CNN Complicity in Media Blackout of CDC MMR Vaccine Whistleblower Deepens

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The Truth Barrier received the following message this evening, providing additional details about the CNN iReport story that was taken down on the morning of Aug 23. .


“I wrote the CNN iReport.  The producer contacted me and wanted to know how I know what I know.  I gave her contact info for Hooker, and also for Thompson’s attorney.  I took her through the entire Hooker/Thompson timeline of events.  I told her what else is coming soon.  The producer said she was calling Hooker right away and that if they verified the story they’d put it back up.  Hooker said they never called. The story is still down.”

9 thoughts on “CNN Complicity in Media Blackout of CDC MMR Vaccine Whistleblower Deepens”

  1. Thanks for continually standing on the right side of history. You have made another good point.

    And here is a completely different topic that is not yet sufficiently controversial for my taste. Lately, I’m just pointing to a Google Scholar search I like. See the first three items from:

    The wonderful thing here is that since we make GcMAF in our own bodies, it is a mere supplement and can be imported and used at home. One friend sent me a glowing report of how well his wife has responded to the first 8 days of treatment. Instead of needing help into and out of the car or even to walk to the bathroom she just drove to the Dollar store and shopped. She forgot she was sick.

  2. I would say they are making a list of who to take down and finding out all essential key players. Ever seen the movie The Distinguished Gentleman with Eddie Murphy?

  3. So nice to see The Truth Barrier kickin’ ass! Because you have so many hats Celia it is easy to forget what a consummate reporter you are. My late partner was a reporter. I love reporters – some of them! You saw the story, wrote it up and published to deadline! I didn’t know about the Anderson Cooper interview with Wakefield. On one of our flagship CBC Radio programs, The Current, some years back, listener pressure finally forced it to interview Andrew. As you would expect the interview, by Anna Maria Tremonti, was conducted resentfully, not so much to preserve the verdict it seemed to me, but rather to preserve the dignity of Ms. Tremonti, who had in earlier stories simply repeated the official narrative. “That paper” has literally become “that paper” here in Canada, not simply because even the critics have never read it and have no clue what its illustrious title is, but mostly because it has become so notorious that it is this moniker that immediately resonates with a lot of people. Too many of these people are public radio hosts, who, when confronted with a generic physician at flu-season time, referencing “that paper”, will forget their professional vows to ensure balanced reportage and simply fill in the blanks: “Oh yes, Wakefield right? Vaccines and autism. The fraud right?”

  4. CNN makes themselves more irrelevant by doing this. Folks who are streetwise already know the score and avoid the flu vaccines and MMR vaccines. The official denial is only for the official story so they don’t have to pay out a compensation to the victims. It’s all about the money. So sick.

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