Tranströmer Fragment










“Listen to society’s mechanical self-reproaches

the voice of the big fan
like the artificial wind in mine tunnels
six hundred metres down.

Our eyes keep wide open under the bandages

If I could at least make them realize
that this trembling beneath us
means we are on a bridge.”



The Gallery, Tomas Tranströmer

From The Truth Barrier, 1978, translation by Robin Fulton

2 thoughts on “Tranströmer Fragment”

  1. Don’t know ow I missed this post before today, Jan 30, 2016, except that this kind of writing only penetrates to our core when we are ready for it.
    Tranströmer’s concise message strikes to the heart of our human reality, and seems especially critical in this present.
    Many of us would like to turn back, but that way lies death. To paraphrase another poet (whose name escapes me), “When the Angel of Annunciation pays us a visit, it is useless to tell him he has the wrong address.”
    We are on this bridge because we chose to be. And we must go on.

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