called the Anti-lgG Enhanced Mumps Plaque Reduction Neutralization Assay. It was commenced in 2000 and again led by Krah and his staff at Merck’s West Point facility. Relators Krahling and Wlochowski paticipated on the team that conducted this supposedly enhanced test. Each of them witnessed firsthand the falsification of the test data in which Merck engaged to reach its 95 percent efficacy threshold. In fact, each was significantly pressured by Krah and other senior Merck personnel to participate in the fraud.

    Item 32. “Merck knew that the neutralizations attributable to the rabbit antibodies would never exist in the real world. This is because the human immune system, even with the immunity boost provided by an effective vaccine, could never produce rabbit antibodies. And adding rabbit antibodies as a supplement to a vaccine was not an option because it could result in serious complications to a human, even death”.

  5. Well said, Ms. Tommy. Mr. De Nero’s decision to reverse the festival’s earlier one to screen the film is understandable but unfortunate. His Friday statement clarified the scheduled screening was not an endorsement of the film, but an opportunity for conversation. In the tsunami of vitriol that his statement unleashed, if the film had been screened, no conversation would have been possible. Best now for you and the film’s creative team to work toward a distribution plan that is conducive to conversation. I’m eager to view it when it’s available to the public.

  6. I am the father of a severely autistic 13 year old whose life has been irreversibly changed through this experience. I don’t care if this issue has been looked at once or a hundred times – look at it again, look at it from a different angle, embrace the most diverse views you can find and solve this puzzle. We can figure out how to put a man on the moon, but not this? We can figure out how to organize all of the world’s information into a single search engine, but not this? I reject this failure of thinking – figure it out.

    1. John, you frame the situation so exquisitely. “We can figure out how to put a man on the moon, but not this? We can figure out how to organize all of the world’s information into a single search engine, but not this? I reject this failure of thinking – figure it out.” No one is solving the issue of autism because of a lack of will, not knowledge or resources.

      1. Just to clarify…I meant no one in government or pharma. The issue has been solved by ethical, independent doctors, chemists, pharmacists, researchers, etc.

  7. The arts have always been sponsored by the elites. Now is no different, now in our “democratic” age, the age of the (Sloan)Foundation grant, it’s the same old song.

    The leader of the Sloan foundation is a professor emeritus with 45 years at MIT. He’s on the Council of Foreign Relations. You really can’t get much upper establishment than that. Check his Wiki.

    In his research and teaching, (Paul)Joskow focuses on industrial organization, government regulation of industry, competition policy, and energy and environmental economics.

    One of the great tricks of the vaccine regime is the seeming artlessness of its promoters. I think we can safely say now that a Pharma politburo exists much in the same way that the CIA exists, for the benefit of whichever well-heeled entities may be threatened, with the backing, and often accompanying unnaccountability of government power. The CIA is openly involved with the Council on Foreign Relations. Anyway, I think the word that sums it up is fascism.

    To know who you are ruled over, find who you may not criticize. It’s about the billions of dollars. It’s a large sector of the global community, much like the war industry. The reason why DeNiro was so summarily debriefed and intimidated is roughly the same reason that Bradley Manning is being held in a dungeon underground. For attempting, attempting to tell the truth.

  8. Pardon me if i overlooked answer to this question elsewhere in this discussion but how often in the history of this tribeca festival has a film already accepted and scheduled for showing been pulled/dropped from the line up under pressure from supporters of the festival or protestors denouncing the film?

    1. It still hasn’t happened.
      Sure, there was public outcry not to screen the film, but in the end what happened was that the festival promoters took a close look at “Vaxxed” and the reputation of the producer (which they should have done up front) and made the rational decision not to screen it.

      1. argus
        Your self-contradicting reply to my question clearly reveals weak and shallow attempt of obfuscation on your part.
        i asked how often in the history of this festival a film already accepted and scheduled for screening has been dropped under pressure from supporters or protest from detractors and you insisted “It still hasn’t happened.”
        Was Vaxxed not in fact originally accepted and scheduled for screening before being cancelled apparently under pressure from festival supporters?
        Claiming “public outcry not to screen the film” while presenting no evidence of said “public outcry” you then admit “festival promoters” decided “not to screen it.”
        Then “it” has in fact happened. A film originally accepted and scheduled for screening was cancelled/dropped from the schedule under pressure from festival promoters or as you claim phantom protest.
        I will ask again clearly and plainly.
        How often in the history of this festival has a film originally accepted and scheduled for screening been cancelled under pressure from promoters or protest from those denouncing the film.
        Do not claim “it still hasn’t happened” as you just admitted it has.
        Has it happened before?
        Unlike you, I am interested in the facts.

        1. You didn’t really read what I said, did you, Brother Strawberry?
          You asked about a scheduled film being canceled under pressure from festival supporters.
          What I said was that the numerous denouncements (they’re all over the web, open your eyes) simply caused the festival promoters to take a closer look, and in so doing, realized what a public disservice it would be to give this faux documentary any sort of imprimatur.
          In other words, they decided to pull it based on close examination of the facts, not because of pressure to do so against their will.
          But you are totally weeded to the idea of some shadowy machinations, aren’t you? Where’s your evidence?

          1. You did not really read what I said did you argus?
            At no point did anything I said suggest or imply me to be” totally weeded to the idea of some shadowy machinations”.
            “Where’s your evidence?”you challenge!!
            Evidence for what?
            I made no assertions, accusations or even implications.
            I simply asked “in the history if this TriBeCa festival how often has a film originally accepted and scheduled for showing been cancelled or dropped under pressure from festival supporters or protest denouncing the film?”
            Why are you accusing me of suggesting “shadowy machinations”?
            I said nothing of the sort.
            I simply asked a question.
            Why are you so afraid of questions?

          2. Seriously argus
            Answer to my question might easily disprove any suggestion or implication (not that I ever made one) of conspiratorial shadowy oversight or action if indeed it were not uncommon for a film-be it a controversial documentary, animated short or prurient science fiction- to be dropped or removed from past schedules under pressure or protest. If this is a rare or first time occurrence however, the question remains as to why. Festivals generally boast and pride themselves on controversial subject matter.
            There were bold, unfounded and quite frankly offensive accusations, suggestions and claims made in your statement that again quite frankly demonstrate perhaps your words and actions seem purposed toward other than seeking and revealing truth.
            So it seems you fear not only questions but also Truths.
            Why would that be?

  9. On big screens all over the country, you can put up movies depicting people being torn limb from limb, drowning in their own blood, you can put up movies with panting soft-porn money shots, you can put up movies that blow up half the world; but you can’t show a movie that questions the effects of vaccines.

    That’s show biz, where the stars are co-opted on a daily basis, and if they move off the dime, they’re attacked in the press.

    But so what?

    Listen, Robert, you could have shown the film, and you could have laid on a live presentation afterwards, with speakers delivering both sides of the issue right there in the theater. You could have stood up and said you weren’t going to be bulldozed. You could have said Film itself is based on the sanctity of free speech and there was no way you were going to sacrifice that principle. You could have drawn a line in the sand. You could have parlayed your reputation and awards in the industry to make a point. You could have explained who pressured you and why. You could have refused to let the moment pass. You could have broken the back of censorship, and you could have enlisted the aid of a few of your famous friends, right up on stage, to back you up. You could have turned the whole thing around, because after all, you were just preparing to show a film. That’s what you were doing. With enough force behind your words (you know how to do that, don’t you?), you could have exposed the whole insane sham of Don’t Show a Film. You could have said, “This is not the Censored Tribeca Film Festival. That’s not the name of this event and it never will be.” You could have blown the doors apart. You could have gone live and done in public, for once, what you do on the screen. You could have hit the censors in their snake eyes and put them away. You could have gone on The View and Fallon and Kimmel and Oprah and made your case against the people who want to shut down free speech. And you know you could have scored a victory.

    1. Oh how i wish I had saved that post… if anyone has it please, share! It was about how De Niro was forced to withdraw the film. A huge hospital conglomerate funds enough of the Tribeca Film festival that they threatened that if the film was shown, they would simply close the whole festival down.. no more funding, no more Tribeca Film festival and the loss of jobs of the hundreds of people it takes to produce the festival. There was , in reality, NO choice….. De Niro had no choice. That’s the power of ice cold heartlesness of big money…. and the NWO . If I can figure out how I lost that article I will come back and post it. If anyone read it, please share it… Thank you. BTW… I have several (never been) grandkids and they have always been HEALTHIER than their vaccinated friends.

      1. Dear Dancer,

        Please if you would, tell me if this comment is based on direct knowledge. Do you know personally that this is what was threatened?

        I will ask my webmaster to search back for any version of your lost post. I am so sorry!

        I am very urgently awaiting your reply. Thank you!

  10. Sorry, but many have been in this fight for nearly 20 years. We have been public about our views and our children’s stories. We have been verbally accosted, called horrible names, accused of not loving our children as well as outright lying. Some have lost friends, families, and even their jobs for their stance. Some have been threatened with CPS and losing their children. And yet common, everyday people have not backed down, no matter how ugly it gets. DeNiro didn’t last 24 hours.

    No forgiveness here. He caved to corporate and government bullying at the cost of millions of innocent children and he did so in a single day of pressure. I am a middle-aged, slightly frumpy single mother of an autistic child and I AM TOUGHER THAN ROBERT DENIRO! Andy Wakefield lost his profession and his homeland and so much more, and has never backed down.

    DeNiro plays tough guys in movies, it apparently does not translate to his real life. I can’t wait for his next movie, “RAGING BULLSHIT”!

    1. Achel i think that is bullshit. he did the best thing for his family, it is obvious his family was threatened. i am autistic and i do not blame him one bit for withdrawing. obviously u do not know the lenghts these people will go. they could and would hurt DeNiro physically and harm his family. a lot of people who speak out suddenly die by suicide even though they were not suicidal and had no history of mental illness. those people were speaking out against vaccines. there have been numerous deaths that are suspicious as f***. Robert is a huge star, he has influence. that means the damage he could do to the vaccine industry is ar more than u or i ever could, that puts him in enormous danger, much more than u have experienced. so don’t be so quick to call him a coward.

  11. The evidence is not there. The medical community is not out to hurt children. Autism is devastating, but it’s no one’s fault and that seems to be the hardest thing for parents to accept. It wasn’t something you could have prevented; maybe in the future it will be.

    Too many children are put at risk when you don’t vaccinate. Ignorance is not an excuse for endangering others. Put your focus in something more productive instead of a conspiracy theory.

      1. Except any virus they are shedding is the attenuated one. The only danger to someone else exposed to it is that they might also gain immunity to the real disease.

      1. By “lots of research” – you mean ignore anything that represents real, reproducible science and concentrate only on “anecdotes” and fairy tales and conspiracy theories until that is all that you believe as well.

    1. No one’s put at risk by not vaccinating. Quite the contrary – many are put at risk by vaccinating, particularly and pointedly the vaccinated themselves. It goes well beyond autism, but to the point, the CDC describes autism as the result of a “brain difference”, while in the HHS’ table of vaccine injuries encephalopathy – brain damage; “brain difference” – is listed as associated with both the DTaP and MMR vaccines. Much should be deduced by the simple fact that the CDC has steadfastly refused to implement a comparative study of the overall health outcomes of the vaccinated vs the unvaccinated, despite the fact that it was first requested of them two decades ago, and the results would obviously be instrumentally informative, whatever they might be. Some have argued that such a study would be unethical, that to vaccinate some but not others is unthinkable, but all that’s really necessary is to gather the relevant medical information for the million or so people in the U.S. who are unvaccinated because that was their choice, and compare it with the already known incidences of the various disorders of interest: autism, asthma, allergies, diabetes, and so on.

      The reality’s simple: it’s a known fact that vaccines can severely or permanently disable, brain damage, even kill some kids, including infants and toddlers – several billions of dollars have been awarded by the national vaccine court for precisely such injuries. Critically, those injuries are totally unpredictable for every individual, on a shot by shot basis, and regardless of age or history of apparent non-reaction to previous vaccines. The vaccine consent, then, is literally a tacit agreement of willingness to sacrifice the health, if not the life, of your child.

    2. Really? You know this for sure? You believe that the thousands of parents who’s children’s lives and health changed dramatically post vaccination – and from a variety of different vaccines – not just the MMR, are delusional and cltching at straws? Vaccines may be tolerated by some children but NOT by all. mOre and more people, myself included, have since discovered that underlying issues or genetic mutations predisposed our children to damage. they know this is possible but do not take precautions to screen for any issues. the pharmaceutical companies themselves state that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe for some people yet they push to mandate vaccines for all. How is that reconciled with your idea that they have no desire to harm. In law if you foresee the possibility that your action could lead to death you are guilty of murder. Why not for vaccines? Because the pharmaceutical companies are exempt by law.

    3. Please research vaccines before you comment on how safe they are, my child died 7 days after MMR and docs/coroner said they have no idea why my child died suddenly. They tried to apply SIDS but my child was 14 months old. They are not stupid they all knew what caused my child’s death they just wouldn’t admit it as they don’t want people refusing vaccines. I have seen the cover up first hand. I will never vaccinate again. I hope all go straight to hell for what they are doing to families.

    4. At risk of what Lauren? Have you looked around lately. We are now giving our children over 70 vaccine by the age of 18 and we have the sickest and most damaged children in human history. 1 in 45 with autism, 1 in 6 with a neurodevelopmental disorder, skyrocketing rates of Type I diabetes, asthma, eczema, life-threatening food allergies, Crohn’s, Celiac, ADD, ADHD, and children’s cancer rates both unimaginable and heartbreaking. And there is a concerted campaign by the same backers of this out-of-control vaccination schedule to convince the people that all of this is NORMAL! We have always had these numbers of people that are sick, disabled, or suffering from lifelong conditions, we just didn’t notice, we missed it! The CDC now says 1 in every 2 children suffer from an illness, condition, or disability. 30% of our children are now special ed. It used to be 1 to 3%.

      We have record numbers of children on psychiatric drugs that are handed out like candy. Anti-psychotics, neuroleptics, and anti-depressants. Our schools have had install “drug cubbies” to hold and track the myriad of pharmaceuticals our children are taking on a daily basis.

      This is not a conspiracy theory in the negative sense, this is just another in the long history of big pharmaceutical companies and the government alphabet agencies in bed with them, lying to the public and protecting their 6-figure salaries and reputations. Protecting “the program” at the expense of the health or lives of innocent people, collateral damage, that they don’t give a crap about. They hit them with fines for hiding data, fraud, and more because the fines are a pittance compared to the profits they rake in. The cost is simply figured in as the cost of doing business, so the lies are built into the plan and let the chips fall where they may.

      Wake up Lauren and stop drinking the Kool-Aid!

  12. Thank you for your incredible work! But still, I can’t forgive Mr. De Niro. They would never kill him. Hi is too famous. Not like those naturopathic doctor (13, I believe) who just suddenly died or “committed suicide”. But his name will bring more americans to watch and THINK (very unusual exercise). May be he is too old and crashed by his autistic son’s situation and has no juices left , specially for fight like this one….

    1. If they could kill Robin Williams President Kennedy, the much beloved (by both dems and repubs) Senator Wellstone and a host of other very famous people what makes you think they wouldn’t kill De Niro… The REAL threat would be the loss of a loved one… maybe even his beloved child, wife or other relative. You must know this much about our shadow Gov’t.

    2. christ, u really think famous people haven’t been killed???? lololol. there is no one too famous to be killed. what a naive belief! they would kill deniro, it would be another suicide, or heart attack or something else.

  13. Any anger, resentment, or judgment of Robert DiNero is badly misplaced. To date, that I know of, more than 20 holistic doctors and alternative healers, who were working on exposing aspects of autism that the vaccine industry does not want exposed have died under mysterious circumstances since June 19, 2015. The vaccine industry is powerful and utterly ruthless.

    It is obvious that Robert DiNero was threatened. I have no idea what the threat is. But I do know that they will stop at nothing to cover up their negligence, their falsifying of the science, the tremendous harm they have done and are still doing, the laws they have broken and continue to break and to protect their many billions of dollars in blood money. I doubt that any of the people who have judged Robert DiNero for pulling the film could stand up to whatever pressure they applied.

    Instead of judging him why not use that energy to help get the truth out?

    If you agree that censorship, especially when enforced by threat is bad for our world and that all sides in such controversial subjects deserve a fair and open hearing, then consider signing this petition:

  14. Robert De Niro should be ashamed of yourself. He had the perfect opportunity to make the public aware of the danger of these vaccines. He had also he opportunity for the for”s and the against. You Robert De Niro were sanding up for something that you truly believed in and yet you let someone stand over you, and tell you that your own morals were wrong, and for what? To have someone tell you. your own son is not worth fighting for. ?
    You have the people to back you up. You had the power to take a stand for something that is right but chose to turn your back and walk away

    1. Agreed I have lost all respect for this man, he is nothing but a coward. Ordinary people have been fighting this poisoning of our children for decades. People have lost their children trying to defend them against forced vaccines…It is common knowledge the vaccines are poison and he had the chance to show the world…what a creep! He doesn’t give a shit about children, he is one of the elite and listens to whatever he is told…COWARD!

    2. You really dont see the big picture .. To reduce the situation in the way you have to — name calling and judgement is disgusting. You have no idea clearly… Since June of last year.. 20 doctors connected to exposing the lies about autism and cancer have ”’died” conveniently. To call someone a ‘creep; because he does not go along with your expected bidding of him is despicable. I have no doubt whatsoever, that he was threatened. As people who attempt to expose – are. And… the threats are carried out. CARE for Children… –OF course he does. His big mistake was to come out and first. He ought to have waited till the very last minute. That way it would have been too late for them to change his mind..

  15. Yes. I believe the truth will come out. Like it has for so many abuse victims, already years too late. Perhaps we will have trials like those that followed WW2. Our police forces dedicated to historic crimes as they are now with sex abuse from 40 years ago. These crimes are being committed now. Doesn’t anyone consider the horror our children are suffering as they lose control of so many of their senses. Many tell, if they are able, that they are buried alive, trapped in a body they cannot control. We are being distracted from these facts.
    God help us !

  16. “We Must Forgive Robert DeNiro” – I agree – EXCEPT- there is nothing to forgive. Robert DeNiro is a brave man. I am sure he had no idea of the media storm he was about to unleash, or how high the stakes are around the issues of vaccination. He MUST protect his family first. I think he made a wise decision to ‘pull’ the film from the Tribeca Film Festival, which would inevitably have been targeted by thugs and disrupters. That will not preclude other screenings, and of course, we can all buy and view the film online. The enormous publicity generated, will at least make US Citizens wonder what they are being prevented from viewing. In a democracy, censorship of a public interest documentary is completely unacceptable.
    In the UK, vaccine manufacturers GSK have just ‘done a swap’ with Novartis in order to get hold of their Meningitis B vaccine, trade named Bexsero. The UK Government has now agreed to vaccinate all newborn babies, but has ‘thankfully’ resisted huge public pressure to extend this for children up to 10 years. The vaccine is not recommended for babies. CEO Sir Andrew Witty has told unhappy GSK shareholders about the vast profits expected from Bexsero and other vaccines. Witty has presided over a number of bribery and corruption scandals in the US, China, and most recently the UK, and has been fined hundreds of £millions, but any UK industry which is profitable and employs people is teflon coated. Witty is leaving GSK. He SHOULD lose his knighthood, but this won’t happen.

    Robert DeNiro – I was a fan before. I am a bigger fan now. Bless you and your family.

  17. Before you say anything that will offend your free speech sense abilities, just listen… I had a thought. Kind of an analogy that came to mind today. My mom asked me, regarding the Tribeca Festival horrors, what I thought would happen next. I thought, here we have all of this incredible political and corporate and philanthropic money & power on one side and on the other a nation of parents and gifted healers and independent media and other supporters, who have been trying for many, many years … And take a breath… it reminded me of the grass roots movement for Trump [Tip: Emory in Atl. provides free counseling.] His supporters want to be heard. They want to change things that some people find threatening. They’re trying to buck the system of power and greed that is defining the U.S. And look at what the system has done to them when they truly became a threat. It is horrifying! The RNC, every level of government, corporate interests, the media, and people who say FREELY that they don’t believe in the 1st amend. have come together to STOP Trump. Trump is a real threat to a lot of people – and I don’t mean voters alone. And what is “everyone” saying about Trump supporters? That they are Brown Shirts, Militants, Right Wing Kooks, Left Wing Kooks. Sound kind of familiar? I think it is the same thing that has been done to the community represented here… I think this movie’s timing maybe pretty good. Now we know they have at least two fires burning at once.

    1. I have to agree Still Learning, there seems to be a distinct pattern of behavior when it comes to how those in power tend to treat anyone who dares to question authority on this or a number of other subjects.

      Let’s for a moment then examine what Trump has said about the subject at hand, and compare that to Hillary Clinton’s position.

      Trump said in one of the GOP debates: “”Autism has become an epidemic. Twenty-five years ago, 35 years ago, you look at the statistics, not even close. It has gotten totally out of control,” Trump said. “I am totally in favor of vaccines. But I want smaller doses over a longer period of time. Same exact amount, but you take this little beautiful baby, and you pump—I mean, it looks just like it’s meant for a horse, not for a child, and we’ve had so many instances, people that work for me.”

      What’s even remotely controversial about that? That it’s become an epidemic isn’t in dispute, that’s the mainstream position. So…spacing out the vaccinations is this crazy thought?

      Now look at the tone of the head line…

      Ok, now let’s examine Hillary’s position on the subject:

      “The science is clear: The earth is round, the sky is blue, and #vaccineswork. Let’s protect all our kids. #GrandmothersKnowBest”

      Well, the sky is frequently grey, like right now it’s grey because it’s raining. At least half of every day the sky is black, because it’s night time. If you live in an urban area the sky can be red at night. So, if one were to be scientific about it, the sky is reflective and air is for the most part clear.

      The earth is roundish, but actually it’s flat at the poles, and it bulges somewhat at the equator, making it something of an oblate sphere. Not exactly round.

      And vaccines haven’t been proven safe.

      I’m not telling you who to vote for, but we should know what our candidates say about the subject, and when it comes to vaccinations and the problems that a lot of us have noticed regarding them, Hillary Clinton comes off as a condescending scold, where Donald Trump comes across as reasoned and compassionate.

      There’s zero chance I’ll vote for her.

  18. Years ago I knew a dynamic, somewhat connected woman, with a vaccine damaged son. She started speaking out, she started making noise…and another dynamic, connected acquaintance told her that she’d better be careful, because she had NO CLUE how powerful the people she was up against were. That this was even going to be shown blew me away. That is was pulled does not surprise me in the slightest.

  19. You are right! I feel for Mr. Deniro, but we were all so hopeful. We are beyond TIRED of the vaccine industry having so much control over our lives. Now they wish to control what the American people see, what they hear,and what they are allowed to watch. Are they so afraid there are still people int eh US who can formulate their own opinion rather than being told what to believe? Of course, because truth hurts their profits. People need to wake up and realize these entities do not exist for altruistic reasons. They do not really care about anyone’s health. They are there to make money any way they can, and with the freedom to do so via vaccines in which they bear no liability, our government has created a MONSTER, and quite frankly it is destroying our country and our democracy.

    I was naive enough to think fifteen years ago that my country would realize its errors and make things right. But our representatives are being controlled by the same pharam dollars a teh media, so it is going to take US – enough Americans realizing the truth and demanding change.

    My son was seriously injured by vaccines, but thank GOD for doctors and PhD’s who are HONEST and who think outside the box. My son was moderate severe/non-verbal after i watched him have what I am certain was a stroke after four vaccines. He was also diagnosed with heavy metal intoxication one year later, along with an immune disorder NOS and metabolic disorder NOS and he suffered a host of medical problems for nine long years. It is because of men like Dr. Wakefield and other doctors I won’t name (because too many true healers have wound up dead of late) that my son, though he has some permanent injuries was able to learn to speak again and we were able to alleviate his horrible, debilitating gut pain. If I had followed the mainstream, my child would be doped into oblivion, still be non-verbal and pooping on the floor every time I turned my back. But now he has hope for an independent life one day. I could never exonerate the vaccine industry for what they did to our child and our family. They changed the course of all our lives forever and it was wholly unjust,and they shooed be held accountable for each and every child they have maimed or killed. I still hope for justice. Mr. Deniro would be wise to never get this information from a medical or pharma scientist. Either they have all been duped or they are all complicit in one of the worst crimes of humanity ever committed.

  20. This is what happened to the film Bananas* and its documented in the follow up film Big Boys Gone Bananas*! The film shows how the film Bananas* was censored from a film festival by corporate interests. The film maker was dubbed a fraud by all media sources even though he was never find guilty of fraud. Most articles in any media outlet were written by outside contributers who were actually PR reps for Dole. If anyone planned on publishing an unbiased article, that media outlet would get a threatening letter from Dole reps. Dole went as far as threatening every government official who planned on attending a screening in Sweden. I’m sure there are similarities between the PR tactics of Dole and whatever actions the pharma PR reps are taking.

    1. The difference here is that the filmmaker of “Vaxxed” has already been shown to be a fraud, so when media outlets call him that, they are simply pointing out the truth.
      There is no need for the tactics you suggest to be used in this instance. Andy Wakefield already has a public record that speaks for itself. The most anyone needs to do is point this out to someone so that they can look at it for themselves. Its called “doing your research”.
      And that’s probably what happened in this case; previously Robert DeNiro probably had no idea who Wakefield was, or what his background was. Someone with an axe to grind suggested that the film could be a good candidate for Tribeca and DeNiro took their word for it. Only after the backlash started did he “do the research” on Wakefield, and possibly looked at the film and noticed how poorly done it was, and made the decision that pulling it would do less damage to the film festival’s reputation than screening something with no basis in reality or truth.

      1. Who is the media paid and controled by?? Wouldnt happen to be the same people that make money from all this right?

  21. The ignorance of science on the site is beyond pathetic. People will die from Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough, Polio, etc, because of anti-science ignorance propagated on site like these. Earn your history AND your science. Keep getting your medical advice from ex-porn stars like Jenny McCarthy who go her “medical degree” from the University of Google. Or be like the Canacian airheads that treated their kid for meningitis with herbs.

    1. My son was born perfectly healthy and regressed into Autism after being over vaccinated with toxins he could not break down. He has the MTHFR genetic mutation. He should have never been vaccinated because his body does not methylate properly. So many children have this genetic mutation. I pray that one day before a Pediatriciam injects children with their ” one size fits all policy ,” they will do blood work on infants. I did not receive my information from Jenny McCarthy. I did have the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago. She has done nothing wrong except to create awareness that vaccines are not for everyone, though the CDC wants everybody to believe such nonsense.
      You REALLY need to do your research.

    2. Earn your science and your history? Why don’t you LEarn your science and history – and maybe some english while you’re at it. Every word in you post oozes ignorance. Anyone that brings up Jenny McArthy in their argument has clearly done ZERO research. Go play in the sandbox. You’re out of your league here.

    3. Have you seen the film Bobby?

      So far I’ve not heard anyone on the site go on about the Polio vaccine, I could be wrong but…

      The thing that I find funny about people like you is that you fail to realize that even Andy Wakefield himself isn’t ‘anti vax’ let alone anti science. In reality he’s just pro vaccine safety, and who with a functioning brain isn’t? That’s a label the frightened Pharmaceutical salesmen lumped onto him and the rest of those who merely care.

      I have a child with Autism, so I feel like I know the score in terms of what they tried to do for him, and in the way of pre screening and blood work, rest assured, nobody was particularly concerned with ‘science’. The rule of the day seems to be: pump them full of vaccines first, and then if anything goes wrong say it’s ‘genetic’. If the parent continues to ask questions take a hostile tone while trolls like you show up at any website where free people discuss the problem from their own point of view.

      Bobby, is that really scientific? Is it really scientific to assume that every child can ingest thimerosal safely? If I told you I knew of a child who had an allergic reaction to egg shells, a food stuff we’ve been eating since we were reptiles, would you question that? Would you force that child to eat eggs? Ok, so that said, it’s completely inconceivable to you and utterly unscientific to think that a child may have an adverse reaction to any of the compound chemicals in vaccines?

      If that’s the case, you’re a laughable lightweight of a thinker Bobby, which is fine I suppose. But to trot out and flaunt such ignorance is a little…perverse.

      But thanks for tuning in, we appreciate your interest in the subject.

      1. Hmmm. I’m just wondering, have you seen the documentary? How can you say that “maybe the doc was pulled because it was poorly made and sends an irresponsible message.”

        Sorry, but I find your response to be very short-sighted. I have followed and researched this subject of vaccination safety for a very long time, as time permits around the special needs of my granddaughter whom I am raising following her mother’s untimely death. We have very brave man, in Mr. Thompson who chose to finally speak up and that is the subject around which this documentary is built.

        I am anxiously waiting for an opportunity to see it and I don’t want to wait until I can buy it or until it goes onto YouTube or whatever venue the film is able to be distributed. If I had the money to attend the screening tomorrow or Saturday, I would be in New York. We owe it to ourselves to be well informed when it comes to our children’s health. The vaccination schedule today is vastly different from when I was a child, that troubles me. I want to see and read everything that Mr. Thompson and Wakefiled have to say.

        I wonder, have you watched any of Wakefield’s presentations. I have not found him to be a blustery ranting and raving individual, but to be well-spoken, an organized and accomplished speaker and instructor. I can’t wait to see this documentary that he has directed to help get the word out.

        “Poorly made”, are you kidding, not with Del Bigtree producing it. “An irresponsible message”, really? What is irresponsible would be to have knowledge of something critically important to the health and welfare of our children and families and then to sweep it under the rug, to ignore ever having heard about it. Now that would be irresponsible.

        Now it is my hope you will watch the documentary. Isn’t that the only way you reasonably can make any statement regarding it? It took 50 years for the effects of lead in blood to be recognized as a significant health problem. I hope it won’t take that much time to get our arms around all of the questions this documentary will raise.

    4. Thank you for your beautifully scripted lies, Stephen, for your work as government and medical industry shill. You can go away

      1. “Thank you for your beautifully scripted lies, Stephen, for your work as government and medical industry shill. You can go away

        Pardon, is this directed at me? I’m sorry could you deign to explain yourself if it is? It’s a trifle confusing.

  22. Why is Hollywood and the medical community so worried about this documentary being shown? Isn’t the film festival a popular venue for topics that are controversial? Why so much concern?

  23. Because of the DAN protocol and Dr. Wakefield’s research, my son recovered from ASD. He’d a sophomore in college. I owe so much to other parents of vaccine injured children. And the doctors, bless them. The truth will come out because us parents will never stop speaking out.

  24. This SEEMS to me like a watershed moment. I’m nervous of the outcome, of a torrent of adverse press filled with the predictable unsubstantiated propaganda and jargon…yet at the same time hopeful that even adverse news will bring much-needed publicity to the issues and cause more people to ask why such extreme gagging and censorship has gone on in the first place. Hopefully it will encourage more people to investigate the full story and the vested interests behind the Wakefield smear campaign AND the CDC coverup. Even in the film’s bare bones promotional material, the outline of the Thompson CDC fraud story is spelt out clearly, indisputable and unable to be dismissed by the Snopeses of the world as a rumour (anyone can go to Thompson’s lawyers website, Morgan Verkampf I believe) to verify it all.

    Hopefully the decision will be reversed, or (more likely) a plan B and C for distribution will emerge…but maybe also, even without seeing the movie, there are red flags and a trial to credible evidence that more people will notice, purely from the publicity this has generated.

  25. I look forward to hearing what really went down to make de niro pull out (if we ever find out). Maybe it was simply sponsor money threatened, maybe it was much more serious? After all the murdered and “suicided” holistic doctors recently i wouldn’t be surprised if he was scared off for real… They are capable of mafia like behaviour, history has proven that.

    1. Steve Smoth: There are NOT two sides! There is scientific truth and their is superstitious bullshit like this site. Just like evolution is true and creationism is bullshit.

      1. There are ALWAYS two sides. Science backs both sides. It is easier for the masses to believe the lie than to believe they have been lied to.

      2. Actually, there is no such thing as scientific truth. “Truth” is what is currently thought by the majority of “experts” to be correct. Somewhere online you’ll find the graduation speech of a year group of doctors where the speaker, a highly respected doctor, quotes something like ” I’m confident that half of what we have taught you in the last 7 years is incorrect. We just don’t know which half” Anyone who has a closed, dogmatic approach to this, or any controversial topic is going to be very disappointed as more is discovered. At this stage I believe that vaccinations may have done a lot of good and also caused a lot of harm. I’m not an expert, I’m open minded and willing to listen to both sides. I hope Mr de Niro has the balls to explain the reasons why the screenings were canned.

      3. Bobby, won’t that be something when we evolve ourselves into a society of neurologically and brain injured people that can no longer care for ourselves or reproduce?

      4. that adamant reaction – “there are NOT 2 sides” is exactly the mindset behind censoring this film. relax Bobby. If you’re so damn sure that you’re right about this issue, whats the fear about hearing another viewpoint. If its so wrong, surely the viewers are capable of making their own INFORMED CHOICE.

      5. Nice try Bobby, but that would only be an apt comparison if the Darwinists were terrible frightened by the Creationists. They’re not. They have the debate.

        So far in this case it simply hasn’t happened.

        1. Evolution is driven by need, if they are cared for and fed, there is no stressor to push them into evolving. Every living being adapts to stress or dies, so at one point apes in an area adapted by evolving and others not under the same stress didn’t.

  26. “Vaxxed: From Coverup To Catastrophe is an Autism Media Channel production. We have spent many years researching collectively so we could bring you accurate information—the truth about the man-made autism epidemic.”

    It’s glaringly apparent that this film is potentially very damaging to the multi-billion dollar vaccine industry and specifically the CDC and that corporate-political pressure was brought to bear….
    It’s all about fear and anti-trust – turn those on the industry and the CDC and give the power back to the people…
    Without being a conspiracy theorist of any description, you can imagine gentle, advisory conversations along the lines of: “Bob, if you endorse this movie, nobody in Hollywood is gonna touch you again, you do realise that, right?”

    The truth will out and this debacle is only going to serve to give it even more momentum.

  27. Perhaps we will one day also know the reason DeNiro was forced into the decision and it will make an even more powerful testimony when the truth comes out.

  28. “For Mr. De Niro to have quashed what I know he thought was an important, well researched documentary can only mean one thing. Someone, somewhere, frightened him.”

    This was my first reaction; the film must be extremely frightening to someone or some group that’s very powerful. He tried to stick his neck out for the film, but someone got to him. I don’t cling to the idea that we’ll know exactly who, or exactly what they threatened him with as satisfying as that would be to know. But I do know this, one week back in 1977 the Sex Pistols were banned by the BBC and the week after it was banned there was no No. 1 record on the British charts. It’s not because nobody bought the record, they simply refused to acknowledge that it existed, and the rest is history.

    This film will be seen.

      1. Yes it does, and I believe the truth and nothing but the truth will come out. The tears that have been shed by so many of us parents and loved ones will not go un noticed. Don’t we as parents have a right to be informed so that we can make the right choices and decisions to save our children and families from the pain and agony of having vaccinated injured children? Should we not be informed about the materials and preservatives in vaccines and their side effects? Is that not the standard with other meds?. Are vaccines any different? All of theses questions by us parents and consumers need to be addressed by “big pharma” Why should a baby have a painful shot for hepatitis B just 1 hour after he or she is born? Why are our babies given 3-5 vaccines in 1 office visit at once? Why don’t we give them one at a time to see which one has an adverse effect? What about the ? of allergy?. How do we know if a baby has a potential allergy to these products within 1 hour of their birth? What is the rush. Are they at risk of contracting Hepatitis B in the USA so soon after they are born? Why don’t we wait for our children to be neurologically and fully assessed and ensure that they have met all their milestones to see what their baseline is before we start introducing vaccines loaded with harmful preservatives to prolong the shelf life into their young new bodies. Just because smallpox vaccine has saved lives does not justify giving vaccines with potential harmful effects to our children. We want to protect our children from harmful diseases with good vaccines not with vaccines laced with harmful products that will usher them into a life of no speech, head banging, spinning, in diapers in their twenties etc, etc. You get the picture!. what future do you promise to these children. Which would any one choose or prefer? It is time we as parents stand up and draw a line in the sand. Enough is Enough. We are the voices of our autistic children and it is our responsibility to stand up for them, we cannot back down, we will not be silenced. We need to know the truth to set our children free from this new epidemic.

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