Challenging Orac To Determine Authenticity Of Wakefield/Thompson Exchange: Were The Texts Fake?


To my readers:

This link must be viewed first, to make sense of the text below, which I posted this evening at Respectful Insolence. It offers the context of this journalistic challenge.



Dr. Gorski,

You and your readers have spent an inordinate amount of time and energy speculating about the veracity of the text message exchange I posted to my website The Truth Barrier, seen here:

On your blog, people even Google mapped my building, published my address, and speculated about my son’s age and computer equipment.

But you never thought to contact me, and ask me.

It’s Nov 4, 2014, and this is a matter of public record:

I am inviting you to engage in a resolution of this, so that the questions raised can be answered. Typically, as a journalist. when you want to find something out, you start by contacting people close to the story. You ask questions. Unless, of course, you don’t really want to know the answer.

Journalists don’t rely on comments from readers of their blogs to find things out, nor merely consult their own thoughts and suspicions. They investigate.

So let’s find out of the texts are fake.

I challenge you to go to the source–to write to Dr. William Thompson at the CDC and ask him if he had these exchanges with Dr. Wakefield and his wife.

Then I’d like you to ask me anything you like, about the texts.

Present me with terms of proof that would satisfy you and your readers that they are real not fake.

You want to know that beneath the name “William” on Dr. Wakefield’s phone, there is a cell phone number belonging to Dr. Thompson, correct? We all understand that we are not at liberty to make this number public.

Let us agree that if the texts are proven real, you will publish the results, and apologize to me for the false and slanderous accusations that I published falsified materials.

My question to you is this: If they ARE proven real, what does that mean?

It means that Dr. William Thompson is a real, as opposed to “fake” CDC Whistleblower. It means that he was not at all “taken out of context” by Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Hooker. It means that he stands by what he said in his press release, namely that the CDC significantly altered (falsified) data, and deliberately sought to eliminate the link between MMR vaccines given at a certain time in neurological development, and autism.

If you do not think this is what Dr. Thompson means to convey, please say so here and now, and we will answer that question next. I am inviting you to pose, investigate, and weigh evidence to three questions, publicly:

1. Are the texts real?
2. Does Dr. Thompson confess to partaking in scientific fraud at the CDC?
3. Does Dr. Thompson feel Dr. Wakefield’s career was unjustly destroyed, and that his own study, done right, would have backed up the paper Dr. Wakefield lost his career over?

Your reputation is at stake. I await your reply.

4 thoughts on “Challenging Orac To Determine Authenticity Of Wakefield/Thompson Exchange: Were The Texts Fake?”

    1. Argus,

      Please tell me what it is that makes you think I did not verify something. What none of you seem to grasp is that you do not SHOW (publish) all your verification systems. You publish the fruits of them. Get that distinction?

  1. Dammit Celia, I wish you hadn’t posted a link to that alleged “Medical Blog.” It gave me a headache. Cannot get my mind around how many “scientists” can engage in a colossal circle jerk extending days, then weeks, then months, over whether the Iphone image you posted is genuine. Screenshot of an Iphone? Screenshot of an Iphone shot of an Iphone? Photoshopped? Anyone pointing out that this angels-on-a-pinhead fixation has nothing to do with the question of a vaccine-autism link is immediately, rudely ridiculed (“don’t bother me when I’m .masturbating”), dismissed as loony tune ant-vaccinist. You, Farber, are not only one of these but also a dangerously deranged AIDS denialist. And “we know where you live.”
    Ah, but this is all the shills can do, when the genie is out of the bottle.

    1. RAD, agreed. And yes, the genie is out of the bottle. I am fascinated by how they think, how paranoid they are. It gives me great insight.

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