5 thoughts on “How Wolves Bring Life: An Astonishing Short Film”

  1. There we see the Science of The Sacred. The Indispensable and Essential Sacred, 101. The essential education for the only success that truly matters: Success at reverencing life, humanity, and the holy beingness of all Nature’s component relationships. ~ Thank you, sister Celia, for sharing these magnificent audio-visual moments to revel in marvelous astonishment at the Supreme Magic (the Magic which is now banished from both “education” and “success”, in our culture of idolizing disposables by any vulgar means necessary for profiting from the banishment of the truly Sacred).

  2. Amazing, Enlightening and vitally Informative!!! Should be required viewing in every grade school through post-grad classroom.

  3. Thanks for the mention. The grey wolf is my totem animal. And so when I saw this for the first time, it just floored me. How astonishing! Glad you could help spread this to other surfers.
    Sarah Palin & her wolf-killing buddies should be forced to watch this. And we all need to start walking hand-in-hand with Nature, rather than trying to conquer or micromanage Her.

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