Easter Eggs







Donations are HUGELY  welcomed, to help us grow, thrive, and eventually dominate the media landscape.

Some of our recent posts about the CDC Whistleblower are going viral and we are poised to make a big impact.

Also, please welcome new Senior Editor, Stephen Ericson, whose debut article I was very proud  to publish this week.

Happy Easter and thank you for being part of The Truth Barrier. ♦


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6 thoughts on “Easter Eggs”

  1. John, thanks tuning in. We had a sudden increase in traffic, as Celia has mentioned. Pardon our enthusiasm, but we there’s just so much to be excited about. Stay tuned.

  2. John,

    The way I defined “viral” was by way of a huge spike in traffic. In this case a 10,000% increase in page hits, from a “normal” day to yesterday when I posted about the film “Vaxxed.”

    I just reviewed the Statcounter stats with Stephen. I never was so clear about what the word “viral” meant.

    “Truly painful to see?”

    If this is enough to cause you “pain,” then I envy your cushy existence.

    1. Malice and spite were very clearly unwarranted, and are very clearly unjustifiable, and are certainly not the elements of a state of spirit which is envied by anyone whose desire is level-headed sociability.

      My plainly obvious intention was protective, attempting to raise wise reflection for the purpose of promoting and initiating prevention of self-inflicted discrediting (self-inflicted wounding of credibility).

      A response of malice and spite was immature, and bears the appearance of instability.

      I wish you well, Celia.

      1. This is nothing short of bizarre. I have done absolutely nothing to deserve any punitive words or energy here. I refuse to engage. I simply have no idea what this is about. I never misrepresented anything. Nor were any of my responses “unstable.” I addressed your “unstable” and highly emotional accusation that I had distorted a truth. I had not. You even asserted that my new editor, a term you put sarcastically in quotation marks, should have saved me from myself. There is no event here. I wrote “viral” and when you charged me with can exaggeration so profound it caused you “pain,” I explained how I arrived at the word “viral.” That’s all that happened.

        Thank you for wishing me well. I wish you well as well.

  3. “Some of our recent posts about the CDC whistleblower are going viral and we are poised to make a big impact…and eventually dominate the media landscape.”

    I googled, “truth barrier de niro to vaccine lobby”. Received one search result. One only. It was the link to Truth Barrier. No evidence of “going viral”.

    Unwise to fallaciously inflate?

    There’s no dispute about the definition of “going viral”, in any dictionary or encyclopedia. “Going viral” does not mean being referenced in only one search result; one search result which is drawn from the very source of the allegedly “viral” electronic media item.

    Unwise to fallaciously inflate? Absolutely yes.

    The new “Senior Editor” ought to have nixed something so disreputable and so injurious to credibility, yes?

    Sad to see such ruinously desperate theatrics. Painful. Truly painful to see. 🙁

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