Tomas Tranströmer, Author Of “The Truth Barrier” Dies





Our beloved poet Tomas Transtromer–from whose work we took our name– has gone on to “the real party,” as he once called it.

Thank you


for insisting on mystery, magic, beauty, stillness, and majesty, while modernity and sterility raged all around us.

You always reached across, with your quiet but warm modesty, and wild imagination.
In your crystalline poems one could see to the bottom of the lake.

You invoked mystery but never used foggy prose to keep us at a distance.

Your clarity felt so very much like love when it was hard to find, hard to trust.

That I got to meet you in “the blue house” is something I will cherish as long as I live.

You looked down on nobody, and signed my book with your only partly functioning hand, in such a tender scrawl, I’ve never been able to look at it without feeling vulnerable.

Thank you for laying down your body as an instrument of transmission–these vital messages–while “truth” was under siege as never before.

“Read between the lines. We’ll meet in 200 years,
when the microphones in the hotel walls are forgotten
and can at last sleep, become trilobites.”




1 thought on “Tomas Tranströmer, Author Of “The Truth Barrier” Dies”

  1. This homage a tightened heart slice like a prayer to quench a thirst..impacts the spirit of this great poet/philosopher rest well. Like Buber, yourself and Tranströmer, thinkers who choose the stations of soul in making the other the core of purpose, means for good life. This website is quite inspiring, selfless and just what we need in the midst of the me me me maelstrom.

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