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“I apologize again for the price you paid for my dishonesty…”

–CDC Whistleblower Dr. William Thompson



The last desperate effort when the CDC whistleblower story broke last week was for the vaccine establishment and media to drive a wedge between Dr. Thompson and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, whose “fraud” (according to British journalist Brian Deer) has been made to carry the sins of the entire vaccine industry for many years.

Dr. Wakefield shared two text messages with The Truth Barrier that he and his wife received from Dr. Thompson.


The first one was to Dr. Wakefield’s wife Carmel, from August 20, 2014, and it read:


I do believe your husbands career was unjustly damaged and this study would have supported his scientific opinion. Hopefully I can help repair it. You can see it here.


The second one is a JPG, here:



Text exchange between Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Dr. William Thompson,
Aug 27, 2014




Polly Tommey, Director of Autism Media Channel, told The Truth Barrier there are more whistleblowers trying to find the courage, and or, the legal protection, to speak.

“There are more whistleblowers coming out,” she said. “We know who they are and we’ve spoken to them. They’re petrified. These sources make Thompson pale in comparison, some of them. They know the MMR is a massive problem, data has been corrupted, they’ve been told to hide things…”

“One guy spoke about Gardisil. He said, ‘You can forget about MMR—Gardisil is one of the biggest crimes ever. 144 girls or something have died already. Thompson is only the beginning. “


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  2. So they can recover these text messages to share with the public, but no one knows where the 9-1-1 tapes from the Orlando Pulse shooting have mysteriously gone or how to recover them. Hmmmm.

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  4. FYI… if this were an actual iOS screenshot it would say “Messages (130)” not “Back (130)”. It’s fake. But you know… let’s distrust all of the scientific community and believe in absurd conspiracies. But an easily faked text message screenshot – no one even questions that.

    1. Actually, Lou, it wouldn’t say messages. As soon as your unread messages count hits 10 the word switches from “Messages” to “Back”. I assume this is because “Back” is a shorter word and can more easily fit next to longer numbers. If you ask somebody to text you 10 times you will see.

  5. Just a thought- but I wonder how all this MSM story suppression or blackout plays with their web advertisers. Must be driving the ad revenue and metrics-folks a bit nuts….

    Since most of the ‘news or information’ seems to be via social media shares, tweets, comment posts, and varied i-reporters; it seems like the Atlanta Black Star is the only organization with the integrity to report on the CDC whistleblower story.

    Rappaport had another go at the story as well.

    1. My 31 yr old daughter was one of the first generation to experience (by requirement) the MMR shot. My experience was that ANY reaction to this vaccination was discredited as ‘it couldn’t possibly be a reaction to this shot’. . .my 15 mo. old daughter, broke out in a rash within 24 hrs of having the shot. Seeking to alleviate any other symptoms she may have been experiencing I called her pedi. . .^said response^ . . . you could give her baby tylenol . . . 7 days later, when the rash went away, there was bruising under the skin wherever there had been a rash . . . then they wanted to see her. . . again, ^said response^ and apparently the bruising didn’t coincide with any evidence of child abuse . . . but really . . . aren’t mandatory vacines, without proper testing, ALSO child abuse?

      1. Wow Anonymous!! You and daughter have experienced firsthand what so many others are w the MMR Vaccine !! And I agree 100% w you that it is another form of child abuse !! Thank you , I never looked at it this way !! This gov has so much control over us !

  6. A few days ago, I called for a repeal of the NVIC (1986 -88 act that indemnified vax manufacturers from lawsuits). I suspect that I wasn’t alone in this. It was mentioned that the liability could have been $1T. Now, besides Thompson (CDC), there appear to be some Merck scientists that have admitted Merck directed falsification of data & overstated vaccine efficacy. This case was initiated a few years ago & is now cleared for trial.

    Mumps component of MMR whistleblower case court case(s):

    all court documents at

  7. Hi

    Just a thought. I know all those involved in the cover up should go to jail BUT ITS THE BIG CATS AT THE VERY TOP OF THE TREE THAT ENFORCED THIS, possibly in ways we can only imagine. If those lower down were offered immunity for FULL disclosure we might get dozens of whistleblowers and the tide could not be stopped. Their numbers and the public would protect them from those above. Then those at the very top would be answerable. Isn’t that more useful for our futures?

    Decide – jail and very little or no information shared VS immunity and protection with full disclosure !

    1. The problem is who is deciding who gets immunity? The Department of Justice? It’s Department of Justice attorneys who defend the Department of Health and Human Services in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, and they don’t do it ethically. Don’t count on conflict-free decisions coming from that quarter.

      1. The brilliance of a truth and reconciliation commission is the recognition is that truth is more important than punishment. If people get immunity by testifying, assuming that they tell the truth, and it’s not later proven they were lying, then we learn how corrupt the old system was, and it gets destroyed. This worked well in South Africa. People who believed that the apartheid system was innocuous could learn how noxious it really was. Canada had a truth and reconciliation commission for the native residential schools that young native children were forced to attend. It did not have immunity, so none of the perpetrators testified, and it’s had virtually no effect. The testimony of the victims is not as compelling without the testimony of the perpetrators to add veracity. Of course we are a long way from this, but I think we will get much further by focussing on getting at the truth, and not revenge or punishment (no matter how justifiable this is).

    2. This will sound super conspiracy theory but I really don’t know if the gov’t is the one these folks are afraid of. I almost feel like these people need something akin to the witness protection program. This sounds massive and scary. And my child has paid the price.

    3. Isn’t that the way the Feds usually bring down drug cartels? Give immunity to the little guys so they can catch the big fish?

  8. Reading/watching the latest MMR-autism firestorm makes one wonder what the Ebola outbreak is _truly_ about. Seems manufactured, but my tin-foil hat fits a bit tight these days.

        1. Or the measles outbreak at Disney. Big Pharma probably smeared that all around to try and prove a point. All it would take is a teeny tiny bit of the measles flung in the air. I don’t trust them at all! It’s all about money.

    1. Read about the new CDC program they want to start up … citizens only have until Oct 15 2016 to get their representatives and fellow citizens to stand up against the rounding up if communities to be held for an indeterminate amount of time if they think you’re a health risk – without proof, without due process, you will be held.

  9. Dear Dr Thompson

    My name is Jasmine and I have high functioning autism, my mum says I knew all my letters and numbers before I had my MMR vaccine. After I had the vaccine I had a high temperature and a red mark. I am 13 now and still have a dent in my leg. I get bullied at school because I don’t understand social things and I was diagnosed when I was ten. I got dianosed with chronic pain too and was off school for two years.

    My doctor said it was in my head, my mentor said it was not. I had voices in my head too telling me to do bad things. My Mum has helped me get better, I’m not in pain anymore.

    I am lucky I can speak, my friend doesn’t eat and is very this she uses razor blades to cut herself.

    Please can you help

    1. It’s common knowledge amongst complementary /alternative therapists that Dr’s pass it over as something else, they get paid bonuses depending on how many patients accept the MMR vaccine. I worked with children at nursery with symptoms of Autism also a treated a couple of children nutritionally, all were not diagnosed with autism, this is to keep the statistics down as they know the statistics would be alarming. Andrew Wakefield was stitched up good and proper! I am sick and tired of the criminally corrupt authorities who do nothing while we are being controlled by criminals, yes the Pharmaceutical industry is one of them. They pay lobbyists to seek out people like Wakefield and stitch them up I know this to be true as I know a no. of therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths who were set up because we are true vitalists and practise the truth and we won’t bow down to their lies. If we want to make real changes we need to go to Lawful rebellion or search for David Messenger lawful rebellion. This is important we sign the oath and post to the barons as we are being sold down the river to the EU in November, unlawfully!! it is our duty to protect our freedom and rights, if we don’t do this, we can expect to see far worse than the criminal activity we are seeing from the authorities currently.

      1. People with autism spectrum are often misdiagnosed as Schizophrenic. Shows what you know. A person with ASD has difficulty dotoxing chemicals from their system. Chemicals that come from all sides in various ways. We live in an increasingly toxic world. People who suffer with Autism are indeed the canaries who are affected are crying out their warnings. And people who are unaffected sit in judgement of them, instead of looking at the roots of illness. Neurotypical people are afraid of people who are affected. They act as though it will rub off. We have a lack of listening, love, empathy and compassion in this world. Someday, it will be reborn.

      2. You shouldn’t diagnose a mental condition for someone you have never met and know nothing about. Vaccine damage can cause some of the same symptoms. Hearing voices does not equal schizophrenia!

    1. i would be able to forgive Thompson if he stood up more and put this out to the whole media so that other parents know before its to late them. the media is hiding it if you could just warn other parents before their children are hurt. i forgive you for what you did to my son. please stand up and let the rest of the world know before their children are hurt that’s the most honorable thing you could do.. the rest of the scientists that have no guilt and are still hiding god has a special punishment for you..

      1. I agree with you 100% In fact if we look back it was never Dr. William Thompson intent to expose himself,. Remember his plan was to give Brian Hooker a back door to get the data he needed so Dr Hooker to could do a re-analysis and expose it. He has Whistle blower status, yet he chooses to remain at the CDC and collect a paycheck and a cushy retirement. Speaking of retirement does anyone recall when he is was eligible for retirement. Meanwhile day after day innocent children continue to get the MMR vaccine. He had the opportunity to take another job and get the hell out of the CDC. Instead he took the money and remains to this day. He is no hero.

  10. Hi Celia,

    Your story shows the end of establishment’s broadcast and print news media. They are not covering such an important story so how much else are they not reporting? A lot. Not much point taking what they say seriously if you cannot trust anything they print or broadcast.

    We can also see Google being used to manipulate the web. But still the news is getting out. For the moment …

    1. The irony is I thought the internet would be censored and the mainstream media would be the source for nonstop coverage about CDC fraud. This just proves how much propaganda and filthy things are coming out of the medias ass on a daily basis.

      1. News media are highly dependent on Pharma for ad revenue and will not be where to find stories about whistleblowers in Pharma or at the CDC.

        Prescription drug ads are not allowed in most of the world. If the U.S. were to join the rest of the world, a lot of this problem would go away.

  11. Not to be vindictive…but somebody…several somebodies are guilty of massive, massive fraud that led to children being injured and some killed. Prison is, I hope, in the offing for some of these foul creatures of the abyss…not be too harsh…but life sentences are appropriate here.

  12. It is about time!! As a chiropractor, I have watched this kind of nonsense dominate health care. WE did not vaccinate our kids…and faced years of harassment by school officials, teachers and other parents who were made aware of our choices. The harassment continues even though my kids are in college. It is time the idiocy is made plain for the weak minded to see that they have been lied to.

  13. I wonder if there are any whistleblowers in the CDC who know the truth about Dr. Paul Thorson… that researcher who is now a U.S. felon on the lam in Europe.

    1. there is boyle she knows all about him you can tell by her reaction in some of the congressional hearings with dan burton she’s part of this cover up

  14. For a long time now, it has seemed logical to me that the dysfunctional traits which often times characterizes ‘Classic Autism’ vrs Asperger, were human instigated; vaccinations, other environmental toxins, & even perhaps sugar; fructose in particular. I believe that the ‘milder form of Autism’ ;’Asperger Sydrome,’ represents the original genetic intent.

    1. If only it were milder. It’s more insidious. People with Aspergers are so impressionable. They are targeted for crime and so many unscrupulous people take advantage of and control them. Often unwittingly and unknowingly. They are often medicated when the experts now say it brings more symptoms/problems. What people with Aspergers jeed most is trustworthy neurotypicals who can guide and protect them. I fully believe Aspergers masks as Schizoaffective disorders. We need to understand the roots of these affectations. Dr. Thompson reveals those. May God protect the innocent, and shine a bright light on those entites who have failed the human race so miserably. May God help us all.

      1. If that is an iPhone autocorrect – why didn’t it also autocorrect the “i” to an “I” since it does it every single time on every other iPhone in the world.

        Better yet, why is Wakefield thanking Thompson for the press release, when it specifically states that he “Thompson” didn’t give permission for his name to be outed or posted online?

        Perhaps it would be better if Wakefield posted all of the conversation / texts – since there is something not quite right with what has been posted.

        1. I forwarded this comment to Andy Wakefield and this was his reply, via email:

          I was thanking Thompson for his admission to fraud: omitting significant findings and not sticking to
          the agreed protocol. The rest is irrelevant. All texts and correspondence will be made
          available to Congress, should they be requested.


          1. You are blatantly lying. You did not send an email to Wakefield or receive on in return. I don’t know if you or someone else created this easily fakeable text message correspondence, but it’s a very pathetic attempt. Couldn’t whoever created this have made a more normal, human interaction instead of this stilted conversation?

            Also, I have one question for you that is not related to this screenshot. When Wakefield got his original paper published in Nature, that proves that Nature is not controlled by pro vaccination agencies. However, that same peer reviewed journal removed his paper on the grounds that it was fraudulent. Once someone has been shown to falsify evidence we no longer listen to them. They lose all credibility as a scientist. So why are you listening to him now?

            1. Wakefield is very reachable. He does respond to people, as do Del Bigtree and Polly Tommey, whom I spoke to on the phone just the other day. This is because we need each other and are all helping the cause. These people have nothing to hide as they have the truth on their side. Believe what you want, say what you will. The truth is coming out and no one can stop it. Justice, love, and the human need for peace will prevail.

          2. Interesting…so will there be a congressional committee set up about this? Does the media blackout stretch all the way up to Congress?

            1. The drumbeats have been aounded since August of 2014, when the story was broken. The call is for Congress to protect and bring Thompson before them so he can safely tell his story and present documentation as to his confession. Congress as yet has refused to act. It is an election year, so we will see how things go. This is a non-partisan issue, however, both parties are making it so. Dems are ignoring it, and Reps are hurting people in so many other ways, yet some are embracing the issue; or at least appear to be for political reasons. Fact of the matter is, most of our “leaders” have accepted funding from vaccine makrrs and pharmaceutical companies. And have been silenced by disinformation. The growng number of affected families are the largest body of evidence. They have been hidden from the truth for decades. It began when Reagan passed a law that kept vaccine makers from having to take any liability for the damages caused to humans by their injurious products. The proliferation of dirty vaccines has since expanded and continues to grow. Just as infant mortality and reports of injury have grown exponentially. We will reach a tipping point very soon. When we do, the people will have their power and their say. Woe to those who stand in the way. They have been complicit in the destruction of millions of lives.

  15. Wow, thanks for bringing this to light Celia. And to William Thompson for finally coming forwards with the truth. to Brian Hooker for working with Thompson, and to Andrew Wakefield for being so brave, and so gracious after all he’s gone through. And I’m sure many others played a role too.

    1. JF…the reason Television networks are silent is simple. Pharmaceutical Advertising dollars. The United States is the last nation on earth that allows the Pharm to advertise their wares to the public. 20 Billion a Year…conservatively. Also the United States…is the primary market for the Pharmaceutical industry about 60% of their sales revenue come from the US Market that makes up only 5% of the worlds population.

      However, if ‘you’ and the rest of us can make this go VIRAL…they will have no choice but to air the news…because their silence will eventually be a damaging yet telling reality they won’t be able to justify through a ‘We didn’t realize…we didn’t know…etc…etc.’ excuse. They will eventually cover it..with the tongue in cheek..’yeah right’ attitude…but once it goes viral…world wide…they will have no choice but to address this issue seriously.

    2. i sent them information that i found and all they would do is send me saying it was false when finally changed it and it wasn’t false anymore i sent their link back showing them and then they blocked me from posting or messaging anything

      1. Happy? Let’s see if there’s some real meat to this story. So far I see a lot of message control and spin.

        Let’s see. A whistleblower is betrayed? How does that make me happy? I don’t expect you to understand. It’s bad form to use the name from an email address on a blog, as you’ve just done. It’s wrong to ignore the duty one has to a whistleblower as Wakefield and Hooker have done. I guess David Lewis only pretends to care about whistleblower protections.

        Thompson has made some very bad decisions in the past year. Let’s see if he continues.

        Here’s the sort of question I have: Hooker’s main interest is thimerosal. Thompson’s main efforts on autism have been on thimerosal. But nothing on autism and thimerosal in these leaks?

        Sounds to this reader like that work is solid. Thompson stood by it. Wakefield and Hooker couldn’t believe that there wasn’t a huge conspiracy going on so they outed Thompson in order to put pressure on him.

        The alternative is that Hooker is just silent on the thimerosal question. And Wakefield decided that instead of going with the strongest evidence he had, he forwarded text messages to an obscure blogger. Yeah, that must be it.

  16. Vaccination 100 Years of Orthodox Research Paperback – December 1, 1993 by Vera Schreibner, Australia

    “This book is a concise summary of the results of orthodox medical research into vaccines and their effects. It aims to inform medical professionals, parents of small children and the general public about short and long-term dangerous side-effects, including brain damage and death, of vaccines…”

    I have been lied to since 1987. I have been following Dr Wakefield research and demise since then.

    1. I wish I had been. Ao affected by the law in 1986, which allowed the proliferation of dangerous vaccines unfettered. My beautiful babies. My heart is so broken.

  17. oh my. Thx Celia, as always.

    Yes, I think Dr Thompson is the tip of the iceberg. I’d bet that this is the beginning of the end for CDC (hopefully not privatizing it); I’d guess that the NIH, USDA or EPA will develop similar blowbacks on all manner of public-health related shenanigans.

    1. We can only hope. My cynical side expects some violence on these people…before it becomes obvious that the CDC and the rests of the federal health agencies..are investigated and the senior members of these groups go to jail for the fraud they perpetrated on the American Public they were supposed to protect.

      1. yes, we can only hope. The issue remains that these companies firewalled themselves (via some overt lobbying) from lawsuits back in 1986-1988. This basically amounted to a $1T indemnification; maybe now it’s going to be …ahem… more. Unfortunately, your government (and us as largely cognitively dissonant taxpayers) allowed this to occur. Unfortunately, we, as a society, have largely been preoccupied with ‘being right’ rather than doing adequate due diligence to get the facts right, have the proper discourse, not have things that matter be co-opted or corrupted by money, and fundamentally listen to those whose findings might actually “be correct”.

        And, if you want to be completely objective- go back & read about the nonsense surrounding the ‘miracle of polio vaccination’ (or for that matter, Celia’s stuff on HIV=AIDS). For polio, Age of Autism, Janine Roberts, Carson/Scobey, and MS Biskind were on top of ‘data burying and misinformation’ long before the latest PR backdraft for the CDC.

    2. I actually wouldn’t hold my breath hoping the CDC collapses. They have just mandated themselves judge, jury, and Lord High Executioner. Don’t stand in ANY lines and watch the road ahead of where you’re driving, as once you’re lined up you have expressly given them consent to hold you indefinitely and force vaccinations upon your person.
      It becomes more disturbing every day and has now become a bonafide eugenics experiment.

  18. Time for Anderson Cooper to apologize. Maybe he could even find time to read Dr. Wakefield’s book.

    But really — time for some people to go to prison.

  19. I am the author of Jabs, Jenner and Juggernauts: a Look at Vaccination, published in 2009. When I wrote it, I innocently thought that people believed in vaccination because they didn’t have the information and that if they read the true story, they would ooh and ahh and quit doing it. Ha, little did I know how powerful vested interests are. Now I am an 80-year old sceptic and I am thrilled that this monumental fraud is unravelling in my lifetime.

    1. Think of it! More whistleblowers coming! I wondered if I’d live to see it, too. It really can’t happen soon enough, though; too many damaged kids. We love the whistleblowers!

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