Dead Dissidents: How We Were Wrong

Keep away old man, you won’t fool me
You and your history won’t rule me
You might have been a fighter, but admit you failed
I’m not affected by your blackmail
You won’t blackmail me.

–Pete Townshend, Slip Kid



Pete Townshend











There is an elephant in the room and I am not one to ignore elephants.

Nor is this a laughing matter.

But it does, if you stay till the end, have hope and light in it.














When you write about a subject long enough, you become what you write about, dissolve into it, finally, and are asked to own and take full responsibility for it, like it or not.

The so-called “dissident movement,” in the US which is not a “movement” so much as a body of objections and critiques, has urged people to leave the ARV (anti-retroviral) based ship of the orthodoxy, but not provided any reliable lifeboats. That is a simplification, but I will elaborate.

The time has come to put a new flag up. One of total surrender to all that can be observed, with no defenses of calcified beliefs. To stick to beliefs that are not open, alive, and evolving, is to betray people who are in a life or death situation.


Brief History

I began in late 1987, reporting and writing about dissent to the mushroom cloud of terror that was the Robert Gallo-based “hypothesis” that what he self-servingly named “human immunodeficiency virus” (after naming it HTLV-lll) was the single and sufficient cause of the syndrome the CDC called Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (A paradox. Did one “acquire” it or did one “catch” it?)

I reported with youthful zeal, with the full backing of my editor, Bob Guccione Jr. on a subject he gave monthly feature length “column” space to, at his magazine, SPIN, namely AIDS. Mr. Guccione considered the subject worthy of a monthly column because it was, as he said, “the Vietnam of our generation.” I interviewed, of course, Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. Robert Root Bernstein, Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, Safe Sex inventor and AIDS activist Michael Callen, and many other voices of “dissent,” which was a symphony of voices objecting to various parts of the mushroom cloud.

Duesberg cleanly said retroviruses are not pathogenic. Root-Bernstein and Sonnabend argued a multifactorial model. Dr. Michael Lange at St. Lukes Roosevelt told me AZT was killing patients. (And that his career would be terminated if I revealed his identity.) (That’s mute now.)

Sonnabend and Callen joined the chorus of AZT dissent. Root-Bernstein pointed out things like scientific papers that showed “HIV” (pro-virus) was absent from seminal fluid. They all agreed that the “heterosexual AIDS explosion” was a cynical plot driven by AmFar to raise funds from terrified heterosexual Congressmen, that had no basis in the emerging statistics, or reality. When, in the early 1990s, The Perth Group wrote their first stunning paper in Bio/Technology, demonstrating that the “HIV test” was not proof of infection with “HIV,” things got more complex. The closer you held a magnifying glass to any one truism of the AIDS juggernaut, the more it dissolved in front of your eyes.



       “I think time is my greatest ally.”

—Peter Duesberg



We were all caught up in trying to unravel a mass of pseudo-scientific assertions that sprang sui generis from…what seemed to be a propaganda factory. Where were these psychologically devastating proclamations about mass death from sex coming from? Everything was post-classical, meaning “proof” was considered somehow filthy, because people “were dying.” And this was the biggest problem: The orthodoxy managed to be “right” even when it proved to be “wrong.” Those who said things were “wrong” were declared murderers, even when they were proven right. It was incredibly difficult to function in this inverted universe.

Over the years, and then decades, camps splintered, hatred grew, careers were crushed, condemnations flew, and people died. On both sides, people died.  I have a lot of love and respect for just about every single person who tried to sort this nightmare out. Let me just say that, first. The purpose here is not to condemn anybody for not having “all the answers.”

It is an act of abuse to demand answers in advance of due process.


In the Beginning


My first article was a breathless feature article about an egg lipid compound called AL-721 that was being cooked up in basements by gay men trying to save their brothers. I believed it was possibly the “cure for AIDS,” at the time. It wasn’t. It didn’t work.

The dissident movement actually grew out of the gay community in New York: Michael Callen, Richard Berkowitz, and  Dr. Joe Sonnabend. They formulated the multi-factorial model for AIDS and pushed for a ruthless honesty between the gay community and the straight world. Larry Kramer and Act Up were the opposition to this. They prevailed. I don’t have time or space to get into that here and now. But the fact is, AIDS dissent began with gay men, not with a heterosexual cancer virologist in Berkeley. This was swept from the history in order that the Czars of AIDS could make dissent appear to be “homophobic.”

(Sonnabend, in turn, denounced Duesberg and other dissenters, as did Berkowitz. Callen never did. I welcome any persons named here who may read this to comment, or issue any corrections or embellishments.)

Michael Callen was my number one influence. He informed my thinking, and we were great friends. He died of AIDS, in 1994. He told me, and even left words to this effect in his will, that I would have my “head handed to me” by the gay community if I pursued this reporting on AIDS, and he urged me to do it anyway. After his death, his legacy has been scandalously transformed into conventional AIDS kitsch. None of his true “dissent” is honored.

He left me his archives, in his will, but I have never gone to try to retrieve them. His survivors  and “loved ones” have decided to speak for him, by changing his message into something unrecognizable. Without Michael here, I can’t persuade them to take an interest in what he was really trying to say. But I will re-publish some of the old interviews and correspondences, as my energy returns.



AZT label






AZT killed off a generation of gay men–the figure often quoted is 300,000.

AZT alone killed them–not AZT and HIV. The deaths were swift and gruesome. People were left sometimes with half a face, like survivors of Chernobyl.

Arthur Ashe, Rudolf Nureyev, Elizabeth Glaser–Kimberly Bergalis narrated her own drug-death by three nucleoside analogues, one being AZT, in Time Magazine. The artist Keith Haring died within two weeks of being persuaded by activist friends to take the “fast tracked” new nuke DDi. He died of renal failure, as gay activist and writer Jim Fouratt bravely went on record to admit.

When, after the 1993 Concorde Study‘s results were revealed in Berlin, AZT fell from its bizarre pedestal as “the only drug that can save lives,” the new drugs were about to be launched. Protease Inhibitors. David Ho. The math model for HIV. Andrew Sullivan’s cover story in the New York Times Magazine. The Lazarus Effect.

This was a hairpin turn in the history of AIDS. The despised “dissidents” and “AZT refusniks” saw their objections to the deadly AZT folded into a triumph, and made to disappear. The new drugs “worked.” Dr. David Ho was named Man of The Year by TIME magazine. We learned, the hard way, that orthodoxy types can kill 300,000 people with their “views” and still go after “deniers” with accusations of strongly held views “killing people.”

Breathtakingly dishonest.

Sean Strub, founder of POZ Magazine, is a notable exception. He has always been capable of conceding that AZT dissenters “saved countless lives,” though he remains certain HIV causes AIDS and ARV drugs save lives. We get along just fine–because he is honest.

Here’s what happened next, in broad strokes: AIDS dissenters had nothing to offer, while the establishment had a Lazarus Effect to offer. Answers.

By default, and under the relentless pressures of bullying, abuse, censorship, libel, career destruction, and psychological torture, the dissidents formed a defensive posture: It came down to “don’t take drugs.”

If HIV was only a random collection of proteins, if “it” had never been proven to cause AIDS, if it said in the test inserts of all HIV tests that they can’t demonstrate either the presence or absence of HIV, if nothing could be trusted, the dissenters argued, why not free yourself instead from the “lie” and the “myth” of HIV’s deadliness. Break the chains. Just live your life.

Here, I need to state plainly: It worked for some. It did not work, generally. There was, and is, a blind spot. I titled this post “Dead Dissidents,” to own and deal with the spiteful phrase and the accusation inside it. To say that yes, it’s true, dissidents continued to die, having broken the chains (to some extent) and having gone off toxic drugs. They also died having gone ON toxic drugs, but after becoming inexplicably ill, often after some 20 years of relatively stable health.

A new and baffling pattern emerged: Does HIV cause AIDS after 20 years?

People who did not buy into the orthodox model were not by any means immune from sudden plummets in their health. In many cases, they agreed to take ARV drugs and this is probably what saved them. In other words: The truth was complex. It was still at large. Elusive.

There were others who did succeed in staying healthy with no interventions, 10, 15, 20 years on. But the important thing was those who got sick.

Why? How?

A positive HIV antibody test meant something, but what?


I want to get a real proper lather going here–a true Stalinist denunciation, of myself.


This is what I want to do.


I denounce myself, and I don’t speak for anybody else. I do this so that I may be considered free of calcified beliefs and open to new solutions. My notion of denouncing myself comes from an urge to metamorphose, to be free of old armor and blinders.

I don’t know how to transition, without this denunciation. It’s very important: I don’t want to be patted on the back. I want to be free.

I want to die (in terms of what I became branded with) and then come back in a new form. A form that allows for the “you people were wrong” rock thrown. Let me receive it, head on. Then we can carry on.










Here’s what I see: The dissenters were correct about the important and large critiques, but did not solve the matter of why people got sick, or how to reverse immune collapse. There was a greater interest in collecting “wrong” from the other side than in solving the problem. The other guys being wrong did not adequately help those who needed answers.

If I take a “ruthless moral inventory,” I can acknowledge that I myself was in defensive posture, and somewhere deep inside, I was too exhausted to open my eyes and keep them open, to the emerging patterns. Truth was not pooling obediently on one side. I fell asleep. I tended to my inner wounds. Then I realized that there was something I needed to SAY.

“Let’s talk about what we have been wrong about.”

(Imagine how much joy we could spread to the hearts of our enemies, in time for Christmas.)

It grew in me. I lost friends. Or were they? I was raw and angry. We had worked SO HARD and some of us were still alive after all the pogroms. Why couldn’t it just work out, solve itself like in a movie?

My outlets had been eliminated, following the orchestrated attacks on my journalistic veracity following an article I wrote in 2006 in Harper’s, (which was not denounced by Harper’s, or any of the sources quoted in it, but was attacked by both orthodox forces and dissidents, mostly for things that were not in it.)

I am often told my journalism is “irresponsible,” and here I must object. This is a Maoist concept. It is false. Journalism in a free society can never be “irresponsible.” It can only be correct or incorrect. The sole responsibility is to be accurate and correct. In today’s world, works of journalism can be accurate and “irresponsible.” We’ve severed the ties to observable reality.

I will never allow servant of public health or activist agendas to tell me what “journalism” is. Instead, the Nobel Committee has spoken, by awarding the prize this year to journalism’s savior: Svetlana Alexaevich.

“I’ve been searching for a genre that would be most adequate to my vision of the world to convey how my ear hears and my eyes see life.I tried this and that and finally I chose a genre where human voices speak for themselves. Real people speak in my books about the main events of the age such as the war, the Chernobyl disaster, and the downfall of a great empire. Together they record verbally the history of the country, their common history, while each person puts into words the story of his/her own life… The document brings us closer to reality as it captures and preserves the originals…  But I don’t just record a dry history of events and facts, I’m writing a history of human feelings. What people thought, understood and remembered during the event. What they believed in or mistrusted, what illusions, hopes and fears they experienced.”


–Svetlana Alexaevich, Nobel Laureate, Literature, 2015










Human voices can’t be “wrong” and there should never have been a body of “authority” that eclipsed the voices of HIV positive people themselves, speaking for themselves.

If you think HIV science is anti-science, you should see the deranged ideas people have about what “journalism” is. They don’t realize it but they view journalism as a propaganda medium.

You have to fight this every step of the way. Sometimes you have to blow yourself up just to clear the debris and start over, fresh and new.

Nothing in my work–which relied always on voices, quoted at length, verbatim– is in need of retraction. Nothing that I am aware of. However, lacking an outlet, I have not had a chance to report on the failings, if you will, of the so so-called dissidents. Of myself too.

What I saw happening was neglect and abandonment. Not really listening. Not really dealing with the problems that were emerging. There was an entrenched refusal to evolve and keep moving. The discussion grew repetitive and stale. And people were exhausted and demoralized by the total absence of justice, rhyme or reason. No matter what, come or go 300,000 AZT dead or the failure of 90 million dead from heterosexual AIDS to appear, dissidents were still, to use a very accurate term– niggers.* (Carriers of abjected guilt and knowledge of crimes.) (One reader has objected strongly to my use of this word. I decided to keep it. I even plan too use it in the title of a book about women in journalism.

Zero points accorded for huge rights, in the face of an accusation that formed a choking shadow.

But in another country, far away from this one, dissident groups were approaching the problem differently, and arriving at real answers. In Korea, Raymund Ban and labor activist ‘Bara’ founded a website to help Koreans diagnosed HIV positive, 50% of whom committed suicide almost immediately.

In 2010, they published a translation of my book, Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS.  Raymund came to New York twice in recent years, and we had two serious discussions. Also in Korea, Raymund and Bara came under fire for failing to keep people alive, once they were disabused of certain orthodox notions–most urgently, that life was already over, and suicide was the only good option.

Raymund told me, to my delight, that people had literally come off the ledge after being handed my book. In one instance, a man who was engaged tested positive after a flu shot (which can cause a “false positive”) and planned to commit suicide. He read my book and changed his mind. Today he and his wife have a beautiful, healthy 2 year old girl, who Raymund sent me photos of. The whole family is healthy and well. THIS is why the “dissident movement” matters. This piece is about where it went wrong, but there is much to say also about where it went right.

Raymund revealed to me that he had found the “eureka” moment in the writings and observations of Tony Lance, (who may since have adjusted his model) who argued that leaky gut syndrome correlated 100% with advancement of symptoms. The answer, then, to AIDS, was to fully heal the gut, and also re-mineralize the body with all 90 of the critical minerals the human body requires. I asked him to put this in writing, and he did. This, he told me, is working, and people are, yes, reversing and truly healing their immune suppression syndromes.

(It should be noted that Dr. Roberto Giraldo tried in vain for many years to assert the importance of chronic, systemic malnutrition in AIDS. He tried to open my eyes many years ago but in some way I was only a half-prepared mind. I had not gotten gravely ill myself yet. (With CFS/Thyroid collapse/Electric radiation, etc.)  I did not respect the gut–yet.

It was Raymund’s frequency I was most interested in. It was a place of kindness, humility, and bereft of accusation. I wanted to be in this frequency, to heal myself, of the deep lash wounds of both sides of this inflamed, hysterical war. I told him, and Bara, that I needed a family, a constructive and trusting one, and we made a pact of sorts. To start over. I asked Raymund if he would share his information with the US and other global dissidents, and he agreed.

When, last week, it was announced that Lindsey Nagel had died, my phone rang with worried people, who wondered if the dissidents were wrong. The Nagels themselves wondered if HIV may have contributed to Lindsey’s failed health. (You can find Cheryl Nagel’s story in a previous post.)

Two gay men I know approached me with their anxiety. They were doing well, ignoring the orthodoxy’s dictates, but they weren’t “perfectly healthy,” and I decided to connect them with Raymund.

Things began to get very interesting, as we looked at ill health–and I include my own–through the prism of two things: Gut health and mineralization.

Raymund wrote a comprehensive text explaining what was working, in their dissident group, in Korea. You will be able to read it in full at the and of this post.

As of this writing, I have no allegiance to any camp or group. Truth be told, the beatings I’ve taken from dissidents has been more severe than even those inflicted by the orthodoxy. I myself want to live, and have been stuck in a kind of purgatory. I couldn’t quite “be here” until the questions I had posed had been resolved. They kept me in exile.



Love Is The Absence Of Accusation

I have been treated over many years for symptoms of PTSD, and my interpretation is this: Anything that is not love is trauma, vibrating at a level that causes dangerous cortisol release. (I broke the record for high cortisol and measurable body trauma at two different clinics, one in Minneapolis and one in New Mexico.)

I had to heal myself, or I would die. In 2008, with a very severe case of bronchial pneumonia, I came close.

Dr. Christian Fiala probably saved my life. He said, on the phone, “You’re really very sick. You have to take an antibiotic.”

I did, and I recovered. But it was the sense of caring in his voice that I recognized as life calling out to me.

I have learned a lot, since then– a lot– about detoxification, gut repair, re-mineralization, and self-acceptance. I agree with Robert Gallo about one thing: We all have AIDS.

I have seen people cry out on dissident pages on Facebook: “A healthy person doesn’t get pneumonia!” (Often called “PCP pneumonia,” for uncertain reasons, rarely properly diagnosed.) I have seen people say that a mother and child separated, persecuted, and poisoned,  would not be enough to explain it.


When I was 6 years old, I was traumatically separated from my mother, and developed a pneumonia that took 9 months to clear up. I was also hospitalized with malnutrition, and fed intravenously. I had turned to sugar, to comfort myself.

You might say I had “AIDS” when I was a child. There was no HIV test then.

Fear, separation, trauma, social alienation, sugar, poor diet–YES, these things alone can kill a human being. So, the most important thing is to focus on the frequency: Love is a measurable frequency, (528 hz) shared also, allegedly, by chlorophyl. Grass.

Show me “AIDS” where there has been: Love, protection, nourishment, community, safety, joy.

This is not the “poetic space” of the “dissident movement.” This is the emerging science of quantum physics and the teachings of inspirational healers, who never heard of Peter Duesberg or The Perth Group. Similarly, you won’t hear many “dissidents” quoting Wayne Dyer or Anita Moorjani. (Author of Dying To Be Me.) Everybody, these days, seems to know that microbes don’t “cause” disease and that healing is a matter of being self-accepting, well nourished, and de-toxified. It’s mainstream.

The “dissident movement” as it came to be known, formalized, and attacked– was mostly academic, secular, rational, and fairly cool, emotionally.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it rejected, in its way, the importance of “nutrition,” on the emerging health epiphanies of the alternative health movements. I have lived to see first hand that yes, sugar can kill you. Intestinal health is everything. Make that: Everything.

No, it was not enough to ask what if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong? But it was a great, great start.

I stand here as one voice, one person. No movement, no nothing. If you convey to me any version of accusation, or tell me you now blame Peter Duesberg and the dissidents for all they were “wrong” about, because somebody close to you died, yet you took no steps to research or implement gut repair, or to take personal responsibility for said health–well….





I don’t receive accusations anymore. I don’t receive shame anymore. I don’t take responsibility for any “movements” or scientists, what they said or didn’t say. I take responsibility only for my own utterances. I can tell you only what I think and have observed.


The most painful trauma I uncovered in my own trauma healing journey was how it felt to be “accepted” only when I held certain positions. To be made into a thing, an object. To be mistaken for a propagandist. The notion that there are shards of “belief” that, when modified, or changed, can turn a person into what Orwell called an “un-person,” is the most offensive thing I can think of between humans.

I am not what I reported. My value is not embedded in the answers to questions I posed or forged. There is no shame in an open journey from ignorance to knowledge, and if you try to shame me, because you’ve changed your mind or what have you, I will consider it your problem, and enjoy the time suddenly freed up by not being in a false friendship with you anymore.

Strong words, but shame is not something I allow in my house of healing anymore.

You honor people’s process of discovery, if you honor them at all.



A new healing discussion opens in this space, today, here at The Truth Barrier. Come join us if you:


–Take full responsibility for your health and healing.

–Do not consider that any outside forces either made you sick or can make you well

–Abstain from verbal and mental violence in all forms

–Are willing to help in an active way, the formation of a model of health in the post AIDS world, for the syndrome called AIDS, and many other related syndromes

–Accept that there is one universal human body, governed by biological laws, and no special “gay” body or “straight” body.

–Speak your mind in the moment something occurs to you. No hoarding resentments quietly and then springing them on people in times of stress.

–Keep an open mind

—Commit to health regimens with a proven track record, or, if you don’t, don’t blame anybody else.

–It’s your ship.











Now I share Raymund Ban’s email, as he wrote it:


What Is Working In Korea In A Group Who Previously Experienced Failure


Dear All,

Below is my personal study of the link between the gut health, gluten intolerance, mineral deficiency and HIV issue based on long time inspection of HIV positive people in Korea.

Why do some of HIV positive people get sick and their health deteriorates day by day? You can get a first clue if you read this. This is from the RA conference 2008, by Tony Lance. I shouted ‘Eureka’ when I heard this. It stroke me like a flash, “Yes, Mr.Kim in our community (Korean dissident group) was suffering the chronic, severe constipation. Ms.Lee was always suffering the diarrhea….with no exception.”

Since then, I recommended probiotics and fermented food to our community members. YES, it worked. But had a limit. They could slower the deterioration of health. But they could not perfectly avoid deterioration.

Now I carefully say:I got the final solution.

You have to read this first. (cited from Dr. Peter Glidden’s THE MD EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES)

…The digestive tract in a human is called the alimentary canal. It is basically one long tube that starts in the mouth and ends in the butt. The part of the alimentary tract that is immediately downstream from the stomach is the small intestine. The function of the small intestine is to absorb the food that we have eaten and deliver it into the blood stream.
Approximately 20 feet long and 1.5 inches in diameter (in an adult male), the small intestine is lined with millions of structures called “villi.” They number anywhere from 6,000-25,000 per square inch! The villi look like octopus tentacles, and at their tips they are covered with hundreds of “Micro-villi.” The micro-villi grab onto passing food molecules and transport them into the blood stream. Kind of like an octopus tentacle reaching out and grabbing onto a passing fish. This is how we absorb nutrients into the body. This is also why our belly gets warm after we eat a meal – the friction caused by the action of the villi creates heat.
Individual amino acids are handled by the villi with no problem at all, and are transported into the bloodstream easily. But long chains of undigested amino acids (proteins) are a BIG problem. Imagine a vacuum cleaner trying to suck up 18 strings of pearls that have been twined together and you will get the picture. The villi become damaged from the mechanical action of trying to suck up molecules that are much bigger than they are used to handling. An undigested protein in the intestinal tract is like a “one-two punch”, because, in addition to mechanical damage, it also causes electrical damage, but we have to look at thunderclouds to understand how.
Little puffy white clouds in the sky do not create lightning. BIG thunderclouds do. In the creation of the electrical discharge commonly known as lightning, it is the size of the cloud that matters. Thunderclouds are thousands of times larger than their non-electrical counterparts. The same thing applies with an undigested protein – as above, so below…
An intact, undigested protein is thousands of times bigger than a single amino acid. The relatively large size of the protein gives it an electrical charge. So, as a large undigested protein tumbles through the intestinal tract, it acts like a live wire – zapping every villi and micro-villi that it touches.
If you remember, the function of the villi is to absorb nutrients into the body. So when we destroy villi by the simple act of eating wheat, we impede nutrient absorption.
Then we eat some more wheat. Then we eat some more wheat. Then we have some wheat with dessert. Then we eat some more wheat. Then we get sick and die. It is really that simple. All chronic disease is caused by multiple nutrient deficiencies. Our food DOES NOT CONTAIN all of the 91 essential nutrients that our bodies need in the first place. Now, to add insult to injury, when we eat 100% organic whole wheat bread, like our knuckleheaded nutritionist told us to, our intestinal tracts become damaged, and it becomes harder and harder for us to absorb the limited nutrients that are in the food! If this happens every day, eventually we will end up with multiple nutrient deficiencies – even though we are eating 3 square meals a day! It is only a matter of time until these deficiencies get so big that something breaks. This is how an illness is born. Then we go to our MD, who gives us a symptom suppressive synthetic drug to manage the problem. We feel a little better but we still have multiple nutrient deficiencies, so a little while later, something else breaks.
Back we go to the MD for another prescription drug, or unnecessary surgery. This cycle happens again and again and again…and then we die. Then our MD chalks it all up to a bad gene, and takes a snort of the prescription grade cocaine he has become addicted to. Oh! The humanity!
Inquiring minds want to know – Why is the gluten protein so hard for the stomach to digest?
Other proteins like eggs, meat, chicken, fish and rice are very easy for the stomach to digest. Even a dead person can digest rice! So what is the deal with wheat? I don’t know! Nobody knows!
That’s just the way that it is… It is one of history’s greatest ironies that the “staff of life” is one of the worst foods that humans can eat on a regular basis. There are many theories as to how this has come about. It is a fact that the wheat of today, having been genetically manipulated by agri-business for the last 100 years, is quite a bit different from the wheat of our ancestors.
It is also possible that it is the lack of minerals and nutrients in the diet that contributes to this problem, as these deficiencies have become so epidemic that EVERYONE’s stomach acid is weak as a result. It is also possible that wheat has always been a problem, but the population just never lived long enough for the trouble to come to fruition. Whatever the reason, the sad fact remains that the gluten protein contained in wheat, barley, rye and the protein found in oats, are very dangerous foods to import into the human body, and we would all be better off to avoid them completely. Here is a partial list of the foods that contain gluten and oat protein(this is probably the last time that you will like me…):

· Bread
· Pasta
· Cookies
· Crackers
· Pie Crust
· Bagels
· Oatmeal
· Granola
· Beer!? Beer!

This is more or less EVERYTHING that we eat, most of the time! Then we wash it all down with a Coke. This is why we are all sick, all of the time. Sherlock Holmes was right: “…when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Chronic illness is not caused by a bad gene, or a Gypsy curse, nor is it a function of aging. Chronic disease is caused by chronic nutrient deficiencies. Period! Nutrient deficiencies are accelerated by the destruction of the intestinal villi. Undigested proteins destroy intestinal villi. Therefore the consistent consumption of wheat, barley, rye and oats leads to the generation of chronic disease.

This can be applied to every people. But especially for GLUTEN INTOLERANCE suffering people. My friends who are HIV positive are all suffering from diarrhea after taking ramen, bread, pasta, beer, etc. I got the conclusion that they are all gluten intolerance patients. Then, why does gluten intolerance emerge in such a various symptoms? Nobody knows. You have to read by Stephen Wangen to get the more detailed information about gluten intolerance.

Anyway, you have to get off gluten. ‘Obsessively’ get off gluten with no cheat. It is the first step to recovery of health. After getting off gluten, we need nutrients. As I’ve cited, All chronic disease is caused by multiple nutrient deficiencies. If our body is supplied with enough nutrient, our body fixes itself. I cite my friend Alison Tomlinson’s personal experience. She is not HIV positive, but I saw a miracle in her. I observed similar miraculous improvement in one friend(HIV positive) after taking Youngevity mineral product, and another fascinating improvement in other friend(also HIV positive) after just getting off gluten and taking probiotics.

Here I cite what my friend Alison Tomlinson had said.

I’ve been in ill-health since the day I was born. I’ve never been able to function at the same level as other people. In 2012 my health completely crashed. I was permanently bent over to the left with my left knee bent in, I could barely walk and I was in pain 24/7. I felt like my life was over. I prayed and prayed. Then I started listening to Dr Joel Wallach: (Celia, you have to hear this, this lecture contains more clear information than the Youtube video I cited last time. I recommend you listen to this lecture with Jeremy again.)

He says that chronic disease is caused by nutritional deficiencies and EVERYBODY is nutritionally deficient, because the food we’re eating does not contain the nutrients we need. When we give the body the nutrients it needs, it FIXES itself.

I took him at his word and did his diet and nutrition programme and LOOK AT ME NOW. At 55 I feel better than I have done in my entire life.

If you’re suffering with ANY chronic disease, please listen to him.
If you’re NOT suffering with any chronic disease, please listen to him.

If the gluten intolerance patient’s gut is destroyed by taking the gluten, the various indigested proteins including gluten would infiltrate into the porous gut and will create the antibodies responding to it. And if the antibodies increase to some level which can result in HIV positive test, they can be diagnosed as HIV positive. It is my conclusion from observing many HIV positive people in Korea for a long time. Most of them are not gay, they have no particular reason to be diagnosed as HIV positive. But they show one common thing-no exception since I began to observe them. Their gut status is the worst. They are showing constant diarrhea or constipation. Nearly every one of them suffers diarrhea or typical gluten intolerance symptoms when they eat the ramen, beer, bread. etc. All of this food contain gluten.
If they do not get off gluten, their gut, their health would deteriorate day by day. That explains why some HIV people get sick as time goes by. The solution of it could be to get off gluten and take the nutrients including indispensable minerals and vitamins.

Our body needs 91 nutrients. Below is the list of that nutrients. If it lacks for even 1 nutrient, our body will suffer from adverse effect.

60 Essential Minerals
Calcium Magnesium Phosphorus Potassium Sodium Chloride Sulfur Cobalt Copper Aluminum Arsenic Barium Beryllium Boron Bromine Carbon Iodine Iron Manganese Selenium Zinc Cerium Cesium Chromium Dysprosium Erbium Europium Gadolinium Gallium Germanium Gold Hafnium Holmium Hydrogen Lanthanum Lithium Lutetium Molybdenum Neodymium Nickel Niobium Nitrogen Oxygen Praseodymium Rhenium Rubidium Samarium Scandium Silica Silver Strontium Tantalum Terbium Thulium Tin Titanium Vanadium Ytterbium Yttrium Zirconium

16 Essential Vitamins
Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Biotin, Choline, Flavonoids and Bioflavonoids, Folic Acid, Inositol

12 Essential Amino Acids
Valine, Lysine, Threonine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Tryptophan, Phenylalanine, Methionine, Histidine, Arginine, Taurine, Tyrosine

3 Essential Fatty Acids
Omega 3 (EPA, DHA, ALA)
Omega 6
Omega 9

But as I’ve cited, it is nearly impossible to absorb this 90 nutrients by eating food, because the food lacks for minerals. Our soil is deficient in minerals. When we cultivate plants in the same soil for 3 years, the soil would lose all of its mineral. Then, how can we get the 90 nutrients? I strongly recommend to take the Youngevity Basic pack(It contains all of the 90 nutrients). It’s the second step for recovery of gut and immune system. Since one HIV positive member in our community began taking this product after getting off gluten, he has experienced great improvement in his health. I believe if the gut-destroyed HIV positive people completely get off gluten and take the Youngevity mineral product for a long time, their gut and immune system will recover day by day.

Besides getting off gluten, I strongly recommend to get off 10 bad foods. Here is the list of 10 bad foods you should never eat. You can refer to the appendix III of attached file ‘THE MD EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES’, and below video to know why we should evade these 10 bad foods.

· Wheat
· Barley
· Rye
· Oats, oatmeal – even if it says that it is Gluten Free.
· Fried Food
· Oils—cooking or salad. Yes, this includes Olive Oil! NO canola, NO coconut, etc… If it has OIL in the name don’t use it. This also includes anything made from oil, like salad dressing. Dr. Wallach recommends using salt and lemon juice as a salad dressing. No margarine or combo spreads. No mayonnaise. Nothing made from oils.
· Well done meat (rare or medium-rare is ok)
· Deli Meat, any nitrates added to meat – tell your butcher NO NITRATES
· Soda/Pop/Any carbonated beverage with a meal. OK between meals, but should be used rarely.
· Skin of a baked potato (or yam, or sweet potato). If you boil a potato, yam or sweet potato, you can eat the skin.

And I mention the special immune boosting protocol of Dr Joel Wallach. The bolded words mean the name of individual Youngevity products. This can be additional therapy to Basic pack for the immuno-supressed people,

Dr. Wallach’s Immune Support Protocol

75% of our immunity is located in the gastrointestinal system. As a result, when an immune
problem is present, we need tofocus on both digestive and immune support.

(1) Healthy Digestion Pack 2.0 per 100 lbs. –One pack is a must to get all 90 essential nutrients. If budget is an issue, add extra BTT 2.0 as appropriate for body weight.

(2) 3-5 Selenium per 100 lbs. of body weight and up to 1 bottle of Selenium per 50 lbs. per month stopping at 4 bottles a month regardless of weight. Make sure to listen to the “Selenium” CD by Dr. Gerhard Schrauzer—a world renowned expert on Selenium.

(3) Imortalium–6 per day in most cases. Imortalium has nutrients shown to increase the glutathione activity (the body’s repair mechanism particularly for soft tissue) by over 300%. Visit www.imortalium.comand listen to this recording with Steve Wallach and Richard Renton more information.

(4) Restart Your Life Beta Glucan–These products help to boost the immune system’s ability to identify invaders and fight them. With our immune system, not every cell responds when there is an invader. One way the researchers explain this is that only 30% of the immune system “sees” the invader. But with the Beta Glucan, now up to 70% of our immune system can “see” and respond to the invaders without increasing the inflammation response. The RVB 300 is used for Daily Immune Support at 1 capsule per 110 lbs. The RYL 500 is for those who want or need additional immune support at 1 capsule per 55 lbs. These products are best takenon an empty stomach–30 minutes before eating or 2 hours after. Visit www.vitawithimmunity.comfor more information.

(5) 50,000-100,000 ORAC points per day-BTT 2.0: 8,000 per 2 scoops, Triple Treat Chocolate: 16,945 per piece, Cell Shield RTQ: 8,000 per capsule, Imortalium: 10,500 per 4 tablets.

(6) 4 bottles of Zradical or Fucoid Z —do as much as budget allows even if only one bottle. Zradical does contain natural fruit sugar, caution is advised with blood sugar challenges—but these fruits are also well known for their immune boosting properties. Listen to this recording to learn more:

(7) Oxybody1 oz. 2 or 3 times a day taken on an empty stomach. This product can increase oxygen levels in the blood.

(8) Support the tissue or organ that is affected by the cancer. Examples: If bone is being affected, add in the “secret sauces” of GlucoGel and CM cream for hard tissue support; if the pancreas is affected, add the Sweet-Eze for pancreas support; if the thyroid is affected, add Ocean’s Gold for thyroid support.

(9) Ocean’s Gold -recommendations range from 6 to 12 a day. Research shows that 1 mg of the FrondosideA (found in Sea Cucumbers) reduced cancerous tumors by 40% in only 10 days –without the side effects of radiation.

(10) Extreme Diet Clean-Up to maximize absorption and results. Start by listening to the “Cerial Killers” CD. The basics are gluten free, oat free, and high fiber free, no fried foods, and no vegetable oils or margarines. Do as much organic food and produce as possible, and limit or avoid GMO’s.

Education on Immune Support:

The person affected needs to be a participant in their own healing. The best place to start with somebody new to Dr. Wallach and 90 For Life is with the “Best of Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD” and then use any of the following tools to learn more (don’t forget the Selenium CD!)
(A.) Go to www.pubmed.govand do a search for Fucoidan and cancer—Fucoidan is the active ingredient in Zradical and Fucoid Z. Also search for Selenium and cancer to see the thousands of published studies on these two amazing substances.
(B.) The Clemson Report –independent research by Clemson University testing for safety, toxicity, and the affect of BTT and Classic on cancer cells:
(C.) Research on sea cucumber (found in Ocean’s Gold)

(D.) Ask the person who shared this protocol with you for the videos “Understanding the 10 Bad Foods” and “Against the Grain” by Dr. Peter Glidden to learn more about the Good Food Bad Food List and Diet Clean-Up.

Lastly, I’d like to say this.

You can take the probiotics and fermented food to enhance the gut health. Yes, it is desirable. But If you don’t get off gluten completely, just taking the probiotics and fermented food can be a meaningless endeavor. It is like throwing the small pebbles towards the rushing elephant to you.

Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr Peter Glidden are not HIV skeptic doctors, and as far as I know, they have never said that their protocol can be of help to HIV positive people.

But I know they are the best in the world as to the nutrients(mineral) issue. The link between gut health, gluten intolerance, nutrients(especially mineral) deficiency and HIV issue is just from my personal study based on long time observation of HIV positive people in Korea.

I’m not a doctor and I cannot prescribe any specific treatment to any person, but I strongly feel, and carefully say that my findings can be fundamental solution to the HIV positive people, whose health is deteriorating day by day. And I really saw great improvement in some of my friends who are HIV positive.

Best regards,


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Immune Support Protocol 2015








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  1. Thank you for another informative site. The place else may
    just I get that kind of information written in such an ideal means?
    I’ve a undertaking that I am simply now running
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  3. You are all welcome to your own opinions and beliefs. We all have our own opinions, and our own beliefs, just as all of our minds have egos, and just as our bodies have their own assholes.

    But I am not my opinions, and I am not my beliefs. I am not my ego and I am not my body and I am not my asshole. I am not anything that I have ever said or have ever done. I am not my actions.

    And if I am not that, than neither are you.

    Who am I? What am I? And who the hell and what the hell are you?

    The eternal questions that many have asked. I have asked those questions, and it almost seems that the questions and the answers may be the only purpose and perhaps the only reason for this worldly and embodied dimension in which I live. I don’t know of any other existing dimension in which such questions could be, or would even need to be asked.

    But I have thought about it all. And I have reached my own conclusions regarding such, and am more than willing to allow all others to reach or have their own conclusions or beliefs or opinions. What others think or do, or believe, is really none of my business, and is in no way, shape, or form, personal to me. How stinky or rosy their asshole smells is none of my business either.

    That being said, I, just as you, have every right to express my own perception, whether or not others find it acceptable, true, or untrue. That is their problem, or enjoyment, not mine. It matters not to me what others may think or believe or do. After all, I have a life of my own to live, and I choose not to base it on others opinions of me, not even on the opinions of the family members among whom my body was born into…..

    What? Did I write the G-WORD???

    I guess I did. The G-Word: A word meaning who knows what to who knows who. A seemingly worn out and tired word that means a million different things to a million different brother and sister human beings whom I share this planet with. I don’t even use the word myself. I do my best to avoid the term. That which others may term as GOD, I simply call it the IS. The ineffable IS that is. Not a who, but a what….

    SPIRIT! That other word usually bantered in conjunction with the G-word. I like that one. And I use it. What is it to me? That which IS the unseen un-measure-able energy of life that courses through and whose vibrations make up the atoms, molecules, and make-up of my own, and every bodily existence of all that lives and all that does not. To me, spirit is even more than that. It is the IS that is the vibration of all that is, including that which I perceive to be “myself”.

    I have a body, but I am not a body. And it’s form and being is also created and sustained by the vibrations of the IS. Nothing here, not a single atom nor part of any atom is solid. Simply the seemingly solid but thoroughly ineffable vibrations of the IS.

    The I that I am, is of SPIRIT. It is of, and possibly is the same SPIRIT as yours and all that lives. But is simply embodied as being another leaf on the tree, another fish in the sea, another speck of sand of the beachhead that is mankind and life on this planet.

    The “what” that I am is another drop in the great unseen and unmeasureable torrent of rain of spirit running into the ocean of spirit that is LIFE itself.

    The unseen IS that I am became embodied here not from those known as my birth parents, but through those bodies known as my parents. The part of my Self that is real, however, came long before them and their bodily parents before them, and comes from the NOTHING, or better stated, from eternal NO THING. Doesn’t really matter if I call the first embodiments Adam and Eve, or if it was a slimy piece of algaic goo that I might call Adameve. How the “IS” did or does what it does can only be known to Itself. But obviously, as complex as all of this is, it certainly knows what it is doing, and has no thought nor opinion upon such ultimately meaningless subjects such as what I think of it, or even if I “believe” in it. It truly doesn’t care what my or any other ego thinks, as it and only it is and knows the truth of all of it. When you are the truth and therefore know the truth, it is highly likely that you don’t give a single thought about dissenting opinions by any and all quite petty and meaningless human egos to whom the truth could never be known.

    The I who I AM without a body is most certainly no thing, and which is the offspring of, and is connected to the truth of the I AM, well, I think I should probably just consider it as being a “what” since it is obviously not a who.

    The I who I truly AM, is the I that gives life to the vibrations of atoms that is this body that my ego considers to be “myself”. That “what” is a child of the “IS WHAT”, no matter how much my ego would like to believe that my body or my mind is who I am. I may perceive reality through the perceptions of an ego, and may get lost in them, but I am not an ego. The ego is simply the resultant perception of separateness upon being embodied. With the sense of separateness comes egoic imaginings of fear of death and nonexistence, along with all of its other insanities of meaningless shame, guilt, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride.

    One day, the body, that I call my body, will die. And with it, the perception of separateness that I call my ego will be gone as well, along with all its beliefs and opinions. Just like your body.

    That’s right, isn’t it? One day your body shall die, along with the bodies of every one you know or have ever known. One day every body SHALL DIE.

    Dissident or believer, no one gets out of here in their body. All BODIES DIE.

    I don’t think it really matters at all to spirit, which probably doesn’t care if it is embodied in the same body for 7 seconds or 700 years. But my ego sure isn’t happy with it, and runs from the inevitable as if it has some chance of surviving the inevitable. Everyones ego runs from it, and often runs the host right to their death. Ahhh, nothing to do about it but to laugh at the ignorance of our human egos. Thinking pills and doctors and scientists and cleansings and this or that or this magic stone or who knows what will save the body from the inevitable day that it wears out or whatever…..

    But what the hell does one’s ego know? How many egos spoke in the mind to commit suicide or do this or do that that actually was the causative factor of their death???? The answer is countless millions! That’s right! So do I really want to listen to the ignorance of my own or someone else’s ego?

    That same very know-it-all senseless ego voice that can and usually does take our minds and control us has led millions upon millions to their death.

    Do I want to listen to it? Do I want to listen to the voice of ego in my own head or from the mouths of others?

    HELL NO!, though you are welcome to listen to your own or others egos if you like, or not. After all, we are all free to do so, or not. Though after just a brief history lesson of the millions who followed their own or other egos to their deaths, or after considering those you know whose own ego decisions or listening to the egoic beliefs of others took them out of body at a youthful age, you would think that all those countless other now dis-embodied humans who listened to that voice, what with their early retirement from bodily form, that more of us might just use such evidence just a bit more constructively as a WAKE-UP CALL to find a better way than to follow our own egos or the egos of other human beings to our bodily deaths. After all, such is the GREATEST fear of our egos. Yet, ego and its decisions, is the very source of most younger bodily deaths, making us nuts and sick and keeping many of us from simply wearing out in peaceful old age. Unfortunately for us poor humans, our ego is the last to recognize that it is indeed nuts. In its fear of bodily death, it leads us right to it.

    And there you have the quandary. The ego fears death, yet causes it. And as for the combined effect and results of combined societal egoic fears: Voila: Most of science and medicine is run by and running from what? Egoic fear of death. Even while being the prime cause of it.

    Better to just dig up the courage and laugh at it, and find a bit of acceptance in the fact that no BODY is forever.

    So why fear it? It is inevitable. Get used to it. Your own body and ego, and those bodies of every body you know and their ego are as good as dead meat. As long as the spirit of life has inhabited this planet, it has always been this way, and likely shall always be this way for all that are embodied. Everything that presently has life coursing through it, will indeed one day not too far off, and perhaps even soon, die.

    And after surrendering to and accepting that fact, perhaps we can get on with how best to live, and how best to live with each other and with all life.

    As for the discussion at hand regarding dead disembodied dissidents, I also have my own opinions, asshole or not, upon this subject as well.

    The vast majority of the so-called “dissidents” whom I have known, that seem to have short lives, were not exactly what I would call “spiritually connected”. As a matter of opinion, I would call them very “spiritually disconnected”, or lacking of conscious awareness of spirit in their own life. Those who sought to help or to “save” them, were also what I would call “spiritually disconnected”.

    Not that being more spiritually connected will keep a body alive forever, for alas, it will not. However, it will bring a sense of peace to the inevitable fears that one’s ego has regarding it. And with that peace comes the healing levels of energies on those higher spiritual levels.

    However, those with what I call spiritual connectedness and awareness, have what seems to me to be a further and very powerful tool with which to face adversities and illnesses. That sense of peace which includes a sense of being unconditionally loved by spirit. Seems to me that accepting (and giving) unconditional love and a live and let live philosophy of life are at the core of well being as they are at the core of peaceful existence. And this, of course, entails a surrendering of the stressful levels of ego, such as fear, apathy, grief, guilt and shame (the most deadly and life-destroying levels of consciousness).

    Of course, those who have none of this connectedness and who believe in scientists, doctors, and their meds, and who believe that such have some magical powers, should of course go see them and if they believe in such, then they should do their meds, if doing such brings their fear driven egos to any sense of peace and a release from their fears. Such people will die without such believed in interventions. Though it is the resultant surrender of their “I am going to die if I don’t take some meds” fear, along with the resulting increase in allowing the love and peace of the natural realm of spirit that courses through all that is that cures, not the doctors nor the meds. Though without surrendering their fear of inevitable death, it is always going to be with them to bring them down again.

    And naturally, there will be many others whom have their own egoic filled opinions contrary to this. They are welcome to them, but it doesn’t work for me. And I don’t see where it works for anyone else either.

    The HIV diagnosed dissidents whom I have known to be what I call “spiritually connected” are those who have embraced spirit, forgiven themselves and others, let go of beliefs in shames, guilts, griefs, fears, and out of control desires and prides, and have done well, and have had long healthy lives without relying on doctors or medicines more than was necessary to find some of the truths of spirit, as they also disconnected from the opinions of others, and the negativity of the opinions of those who would convince them that their time is short and that their health will soon deteriorate. Those who are spiritually connected rely on spirit to heal them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. And unsurprisingly, to me at least, it does. Not to keep them embodied forever, but it does seem to me to keep their ego from doing them in sooner than their necessary time to go as every body does simply and eventually wear out.

    Shame, guilt, grief, apathy, fear, out-of-control desire (addiction), and pride. The levels of the ego. Easy to recognize when ego has taken the mind, because it feels shitty, and weakens the bodily systems.

    Courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, and peace. The levels of spirit. Also easy to recognize as positive and life enhancing, as surrendering the ego and embracing the realm of spirit feels good, and strengthens the bodily systems.

    Naturally, these “opinions”, if they are found to be such, will be shat upon by those minds yet enslaved to their own un-humbled egos. The ego can’t help in that it sees everything as external, and believes all cures are external as well, such as pills, potions, colored stones, or whatever, and projects its fears of death everywhere.

    The spirit within and without certainly knows better and knows that healing the mind of the ego’s shat naturally allows the body to heal. That’s right. Healing is natural. Disease is un-natural. However, in a dimension run by ego, disease is seen to be natural, and as a punishment for one’s imaginary guilts. In truth, all are innocent. It is the actually nonexistent in reality ego that is guilty and none but those who embrace the spiritual realms have any control whatsoever of their egos, or its beliefs or opinions. Only spirit can overcome ego. Ego, with it’s “I will survive” instinct, will never and can never overcome itself.

    Those doctors or friends or loved ones who think they can help or heal another! Don’t make me laugh. They can’t even heal themselves. Healing is normal, natural, and of spirit and is first and foremost a healing of the mind via surrendering ego to spirit and is a release of the lower levels of egoic consciousness and an embracing of the higher levels of spiritual connectedness as listed above.

    Healing is in spite of the opinions, actions, beliefs, pills, words, or actions of any other human. Healing is a decision to take possession of the body back from one’s ego, and to give it over to ones spirit, their own eternal connection to the I AM, with courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, and most importantly of all, love, which brings peace. The most healed level available to us mere mortals.

    The key and doorway seems to be found in that other ineffable of reality, love. Evidenced in the wag of a puppies tail, in the play of dophins in the sea, in the gaze of a child, it is certainly an everlasting aspect of spirit as the egoic levels are void of it, as ego runs from true unconditional love, if ever it finds it.

    Love from the source of my spirit to all of your/our spirits, no matter what your ego thinks, says, or has ever done,

    Namaste to you and to all (meaning my spirit salutes your spirit)

    Ex-believer, and ex-dissident of the seemingly quite limited levels of human scientific and egoic reasonings, opinions, beliefs, and embodiments, and assholes,


    And yes, in case you were wondering, I am still alive (as in embodied) and well! In spite of anyone else’s egoic projections upon me. Glad you are too! xxooo

  4. Hi Celia,

    Getting out of the AIDS Zone and living your life was/is much easier said than done! Breaking the chains to some extent was/is probably more stressful and self-destructive than being chained inside of the Zone. Knowing that HIV can’t hurt you intellectually, but chronically doubting yourself emotionally is a recipe for intense, chronic inner-conflict.

    Tommy D and I explained and predicted the “Dead Dissidents” in the 1995 HEAL Bulletin article “Unmasking HIV: AIDS, Hope and the Psychospiritual Healing Crisis”. Please consider sharing the article as a compliment/counterpoint to Dead Dissidents.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Michael Ellner
    PS- Founded in 1982, as a not-for-profit AIDS Education Organization HEAL-NYC was made up of gay and non-gay health activists. We were the first to challenge the infectious AIDS model and suggest a multi-factorial model for AIDS.

  5. We talk about the death of dissidents, okay, but as things look better when look from different perspectives, why do not we talk of the characteristics of people survive longer, or those that survive for years after going through diseases Serious? It is possible that by studying the healthy and those recovered to find tracks or signals that help us to get people survive under the best conditions?
    I think M. Callen, who was not a doctor, or scientist, but a person with many common sense, left us an impressive work, the ideas of his book Surviving AIDS constitute a big reflection on survival.
    In his book Callen tells of how survive those most survive, it is the first survival strategy I met (I even edited as sort of pamphlet 20 years ago), which goes beyond treatments of diets, products, formulas, living arrangements … (things that are very well and necessary, but is so important to surround yourself with people who support you, or know avoid supertoxic drug, or have a good relationship with your doctor). The support of the partner can be key to survival, like marital separation can make us sick.
    I mean, there’s a whole set of things that while not medical or health factors may play important role in life and death, the book contains a number of ideas that are essential, but it must be adapted a little to our time, at that time, for example, the radical opposition to AZT saved many lives, today the situation has changed a little, not too much, in the substantial remains the same.
    As I see it, in the same way that the theory of HIV-AIDS is a truly unique worldwide, in the same way that the ideas -which I mean more essential ideas- of dissent are spreading by everyone, Would not it be useful spreading survival strategies for all people labeled anywhere?
    A hug and, as always, my apologies for the translation.

  6. When we talk about deaths of dissidents (pople that do not believe in the existence of a progressive and fatal disease caused by a mutant virus), we often tend to place the causes in the health problems that people have, and then questions Why sick? How to maintain and restore health? … With their answers and insights, for which I express my respect.
    Before proceeding I would like to clarify that my presence in the field of AIDS is not due to purely academic interest, as a doctor I am since 1980, but the fact I have been labeled like hiv + in June 1987.
    Excluding the first 5-6 years after this “diagnosis”, years of misinformation and confusion, I spent from 1993 to delve into the issue from the perspective dissident. All these years I have been in constant contact with labeled hiv+ people, I know their problems, both physical and psychological, both common problems such as less frequent. I know the way physicians approach their varied problems, which are generally the problems with anyone.
    In general we can say that people die because they have some health problems that doctors are not able to solve. Well, I am personally tired of seeing that whatever problem they have HIV + people is attributed by doctors to HIV; and it is indifferent to be anemia, thrombopenia, neurological problems, kidney, liver. This implies that, very often, patients are not sent to the appropriate specialist, but the HIV specialist, (which is limited to prescribe ARVs and not solve anything the problem at hand), who bears all.

    Clearly, with this attitude of doctors it is difficult for a person is treated the real problems he has and, what happens when a person will not address the problems that have? That these problems are complicated and are just dying for their cause.
    In other words, I see useless discussion about the significance of testing positive in the test, when what is causing damage is the fact itself testing positive (inseparable from a certain medical treat). Causing harm to people is the label, the way physicians act for this cause.
    In all the dead people I’ve got to have a minimum knowledge of his life and the way they were treated in hospital (medical reports, autopsy, etc.), in almost every case I have seen serious medical errors. And often is not even have medical reports, just an understanding of key aspects of the case, the last three cases of deaths of those who have knowledge, published in our website under the title “No die from HIV but malpractice health “( confirm what I say.
    And when I say this I do not deny the role of improving the lifestyle, improve nutrition, nimproving the nutricion, responsibility with own life and health, features that Michael Callen observed in AIDS long-term survivors,
    but they are very different, from my point of view, the causes of the deaths at the beginning of the AIDS era, predominantly toxic causes (I include here the deaths AZT), which causes the deaths of recent times, predominantly medical.
    I consider Invaluable your journalistic work, like other dissidents who for me were a referent, as Michael Callen (Surviving AIDS, important reference for me), Lauritsen, M. Ellner, Duesberg of course, and many others.
    A big hug to all
    (Apologies for the translation)

  7. Having been diagnosed HIV positive myself in 2007 and refusing to take any anti-retrovirals, I was surprised when I was diagnosed a year later with PCP and in a short space of time lost 20kg, was hospitalised, placed in an induced coma and almost died. Having been willing to experiment on myself and do research on many topics, I get that the problem is not as simple as we’d like to believe. As well as gut health and colloidal trace minerals, there is pH levels and vitamins as other readers have suggested. One thing that was not mentioned was Th1 / Th2 imbalance. The immune system has an innate component (non-specific) and an adaptive component (antigen specific). Of the adaptive immune system, it has many parts: the humoural (Th2) arm which targets pathogens OUTSIDE cells and the cell-mediated (Th1) arm that targets pathogens within cells. People with AIDS (using whatever definition pleases you the most) have an immune system that has skewed towards Th2 dominance and a reduction in the ability of the immune system to successfully target intracellular pathogens. Many of the problems mentioned here would contribute to such a skewing of the adaptive immune system. What also causes this dangerous skewing is a deficiency in the sulphur amino acid cysteine (n-acetyl-cysteine or NAC being the supplemental form). A deficiency in this amino acid (which is part of the tri-peptide glutathione or GSH – made from cysteine, glutamine and glycine) results in many problems – too numerous for me to mention here. An interesting paper to read on this show how such a deficiency in cysteine and subsequently glutathione will skew the immune system towards Th2 dominance. Further, the book THE SILENT REVOLUTION IN CANCER AND AIDS MEDICINE by Heinrich Kremer goes into this in more detail and he documents how an immune system skewed towards Th2 dominance will cause a depletion of CD4+ t-cells in the venous blood. Here is an extract from his book:

  8. Celia, As usual your research and writing is wonderful. Your honesty impeccable. You have helped me understand many things more deeply. I sincerely hope what you’ve discovered is healing for you. We don’t want to lose you. Please take care of yourself, nobody else can. If you need helpful ideas, please reach out.

    Your reported postulate that HIV-positive can be turned around by nutrition, has been stated previously by Montagnier. He essentially states that HIV (then presumably AIDS) can be overcome (cured) with nutrition, and that the vaccine approach is entirely overblown. Uncut film of the interview here: Also, the written transcript is here.
    We have also seen how lack of nutrition including clean water and healthy living conditions in poor countries can, by itself lead to AIDS-like symptoms and diseases.

    Your specificity on what nutritional changes and issues are interesting and not without support. I’ve read lots to support that there is a problem with gluten and we’ve already removed it from our diet in our own home. Sugar too is known to be a huge problem. Anything that turns too quickly to insulin (read Dr Barry Sears) is a problem to health.

    You add from personal and other sources the emotional, psychological. Yes definitely. I think many documentaries have covered the loss of will to live brought on by persecution and the death sentence, by itself can lead to premature deaths. Stress and PTSD can certainly be a huge part.

    Love and the “will-to-live”. Emotional, psychological, and spiritual state and long term stress is a direct cause of premature deaths is well known. The “will to live” is both real and critical.

    Going out on a slight limb here. I believe that we have an unseen will-to-live in each of us that normally we are not aware of it. It’s an extremely strong and necessary force. We have to “maintain it” by an unseen force or effort and normally we do. I recently had to fight my way back from a near death and I was dealing very directly with this unseen force, the will to live. It was very tangible for me in my return. If our will is degraded in any way, we are in trouble.

    Love, appreciation, support, etc. are all important to our self-love. Self-love is critically important to “the will to live”. I love your statement, “Show me “AIDS” where there has been: Love, protection, nourishment, community, safety, joy.” That implies that “AIDS” is not there in those conditions. A rather strong statement. I have discovered a simple process to improve all of the above. It works. I recommend you looking into Ho’oponopono.

    You also imply that it’s possible that the antiretroviral drugs might help? I thought there was a large body of evidence that the drugs are not the solution and in fact exacerbating? I don’t see sufficient evidence to support these questions. So maybe you were just asking the question, then going to the other factors. But you are spot on correct on the other notions discussed above. But you also imply that HIV-positive tests might work, might be indicative otherwise how can a case be made that HIV can be mitigated through nutrition? I thought they were proven to be unreliable? Is there information to support this?

    Respectfully, I cannot thank you enough for your reporting and the way you do it.

  9. My wife wrote the book Goodbye AIDS. It was written in collaboration with the top international experts of the time, the state of the art when published in 2009. Regular updates including the crucial missing elements unknown at that time are posted on the related Facebook page.

    She left our world 4 years ago, would be 51 years old today.

    Lessons from her tragic experience were not learned, with a few non public exceptions. About psychosomatically induced respiratory weaknesses causing acidosis and the importance of restoring the pH balance. The Rethinking mistakenly focusing on immunity also do not dispel the fear of microbes.

    I spent a lot of time in the library of the medical faculty and of the Greek National Research Center, to understand what happened to my wife. Was able to connect the dots between her very shallow, often insufficient breathing, acidosis and the original anemia diagnostic in 2010. One of the key scientific study was published in the scientific journal Medical Hypothesis in 2008, not known when writing the book ‘Goodbye AIDS!’.

    However, i could not convince fellow Rethinkers at that time, who preferred to blame the old medication that she took between 1995 and 2007. One of them even calling me ‘idiot’.

    Before looking further, let’s clarify one point related to the article above. Although it may be an important factor for many people, nutrient deficiency was not an issue for the prominent dead dissenters that i talk about. They were well informed on that matter and taking supplements when considered appropriate.

    In some cases, the sudden deterioration of their health after a long period of well being point to other cause. Avoiding gluten and taking an extra bunch of essential minerals would not have kept them alive.

    For those not poisoned, breathing, related to psychological factors is a fundamental issue that is often overlooked. Pointing to a respiratory weakness, a pneumonia diagnostic (may be incorrect) has been a common factors in their last years for Christine Maggiore, my wife (Maria Papagiannidou), and Lindsey Nagel.

    How do we go from psychological distress to ‘pneumonia’? Besides affecting the cortisol level, over time, hopelessness and distress can lead to excessively shallow breathing, it has been documented in the scientific literature. When making bad blood (from the French expression “Se faire du mauvais sang”) the situation becomes worse. Long periods of very shallow or interrupted breathing can cause respiratory acidosis, with serious health consequences.

    It is not apparent to doctors because insufficient breathing episodes do not occur during clinical visits. I could sometimes only hear the little sips of air, barely reaching the lungs, during the silence of the night. Most doctors are not aware that respiratory acidosis can happen in that case, because the lungs and kidneys are fine. However, boasting the apparent infallibility of their medical knowledge, they can instead blame ‘HIV’ or related microbes when the imbalance of pH is affecting the health.

    An alkaline supplement neutralizing some of the excess acidity could help resolve the acidosis problem, it did for my wife. But it does not stop the fear of microbes, incorrectly blamed for their illnesses, and the lethal toxicity of the corresponding prescribed medication cocktail including ‘anti-retroviral’ and/or antibiotics.

    Please note, immunity was not the major issue for those prominent dissenters.The misleading ‘AIDS’ definition is still often confusing Rethinkers.
    – – –
    This comment was also posted in the Rethinking AIDS Facebook group on January first, having failed to post here (Truth Barrier) in 4 previous attempts.

    1. Or maybe Maria died after HIV obliterated her immune system. You WANT to complicate this and maybe that helps you feel less culpable.

      People with several lung conditions live decades with less than optimal breathing. People with un fathomable stressors live into very old age, after having lost children tragically and through depression and divorce.

      But Maria and Christine and Karri and Kim and Lyndsey…yeah, they all died from the effects of stress and shallow breathing.

      There really is no hope for the “dissidents,” is there? You guys gulp the kool-aid like oxygen.

      1. claire
        The arrogance of your ignorance would be astounding were it not voiced by an individual capable of disregarding fact, logic and science only to cling blindly to failed dogma. i would offer debate -following standard rules of order of course- allowing you to voice and present support for your faith in a proposed but never proven theory of HIV as causal for blood-borne, sexually transmitted, epidemic immune failure countering my nearly thirty years of study chronicling and demonstrating failure of every prerequisite, prediction, threat and promise made with and since that 1984 proposal yet there is no point as decades have clearly demonstrated those who most vociferously proclaim allegiance to the HIV theory are unable to provide any factual, demonstrable or verifiable evidence defending such faith. It is like trying to debate with a creationist.
        If you could answer one simple question the entire issue would be resolved. When, where, how and by whom was it officially demonstrated and declared that a viral agent now called HIV is capable and sufficient to cause immune failure epidemic? Clearly you will be unable to answer this question as it has never happened. Many claim hundreds, thousands even countless papers and studies demonstrating proof of causation yet never cite or provide a single, specific document.
        At least creationist have their bible.
        To debate the issue of HIV causation with you is pointless as you clearly have no support or you would have presented it. Face the facts. It is not we who dissent that have swallowed the kool-aid.
        The ignorance of your arrogance however is what prompts my reply. How dare you make such bold, unfounded accusation of culpability against anyone who has suffered hardship or loss? What evidence do you have in support of your claim that “HIV obliterated her immune system”? Do you know what her viral load was? Do you even know how “viral load” is determined? Do you know that the Nobel prize winner for invention of the method used to determine “viral load” declares his test inappropriate and invalid for that purpose? Or that he states there is no evidence in support of the HIV theory? You probably don’t because you have never questioned or even examined the dogma spoon-fed like warm pablum to the infantile mind of a frightened culture.
        How dare you make such bold, unfounded accusation of culpability!
        Have you no sense of decency? At long last claire, have you no sense of decency? Or even shame?
        Not expecting reply or even that you will demonstrate the courage and character to read my statement in it’s entirety, please know that there stands open invitation to hear and discuss why you believe in HIV as causal for immune failure. There is virtually unlimited and uncensored opportunity in this forum for you to present your case. Yet you fail to provide any support for your claim, assertion, accusation or assault.
        i know why i don’t believe it but would love to hear and understand how and why you do believe the HIV theory.
        considering the facts, i mean.

        So it goes…

      2. Who is Claire?
        Gilles was there and perhaps his observations should be taken seriously?
        Fear creates high cortisol which flicks off the immune system and Maria also went into acidosis.
        If you bother to look you will find that fear causes panic attacks, breathing problems and acidosis which can also raise ammonia and cook the brain causing dementia and liver failure.
        The doctors in Maria’s case also totally stuffed up, she had anemia and they loaded her up with iron supplements, iron transfusions and literally fed any bugs she had plus they gave her ARV’s which of course cause liver failure and liver failure makes you test HIV+ because dying liver cells release endogenous retroviruses.
        She needed the nutrients to absorb iron to make red blood cells, iron causes infections and doctors are still in the dark ages on that.
        Christine was abused emotionally on the net in a way that I would call psychic attack, how would anyone feel if thousands of people said “you should die for not giving ARV’s to your child”.
        It was disgusting terrorism.
        She was told to kill herself thousands of times.
        If you know Kim Bannon’s case she was isolated, abused as well and forced onto ARV’s.
        Karri had taken enough ARV’s to already have organ damage but the main thing that killed her was a bowel obstruction which doctors refused to operate on unless she took ARV’s.
        Imagine being unable to go to the toilet and that’s what the doctors did to her, they are incompetent and abusive and AIDS doctors don’t have the right to claim they are health professionals.
        Lindsay if you bother looking was also terrorised and loaded up with ARV’s at the end.
        Women suffer more from ARV use because most of our retroviruses are in reproductive tissues, ARV’s stop our retroviruses, in women it’s a form of chemical sterilization, the placenta, breasts and ovaries will all get shut down by ARV’s because those organs have high cell division and therefore retroviruses.
        The only thing that has changed really is the mainstream have made the rubbish claim that ‘AIDS dissidents’ were proved wrong years ago, the problem you have now is that we know HIV is complete bollocks and we won’t be going away.
        As an example my research buddy is now 76 and has been HIV+ for 20 years and plays golf 3 times a week, all the people that just keep on living with no dramas make the HIV theory look like such a stupid sad joke and an insult to science.

        1. Thank You Cal Crilly for expressing my exact thoughts far more eloquently than I could have. It is wise, informed individuals like you and Celia who allow me Hope that one day the Truth of dissent will be recognized.

          1. It is nice to see people like you are still around Brother Strawberry, you must have seen so much.
            I observed many of these deaths via personal accounts in emails and saw things like the disgusting abuse of Christine online and merely because I tried to tell people about AZT back in 1998, she was the first to email me and say “yes Cal this is all happening”.
            I now believe in psychic attack and voodoo because of HIV/AIDS nonscience.
            The worst line I remember against Christine was “Hell I’d even giver the gun” as in to shoot herself.
            You don’t say that to a mother who’s kid just died from an antibiotic reaction.
            People who believe in HIV especially the scientists are cruel, stupid racist homophobes and I’m waiting for the day the ones at the top get jail sentences because that’s the only appropriate way to get justice.
            They had their chance, they could have admitted they stuffed up back in the early 90’s when it was clear AZT was killing everyone.
            Truth will outlast them.

            1. Thank You Cal Crilly, though be assured many would counter your positive assessment on the longevity and endurance of my existence with their own exasperation that i am not yet dead. Indeed, the things i have seen and experienced can and have filled the pages of many notebooks. The incredible richness of experience that has been my life.
              “Brother Strawberry” is the name Kurt Vonnegut addressed me with the first time he wrote to me. He was referencing the time a few months earlier when, as we were leaving the front door of his Manhattan brownstone he introduced me to a woman who was just arriving as “my long lost brother”…Deborah Harry kissed me backstage after a show and said “saw you groovin in the front row, I loved it!”…i have sat on the rooftop balcony of a haunted hotel with a founding member of Bauhaus playing acoustic guitar…i won an ACLU backed lawsuit overturning unconstitutional law…hung out with Gang of Four after a very exclusive show… three David Bowie concerts….Dr Peter Duesberg has phoned me twice!!…he was responding to a voicemail i had left calling him my Hero. Dr Duesberg assured i would be his hero by continuing to recognize and alert others to the obvious failure of the HIV theory.
              But The Truth Barrier is not a platform for my memoirs. For nearly thirty years now i have almost obsessively studied, researched, documented and chronicled failure of every prerequisite, prediction, threat and promise made with and since 1984 proposal that a viral agent now named HIV is capable and sufficient to cause sexually transmitted epidemic immune failure.
              The things i have seen have indeed demonstrated complete and utter failure of that theory.
              All the while i have watched far too many friends, heroes, acquaintances and strangers -each of them loved ones- suffer and die from belief in the failed HIV theory. The one thing they all have in common is that they knew/know their viral status and took/take prescribed treatment. Yes we are supposed to say “living with HIV” but i have been watching this for nearly thirty years now. It is not anything that could be called living. Had i accepted that 1987 clinic recommendation of beginning AZT treatment i would doubtlessly be one of the dead. Lost my first friend to “AIDS” in 1989. He had secretly been taking AZT for a few months to fight the HIV positive status undisclosed to multiple lovers. It has indeed been thirty years of bittersweet understanding.
              Though recognition of truth by the general public is long overdue and how anybody could still believe such an obviously failed theory is beyond my comprehension, it is far less important, in my humble opinion, that those who perpetrate and maintain the lie be punished-no punishment could fit this crime- than it is for Celia Farber, Dr Duesberg and those who have spent decades of their lives and careers striving to find and reveal the truth be recognized and rewarded. It is thanks to them that i have lived these thirty years.
              Don’t you agree that Bob Guccione jr should publish a hardcover collection of Celia’s “Words from The Front” that were originally published in Spin opening with a 2016 update comparing everything predicted and expected by the proposed HIV theory versus those who dissent?
              It could be called “I don’t want to say I told you so!”

            2. Brother Strawberry,
              That was incredible. I loved it. I’d like to share what you wrote. May I have your permission to copy what you wrote, beginning with “Thank You Cal Crilly, though be assured many would… ” and post it on my FaceBook Page? If not, I’m fine. I’ll just link the entire page. But I really wish to draw attention to your flesh and blood experience. To me, nothing beats that, very convincing.
              Thank you,

            3. George
              You have my blessing to copy and paste or link to my words. i am flattered and honored by your interest and consideration.
              Peace, Love, Hope and Truth
              Brother Strawberry

            4. Who is this writing? George? Is this Cal Crilly? I wonder if folks can re-post links to what they have posted here, as I for one, am off FB. Is this possible?

            5. yes

              bob should

              bob will

              the path is open

              for good bidness

              bro straw

              keep on shining your light

    2. Thank you for posting here – Everybody! It is now coming up to 8 months since our precious daughter passed away, and I have to say I appreciate the thoughtful comments posted here. I feel at home here. Celia, you are a true friend, and I want to thank you for bringing me back to the facts of the matter. HIV has been complicated – Ha! – but there is way more to the black/white scenario presented by mainstream medicine. Kind of like Mainstream Media – you have to DIG more to get the real story, the truth.
      Of all the things written and discussed, I realize even MORE than ever of what Celia spoke of long ago – HIV is a burden on those diagnosed – a burden that is too heavy to carry; It is a death sentence. The mental sickness this diagnosis causes is ever present in the minds of those who have “IT.” Everything in life is framed by “IT.”

      Keep posting, searching, writing, revealing – it is a fact that Peter Duesberg gave Lindsey the 22 extra years that we were able to savor. That one thing I consider a miracle. She was on AZT for 22 months, and if she’d stayed on the AZT she would have died. FACT. I have read with great interest the articles posted here, and I am finally finding a place for my thoughts to settle down. Thank you all. Thank you for being so gracious.

  10. Sister Celia
    If as you state “When you write about a subject long enough, you become what you write about, dissolve into it, finally, and are asked to own and take full responsibility for it, like it or not.”
    then you are Truth. The Truth your work revealed emboldened me to reject 1987 clinic recommendation of AZT treatment as protection against “potential risk” of exposure to HIV following a “non-declaritive” antibody test. How many who began AZT in 1987 are alive today?
    When all you reported has proven unfailingly accurate while every prerequisite, prediction, threat and promise of an unproven theory has demonstrated it’s failure, clearly you are TRUTH!
    I am living proof of that Truth.
    I thank you.
    Might I hope you writing about the demonstrated life-changing benefits of proper nutrition and the damaging influence of gluten suggests you no longer consider research journalism to be a thing of your past?
    Once again my personal experience confirms the Truth of your written word.
    I thank you.
    Keep up the good work. It is indeed life-saving.

    1. Brother Strawberry,
      I was very pleased to read of your health success.
      How long after the HIV-positive, have your lived a healthy life without any antiretroviral drugs? Have you taken zero HIV drugs? Do you know where to find others or statistics of others like you? Do you consider your diet and lifestyle to be a healthy one? Will you make more changes after reading Celia’s post?
      In any case, “Live long and prosper.” Here’s to your continued success.

      1. Thank you George for your interest in my story and especially for your well wishes and hopes. Kindly accept my apology for the slow reply. On December 8 my 105 year old friend was given 72 hours to live. Defying all expectation, amazing memories were made into the new year. i was one of the six who carried her to final rest last Friday. An honor and experience that never would have happened if not for the bravery and integrity of Celia Farber exposing failure of the 1984 proposal that HIV is cause of epidemic sexually transmitted immune failure and her revealing dissenting views offering concise and infinately more accurate explanation of and prediction for the syndrome.
        The “non-declarative” antibody test and clinic recommendation of immediately beginning AZT was in 1987. Lost my first friend to “AIDS” in 1989. He had secretly been taking AZT to fight the HIV positive status undisclosed to multiple lovers.
        i have never taken anti-retoviral or any HIV treatment. Considering that no antibody test and not even the PCR used to determine viral load are able to detect live active virus, where is the sense of taking medication to fight it? Too many of my friends who followed prescribed treatment are dead and dying. i know we are supposed to say “living with HIV” but I have been watching this for a quarter century now. It ain’t living.
        Regarding this latest outstanding example of journalistic excellence by Celia, while as a vegetarian for nearly as long as i have been a dissident i disagree with the allowance of flesh foods no matter how prepared, having been gluten free for five years now i can certainly agree with the benefits of a wheat-free diet. The gluttonous intake of carbonated soda so prevelant in society is clearly having detrimental influence. i have also watched nutritional care and proper vitamin/mineral balance cure cancer declared terminal by doctors pushing chemo therapies that kill.
        It is clear however to anyone who will open their eyes that have been blinded by thirty years of false dogmatic belief in a failed theory that HIV has never been demonstrated to have killed anybody.

  11. Intriguing piece, but it doesn’t really tell why the narrative changed. Did some event or accumulation of events happens that she witnessed? I’d like to hear what.

      1. claire
        you are correct in one thing and one thing only.
        Nothing has changed.
        Nothing in the articles Celia researched and wrote regarding failure of the proposed but unproven HIV theory has changed or been proven wrong.
        Nothing Celia wrote is in need of correction or retraction.
        Nothing promised or predicted with proposal of the HIV theory has proven true.
        Nothing predicted or expected by those who dissent has proven false.
        In nearly thirty years.
        Why would you or anyone still believe in HIV as cause of an epidemic of immune failure that never happened?
        Yet many still cling fearfully to failed dogma.
        Because it makes them feel safe.
        Nothing has changed indeed.

        1. Just wanted to clarify that the above rebuke of the arrogant ignorance posted by “claire” was accidently posted anonymously and was in fact written and posted by Brother Strawberry.

          1. Claire, Whomever and or whichever monolith you are being hired by to disturb this scientific/empathic bulletin-sharing between people who care about people… well you have earned your keep… they pay you to disturb they direct you on how to disturb. If this is your calling to take to false task – like a metal soldier, so be it. The proof and circumstance shall always reign. I pity you. But without mercy.. with complete patronized disdain.

            1. Requesting permission for future use of one of the best use of words i have ever seen…
              “I pity you. But without mercy..with complete patronized disdain.”
              Absolutely beautiful!!!

  12. I was listening to the “dissident” information for a couple of years from 2008 when I was given an HIV+ diagnosis. After I had listened I started to build what I felt was the solution to the problem. Like we swedes often do. It is definitely more important to focus on your own solutions than to focus on critizising the solutions of the enemy. Here you find what I have produced so far:

    The right doses of nutrients (including silver), and my own wonderful urine (which contains a lot of nutrients) is what has kept me healthy


    And avoiding crap

    Including crappy people


  13. 1. We must note above all the enormous courage required to admit that one has been wrong, or that one simply doesn’t have the answers she believed in for so long.
    It is safe to say that we do not find such courage anywhere in the Major US Media.
    Thank you,Celia.

    2. Naturopathy says, “death begins in the colon,” and that perspective seems to be borne out by the appended data to your article, which urges us to eliminate gluten from our diets. I wonder why, or if that is necessary. We have been eating wheat (kamut, spelt, etc.), rye and oats for about ten thousand years; obviously we were healthy enough to survive and procreate to the point we have overpopulated the planet. Is our current inability to process gluten a Disease of Civilization? Or is it a function of lax labeling of ‘organic” grains which are actually genetically modified? I invite input.

    1. Can you please point to me, in that article, where Celia has said she is was wrong, and about what precisely? And point me to where she talks about ‘answers’ she believed in and now does not?
      I’ve now read (painfully I have to say) the article again and I can’t fathom what those things are.
      Enlighten me PLEASE.

      As for the gut, there was a mountain of science and clinical studies about the importance of gut health long before either Tony Lance or Raymond Bann set out their views. It isn’t new and it isn’t a mystery.
      The forms in which most people now eat wheat is very clearly behind problems because mass mechanical manufacture of wheat products is what causes the problem for many (not all) people and has been known about not that long after the Chorleywood bread making process became a worldwide commonality.
      These are not new things, and they are essentially 100% irrelevant to ‘AIDS’ either in Africa or Europe and North America.
      It is an almost quack-like distraction from the issue of the ‘HIV’ theory of ill-health.

      1. Ms. Farber seems to have appreciated what I wrote, which was not meant to demean her in any way.
        I think your objection to what I wrote is neither Celia’s nor my problem.

    2. I think there are some clues in the Dr. Glidden’s article.

      ” That’s just the way that it is… It is one of history’s greatest ironies that the “staff of life” is one of the worst foods that humans can eat on a regular basis. There are many theories as to how this has come about. It is a fact that the wheat of today, having been genetically manipulated by agri-business for the last 100 years, is quite a bit different from the wheat of our ancestors.
      It is also possible that it is the lack of minerals and nutrients in the diet that contributes to this problem, as these deficiencies have become so epidemic that EVERYONE’s stomach acid is weak as a result. It is also possible that wheat has always been a problem, but the population just never lived long enough for the trouble to come to fruition. Whatever the reason, the sad fact remains that the gluten protein contained in wheat, barley, rye and the protein found in oats, are very dangerous foods to import into the human body, and we would all be better off to avoid them completely. ”

      There are also a lot of people who don’t have any special problems with gluten. But I’ve found that the HIV positive people whose health are deteriorated day by day is particularly, seriously gluten intolerant from my long observation. I recommend you read “Healthier without wheat” by Stephen Wangen to get more information about gluten intolerance.

    3. Striving to abide by the pledge Celia requested that we “Abstain from verbal and mental violence in all forms” in exchange for the privilege of being part of this community, I have refrained from posting reply to what I view as a virtual assault of arrogant ignorance (or is it ignorant arrogance?) made against Ms Farber by the comments of r.a. davis. Recognizing after long reflection however that to remain silent against even a passive-aggressive attack on Truth is to be complicit in the promotion of lies and misinformation, I must respectfully challenge r.a. davis to provide support for the hollow praise of “enormous courage required to admit that one has been wrong, or that one simply doesn’t have all the answers she believed in for so long.” While I certainly agree the courage Celia has demonstrated from the beginning of her career deserves international praise and recognition for her research and writing, she never claimed to “have all the answers.” It is as though r.a.davis saw the title then barely skimmed the astoundingly thorough, in-depth and exceptionally well-written article to support a pre-conceived expectation. The quality of Ms Farber’swriting is of course no surprise. Having appreciated the life saving influence of her work since that first 1987 article, I proudly stand as living proof along with quite frankly the rest of the world to confirm the Truth behind an important assertion made by Celia that r.a. davis seems to have missed. “Nothing in my work-which relied always on voices, quoted at length, verbatim- is in need of retraction. Nothing that I am aware of.”
      My life -having been saved by that 1987 article emboldening rejection of clinic recommendation later that year to immediately begin AZT treatment as protection against possible risk of exposure following “non-declarative” antibody test results- has since been dedicated to study research chronicling, documenting and demonstrating failure of every prerequisite, prediction, threat and promise made with and since that 1984 proposal of the unproven HIV/AIDS theory. I will confirm that nothing in all the work published in her name on this issue is in need of retraction. Everything she researched and reported has in fact proven unfailingly accurate. The genius of DrDeusberg’s “AIDS acquired by drug consumption and other non-contagious risk factors” has never been challenged or refuted while the easily verifiable assertions and expectations made in that exhaustively researched document have again proven unfailingly accurate.
      It came to my attention recently that Pseudo bulbar Affect- causing head injury and stroke patients to exhibit random uncontrolled bouts of unexplained laughing or crying, medicinal treatment promoted by paid actor- is considered “rare” due to “fewer than 200,000 u.s. cases (“predominantly self-diagnosed”) per year.” Fewer than 200,000 u.s. case per year = “rare”.
      With 1984 proposal of the HIV theory as causation of sexually transmitted, viral induced immune failure it was estimated that one-million Americans were already infected, most of them “unknowing.” Wouldn’t all carriers of a newly discovered pathogen be unknowing? Africa, where it was said the disease originated amidst the famine, drought and disease ridden“monkey eaters” was predicted to be decimated by turn of the century. That estimate of infected americans, expected to double annually “exploding into the heterosexual population” without preventative vaccine and curative treatment promised by thedecade’s end has in thirty years grown to only an estimated 1,218,400 despite regular increase in nearly all other sexually transmitted infections. Thankfully there are only an estimated 156,300 (12.8%) who are now unaware of their infection. I encourage any who have not already to learn the time tested logic of Farr’s Law on determining the age of a microbe in a population.
      Meanwhile in Africa where no HIV test is required and AIDS is diagnosed even post-mortem based on observable symptoms, and particularly in the most poverty stricken sub-saharan region, despite unending famine, drought, endemic disease andgenocidal conflict the continent has maintained one of the fastest growing populations on the planet, more than doubling in number since 1984 prediction of its demise.
      According to official cdc estimates updated september 2015 “Approximately 658,507 people in the united states with an AIDS diagnosis have died overall.” 658,507 in thirty years. Do the math. With estimated incidence of new infection at less than fifty thousand a year and less than twenty two thousand a year dying from this epidemic threat I suppose it is not surprising that the average American still does not know anyone personally dead from or living with HIV. It is heartbreaking that I have known, loved and admired so many. The one thing they all have in common is that every one of them knew and/or knows their viral status and took or is taking prescribed treatment. How many who began AZT in 1987 as I was encouraged to do are alive today?
      Ms Farber has committed no wrongs to be confessed or forgiven. She never claimed to “have all the answers” as r.a.davis accuses. Celia exhaustively researched and reported truth.The voices of dissent throughout the AIDS era were the ones speaking truth. The only “wrong” is what was done to that truth and to Celia for reporting it.
      Lastly, I would appreciate evidence for the pompous claim made by r.a. davis that “Ms Farber seems to have appreciated what I wrote.” That statement is nearly as void of support as is the HIV theory.

  14. Thank you for again writing about HIV and AIDS. I have shared your Harpers article with many people to educate them about the fallacy of HIV tests and the false dogma of HIV = AIDS. I have always practiced safe sex but out of curiosity I submitted my blood to a HIV testing lab. At the time I had some canker sores in my mouth which are due to Herpes (Yes, I know the internet will reveal searches denying this but doctors have confirmed this with me). Well, for the first time in my life, the results came back positive for HIV. I ignored the testing lab’s advice to immediately start antiviral medications. A few months later I took a drug store test for HIV which was of course negative.

    I can’t fathom how ignorant so many scientists are about this implausible theory. After 30 years no-one has shown how this virus could destroy a human’s immune system yet the research money keeps pouring in and the drugs continue to be shipped to the least educated in Africa or the most brainwashed gays in the Western World. What is disturbing to me now is how many gay men are taking Truveda or other prophylactic drugs thinking they are preventing an infection.

    Unfortunately the voices of “dissidents” have been squashed so fiercely by the mainstream and now even the alternative media I am concerned that the truth will not get out. They won’t silence me though and there is no way in hell I’m taking any HIV drugs!

    I gave a small contribution to your efforts. Keep up the good work!

  15. I can’t take this seriously, or see it as any kind of remotely useful reflection on either the last 30 years of dissident activist history, or of dissident scientific work. It descends into – what someone else who has read it remarked – a kind of ignorance that actually seeks to destroy the author’s own body of work.
    It is dismissive of TPG in ignoring the fact that they published work on the potential marker that a ‘HIV+’ test might have for future health long before the author herself seem to have recognised.
    And now tells us all those Africans really did just die from eating the wrong grains and soda soft drinks!
    There is an element of quackery here that, as someone active on the issue for 28 years, and personally and within my my own circle affected seriously by it, I find offensive.

  16. Regarding Gerson Therapy, I know it is based on the idea of restoring the immune system, therefore I was a bit puzzled when I searched their website and I did not find any information about it as possible AIDS treatment (in fact it is used successfully to treat leaky gut syndrome for example). Now maybe I have found an explanation, given by Charlotte Gerson:

    No discussion of “modern diseases” would be complete without mentioning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, or AIDS. This, as the name indicates, is the ultimate failure of the immune system. It stands to reason, then, that since the Gerson Therapy restores the immune system, it could well overcome this problem, too. At present, it is difficult for me to claim that the Gerson Therapy will cure AIDS. Due to restrictions imposed by the Mexican health authorities, we are not allowed to accept AIDS patients. As a result, we have not been able to follow AIDS patients to observe results. We have seen good recoveries in two cases of patients who were treated for HIV infections on an outpatient basis. I feel uncomfortable making any curative claims for the Gerson Therapy on the basis of such a small sample. Yet, one cannot help but assume that, with the improved immune response produced by the Gerson Therapy as with so many other diseases, AIDS should respond very well.
    Dr. Gerson was aware very early in his career that his Therapy was able to improve and restore the immune system — since he was able to cure tuberculosis of all types well before the advent of antibiotics. I even remember a case of infantile paralysis in New York that was reversed almost immediately with the Gerson Therapy. Obviously the immune system plays an extremely important role in the treatment of cancer. The restored immune response is largely credited with helping the body break down and dissolve tumor tissue. Conversely, since all the above diseases are on the rise, we also have to understand that, due to modern agricultural methods, food processing methods, damage to our bodies with toxins, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, with medical drug treatments, etc., our immune systems are more and more seriously damaged or paralyzed. In order to heal — anything — we have to work to restore the whole body, and with it, the immune system. And since the Gerson Therapy does just that, it has been able to heal both `ancient’ and `modern’ diseases.
    (from here:

    Maybe it would be worth giving it a shot.

  17. A couple of useful resources for alternative techniques that may complement the approach used by Raymond:

    1) it is well known among those who practice Herbal Therapy that certain herbs have immune-stimulating properties. Example: Astragalus Membranaceus, Reishi mushroom, Ginseng. Here is a publication that explains a bit:
    Scientific evidence is not very robust, but I don’t think we would be put off by that, would we?

    2) Acupuncture is another useful resource: for example the chronic diarrhea that seems to be typical of AIDS patients, in Traditional Chinese Medicine is often associated with an unbalance of the Spleen meridian (that in western terms would correspond to the pancreas and spleen organs). The weakness of this system causes poor absorption of the nutrients with all its negative consequences. See for example and also:

    Hope this helps.

  18. Yes, well written, I have friends who thank me for warning them about HIV drugs so can ignore the abuse.
    Things I’ve found with immunity is that adrenal factors also have a massive effect, I even call believing in HIV as ‘getting the voodoo’. Simple belief in a deadly virus causes constant cortisol overload and eventual adrenal failure, once this happens the immune system goes too, you can lower t-cells in people by making them miserable and raise them by making them happy.
    As a basic first step everyone under stress should be on several grams of vitamin C a day, 50mg of B6 and a gram of B5 because without them the adrenal hormones run out.
    Low t-cells also happen in diabetes at end stage, the first cases of Kaposi’s were reported in diabetics in the 50’s, there are 300 million diabetics in the world who will end up with infections and sepsis in end stage largely from scurvy and adrenal dramas because without enough B5 you can’t process fats.
    Then there’s computers causing cortisol overload at night and a form of adrenal failure that affects the immune system in most people online as lights at night wipe out melatonin and raise cortisol.
    And finally my pet hate is doctors who dole out corticosteroids which switch off the immune system while doling out ARV’s and antifungals and TB drugs, drop the corticosteroid drugs and the t-cells come back,
    These are all never mention much in the HIV debate because everyone is obsessed with retroviruses. Look at cortisol first.
    The other simple one is body fat, if you don’t have body fat you can’t make t-cells because fat cells make a hormone called leptin, all starving people and anorexics have no t-cells while obese people get leptin resistance and that also lowers t-cells.
    There are more starving people in the world than people tagged with a HIV test.
    Plus there are more diabetics.
    Well said again.

  19. A tough but extremely lucid analysis, much needed after the confusion following Lindsay’s death.

    And also an open door to a more constructive approach….

    I’m very interested in the nutritional aspects (even though I have arrived there for reasons more related to Cancer than AIDS – think about Gerson Therapy), I will follow with interest any discussion.

    Thank you for this, Celia.

  20. epic generous heart mind…a lovely farewell that will open new curtains continuing to curtail the curs of wars..

    milles merci

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