Can A Heavyweight Boxer Die of AIDS Without A Single HIV Particle In His Blood?


Andy Maniotis called at 9 am this morning, inconsolable, about Tommy Morrisson’s death. “I just watched a man be tortured to death,” he said. “Gitmo is everywhere, so you know Celia.”

“I kept him alive for two years and against his wife’s and everybody’s wishes they put him in a medically induced COMA and two days later he’s dead. A medically induced COMA. Do you GET it?”

“I get it Andy. I mean no. I don’t get it. I don’t get any of this anymore.”

Andy cries and then whispers, “I am tired. I am tired of this. He was my good friend. I don’t want to be strong anymore, I want to be weak for a few minutes,”

He blows his nose and then he says:

“He did not have any HIV in his blood on electron microscopy.”

“I get that.”

“I’m writing a press release telling people about Obamacare, Gitmo…”

“No, just put out a press release documenting Tommy’s lack of “HIV” in his blood. Forget this Gitmo business! Just relay the facts about no HIV in Tommy’s blood.”

“Why don’t you do it? You have a way with words. Don’t every let anybody tell you different–.”

“OK, I will. But I don’t have the facts.”

“You do I just told you.”*

(*Documentation to come)

3 thoughts on “Can A Heavyweight Boxer Die of AIDS Without A Single HIV Particle In His Blood?”

  1. There is evidence that the tests for HIV-1 and HIV-2 negative Tommy? And there is a qualitative and quantitative PCR negative, zero viral load?

  2. Why we are talking about electron microscopy?
    Why not say about the level of viral load and the number of helper cells in the blood of Morrison?
    Why is hiding the truth about his illness and death?

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