What They Said: Polyamory


An outtake from a conversation about Polyamory.

I said, “There are all these articles now written by women whose husbands or mates have persuaded them to embrace Polyamory. They’re all similar.  They report that first they were jealous and then they embraced it, and overcame their jealousy.  And the men do things like text their wives, “Hi honey, hope you have a great night with Tim..”
And he sliced the air with his hand and said, “Gay.”
“That’s gay. It’s a gay model. All those rules–I’m not judging it, but I am saying it is not a heterosexual model.”
“What do you mean? Is it impossible for a heterosexual man to bless his partner being with another man..?”


2 thoughts on “What They Said: Polyamory”

  1. Elementary.

    Impossible? Of course not. Some can. Some can’t. Some will. Some won’t. Some do. Some don’t.

    There is no such thing as a “heterosexual model”, except in the head of someone who imagines that his or her limitations of heterosexual imagination are the equivalent of a fixed, static and immutable model of limits on heterosexual variation.


    1. Sure. But this is just what one person said. It’s the emotional testimony of one man, not all men. I like reporting things I hear. I don’t have to defend them. Hence the title: “What They Said.”

      I approach it like writing very short plays. Each character gets to speak. I don’t speak for them, and churn their personal “truths” into a butter of my own wisdom. I just like the sounds of what people say.


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