9 thoughts on “CDC Whistleblower Thompson Text Exchange With Mrs. Wakefield: “..Your husband’s career was unjustly damaged…””

    1. You most certainly ARE confused. Please wake up. You do not ‘know’ that anyone at all is a liar – you only know what you have read by those with vested interests. The whistleblowing is now well known and well documented. It is a good idea to catch up. By the way, there is no need to continue saying that Wakefield said that vaccines cause autism. He didn’t. What he said was that there was strong evidence for damaged gut health associated with autism and that many of these children had recently been vaccinated when this issue began for them. He continued to say this warranted further research as a matter of importance. The CDC freaked out because they knew already that if such research was done, it would reveal what they knew they had covered up. Dr William Thompson blew the lid on it by confessing that he participate in this process – he told the details of how and these texts are simply a follow on from that sharing of information.

    2. Confused… Says: No ones telling you to believe anything, I and many many others couldn’t give 2 hoots what you believe in. Btw you better leave now as you don’t want to be late for your next booster shot!

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